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January 7, 2015 Updates

According to sources, those who have expressed a level of interest include: * Jason Levien. The former Memphis Grizzlies CEO left the organization in May. He is a co-owner of the MLS franchise D.C. United. * Steve Kaplan: The Los Angeles-based investor joined Robert Pera’s group as a limited investor to purchase the Memphis Grizzlies. He has reportedly made attempts to buy baseball’s San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers in recent years. * Sheldon Adelson: The billionaire businessman is the chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

According to sources, Jesse Itzler, the entrepreneur and former rapper who has done some consulting work for the Hawks, is a prospective investor. He attends many home games and has previously considered a minor interest in the team. According to sources, his current interest would be as a minority owner. He is married to Sara Blakley, the founder of Spanxx. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The afternoon drive hosts on one of the city’s sports radio stations made a bet before the start of the 2014-15 NBA regular season that if the Hawks – at slim 100/1 odds to win a championship – won the title this season, they’d go to jail. And no, they weren’t signing up for white-collar jail. They said they’d go to prison. Leavenworth. Rikers Island. San Quentin. Anything to see the Hawks hold up the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Breslanta

January 6, 2015 Updates

These are the Atlanta Hawks, who are every bit as measured off the court as they are on it. These are grown men who go about the business of surgically dissecting two Western Conference contenders, then go en masse to a non-mandatory team dinner, something they do routinely after both wins and losses. The camaraderie is authentic, even if the personalities are, with a few exceptions, pretty mellow. “The reason it’s authentic is that everyone has bought in,” Al Horford said. “We enjoy working with each other.” ESPN.com

In his 17th season now, Brand has a counterintuitive theory for the Hawks’ success -- namely, that it’s the absence of superstars that makes the enterprise work in Atlanta, which is now 26-8. “Not to dump on any specific team, but when you play against a superstar, you know exactly where the ball is going,” Brand said. “Certain guys are going to get the ball at certain times at certain spots. They're running their sets.” ESPN.com

Did she encourage your mayo consumption too? I hear it’s high. Dennis Schroeder: I love mayonnaise. In Germany, we put it on French fries, chicken, eggs, it doesn’t matter. I grew up like that. Before a game, I always eat a turkey burger with mayonnaise. The players say it’s disgusting, but I’m not changing. Coach doesn’t care. Grantland

Tell me about your blond streak. Dennis Schroeder: My mom told me to make my whole head blond a few years ago. I was like, “No!” So she told me to just do a little part of it. I did that in Germany. Since then I’ve had it. My homeboys — the Flex Gang — they do too. And my brother. They represent for me. The Flex Gang? Dennis Schroeder: Some friends of mine. We’re putting together a clothing line — T-shirts, hats, hoodies — but I’m not sure when it’s gonna be out yet. Until then, everyone can just start with the blond streak. Grantland

January 5, 2015 Updates

Levenson has already said his group will sell its piece of the team, after the September disclosure of a 2012 e-mail he sent to general manager Danny Ferry decrying the lack of middle class white fans at Hawks games, and his racially-imbued reasoning as to why they weren't coming. For months, the league has been leaning on the Levenson and Gearon groups to come together. Sources said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had Levenson and Gearon up to New York just after the start of the season to try and hammer out a deal, without success. NBA.com

Remember, we thought it would take months -- years, maybe -- before the Clippers' mess was cleaned up and a new owner put in place to replace Donald Sterling. In reality, it took four months from the initial disclosure of Sterling's racially inflammatory remarks in April to the final approval of the sale of the team from Sterling's family to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion in August. But there's no guarantee things will go as planned. This isn't the same as Sterling. The league can't strip anyone in Atlanta of ownership. "There's already ownership in place there," a source with knowledge of the parties' inner workings said over the weekend. "It already is operating. There's nothing the league has to approve. And there's really no leverage the league has over them. You can't force someone to sell unless they violate the rules of the league and its provisions. What Adam does have is the power of persuasion." NBA.com

Gearon, Jr., has strong ties to the franchise; his father spent three decades with the team, rising from general manager to president to chairman of the board. According to the source, the ownership agreement between the parties "gives him a tremendous amount of say for a minority owner." NBA.com


While arguably the most popular, Dominique Wilkins is not the best player in franchise history.


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