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Charlie Villanueva, Austin Daye and Will Bynum aren't in the playing rotation and all are quite open about their displeasure with the situation. Daye and Bynum have admitted they wouldn't be opposed to a change of scenery. Villanueva is the team's third-highest paid player this season at $7.5 million and is on the books for roughly $16 million over the next two seasons. Daye is the 2009 first-round pick who is still trying to establish himself. Bynum hasn't seen this little playing time since his first season with the Pistons in 2008-09. Detroit Free Press

Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars said Friday at US Airways Center that no deals presented themselves. Plus, he didn't feel compelled to move anyone because no one is being disruptive. "For the guys who aren't playing, we don't have any headaches here, any guys who are causing issues here," Dumars said. "For other teams, I don't know if that was their issue but it's not for us." Detroit Free Press

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Jeff Zillgitt: Pistons took calls (Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey, Austin Daye) & made calls but person w/knowledge says deal unlikely at trade deadline. Twitter

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The Pistons haven't been actively shopping either, but Daye's youth and Bynum's ability to be a sparkplug off the bench can be attractive to many teams. What's more, they're cheap. Bynum makes $3.5 million while Daye makes slightly less than $2 million. Neither has asked out but it doesn't appear they'd be shocked to get that call. "I don't really care, it doesn't matter where (I play)," Bynum said. "Could be Africa, L.A., Orlando, I don't care for the business. "Am I worried? Nah, all I do is control how I work, and I'm waiting for my opportunity." Bynum has bounced around the NBA, while the Pistons are the only NBA team Daye knows. "Not really 'worry,'" said Daye, the Pistons' first-round pick in 2009. "If they want to put me in a different situation, I can't worry about it. The only way you can control it is it you're playing really well, but if you're not …" Detroit News

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A scout for an NBA Western Conference team happened into the breakfast room at the hotel this morning, one day after the Detroit Pistons put up one of their worst performances of the season in a 99-79 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder which, proverbially, wasn't as close as the final score indicated. And the final score indicated it was pretty lousy. Asked which Pistons players his team might be interested in, if something could be done before the trade deadline, the scout gave a predictable answer: “The same two everybody is interested in.” That would be first-year point guard Brandon Knight and second-year big man Greg Monroe, the cornerstones of the rebuilding process, and the two Pistons presumed to be absolute untouchables. Booth Newspapers

Then, an addendum. Austin Daye holds some appeal, too, the scout said. Needs to work on his body and his game hasn't come around yet. But there is potential there. And there it is, the real concern in Detroit, about the possibility of giving up on Daye too soon, barring the possibility that Daye gives up first. Booth Newspapers

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Pistons coach Lawrence Frank talked to Daye about playing better defense and sinking down and helping the bigs when they are posted up. He appears lost on defense. Daye lacks the foot speed to keep up with shooting guards and the strength to fend off people when he is posted up. Frank showed Daye his weaknesses during a film study. Now it is up to him. "Yes, he is showing me things I can get better at," Daye said. "But I also have to get better at team defense. We are not stopping anybody anyway. I have to be a spark on the defensive end also because we are giving up 100-something points." Detroit News

Prince shares tidbits of wisdom with Daye, including telling him to rest the bum ankle. However, Prince might be part of the problem. Daye was expected to start at big guard or small forward, but his minutes went to Prince when he signed a four-year deal before the season began. "Austin has had a tough time," Prince said. "For one, coaches are trying to put him in a position to make plays. He is forcing things and making turnovers. His minutes dropped a bit and then he turned his ankle. I don't know if you saw his ankle. It is black and blue. It is just bad for him now. Obviously he is a player who can help us and can help us spread the floor." Detroit News

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It was just another ordinary flight for the Pistons on Monday afternoon. That is until as the team plane taxied down the runway at Hobby International and passengers noticed emergency vehicles following beside the plane. Even then players didn't realize a minor occurrence became big news when a local television station reported a hydraulic issue forced emergency personnel to greet the plane. Basically the plane flew fine and landed smoothly. The problem was the plane couldn't turn right, so the pilot alerted the ground. Austin Daye says he didn't know it was news until he was in the chair at a Houston barbershop. "Quite frankly, we were all shocked," coach Lawrence Frank said. "We all got a hundred texts asking were we all right, but no one knew." Detroit Free Press

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The lack of practice can also affect guys in extended slumps or players who want to work themselves back into the playing rotation. Both of those describe forward Austin Daye , who has yet to find any type of rhythm. "Austin not being a part of the rotation," Frank said. "Every day he has an opportunity to work. Hey, this is survival of the fittest." Detroit News

A natural shooter, Daye hasn't made a 3-pointer and is shooting 20 percent from the field. When Frank was referring to his team thinking too much instead of reacting last week, Daye could've been top of mind. "He's had situations where he's shot-faked himself out of a shot," Frank said. "I don't care if he misses every shot. Just play hard, compete. If you do make a mistake, move onto the next play." Detroit News

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Viktor Bychkov, director of Khimki Moscow, announced that the contract of Austin Daye won't be renewed, as reported by Sports.ru. The forward signed with the Russian team a two-month contract who is now expiring. Sportando

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Austin Daye: ppl do ur research understand both sides then express ur opinion!! Are jobs are only as secure as are youth remember that! Twitter

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