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January 5, 2012 Updates

Melbourne Tigers will make "inquiries" about the availability of star point guard Patty Mills after his axing by Chinese club Xinjiang Flying Tigers but expect him to go back to America and the NBA. There is confusion about Mills' status as a new rule in the Chinese league prevented anyone who signed with it playing elsewhere until the season finishes in March. But Mills was axed for allegedly "faking an injury" and his $1 million contract was terminated, which could yet leave him free to join another club. Melbourne Herald-Sun

"We'll inquire, but knowing Patty I am pretty sure the first stop will be back in the NBA," Gleeson said. "He's going through a little bit with the China team but if Patty says he's injured, he's injured. I trust him fully. "Once you sign in China, they weren't going to release you to play elsewhere. "But they have released him from the contract so I don't know if that entails him having a free licence to play elsewhere." Melbourne Herald-Sun

November 20, 2011 Updates

Portland Trail Blazers point guard Patrick Mills has cut short his stay with the Melbourne Tigers and will play for a Chinese league club during the NBA lockout. The National Basketball League said in a statement late Sunday that Mills had signed a contract to play with Chinese club Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers. The NBL said it allowed Mills to leave because it did not want to hold him back from other international opportunities. ESPN.com

The NBL has lost its most marketable and dynamic player, with NBA star Patty Mills leaving the Melbourne Tigers immediately to take up a contract with a Chinese club. Since linking with the Tigers during the NBA lockout, Mills has sparked an unprecedented interest in the competition while being the catalyst for Melbourne's 6-3 start. Sydney Morning Herald

November 6, 2011 Updates
November 4, 2011 Updates

Meanwhile, NBL team the Sydney Kings have revealed they binned an offer from Khloe's husband to play for the team tonight. LA Lakers star forward Lamar Odom, sidelined by the NBA lockout and tagging along with his wife and sister-in-law, approached Kings club management about appearing on a one-off "import" basis - but was knocked back in favour of local players. "We thought the offer was more sideshow than substance," Kings spokesman David Wolf said. "We invited him to the game and there's always room in The Kingdome for the Kardashian entourage ... but to sideline a local player wasn't going to work." Daily Telegraph

October 20, 2011 Updates

Basketball Australia, however, said it had no firm confirmation of any tour involving NBA superstars. And, one of Australia's leading venue operators, Harvey Lister, said that securing adequate insurance for athletes earning millions of dollars would be a major hurdle to the tour. Brisbane-based Lister, a co-owner in Ogden IFC, which operates 15 major venues in the Asia-Pacific region, said he'd had "some approaches". "It may be that some entrepreneur has found some way of insuring a planeload of NBA superstars," he said. Brisbane Times

Former Sydney Kings owner and one-time basketball supremo Bob Turner who, until recently, had been working with an Australian promoter to bring James out to tour Australia said he'd heard about other "potential tours". "I heard this latest one (rumour) this morning, so who knows?" said Turner. Turner said insuring marquee players like James and Bryant was "pricey" but could be done. "If you play in big enough venues and charge the right prices, you can make it work." Brisbane Times

October 19, 2011 Updates

It is cold comfort to the Kings now, with the club winless from two games heading into tough weekend fixtures against the 36ers in Adelaide tomorrow night before the NSW clash with Wollongong at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Sunday. "I wanted to play so bad, I even spoke to Bruce and said screw the insurance let's just go out there and play," Bogut said. "But when you sit back and look at it, if something does happen, trying to be a hero and something does happen, it's not going to be good for myself or my family. "It was a stressful time for us. It's a shame it didn't work out. "Some people were saying it was just a publicity stunt. But we've got the call logs and emails sent at 4am to prove we were desperate to play." Daily Telegraph

October 15, 2011 Updates

Superstar centre Andrew Bogut says he will definitely look at playing in the NBL towards the end of his career, after attempts to suit up for the Sydney Kings were stymied by the failure to finalise an insurance policy. The Milwaukee Bucks star became available to play in the NBL because of the current NBA lockout, with players and club owners yet to reach agreement on a new collective bargaining deal. Sydney Morning Herald

October 12, 2011 Updates

While disappointed that the first two weeks of the NBA season have been cancelled, Patty Mills is focused on the Melbourne Tigers. "I've been watching what's going on over there, but I haven't been heavily involved in anything. I've been focused on this so much," said Mills, who will line- up for the Tigers against Perth Wildcats on Friday night. "Just hearing what happened (with the game cancellations) gives me even more of a reason to focus on the job at hand here and that's going to sort itself out one way or another. "That's where I want to be playing, in Portland and the NBA, but it is what it is. It's out of my control and there's nothing I can do. But I'm moving on with the Tigers." Melbourne Herald-Sun

October 11, 2011 Updates
October 10, 2011 Updates
October 7, 2011 Updates

The sport's governing body, FIBA, which had been trying to negotiate an insurance deal between Bogut's management and the insurance companies, made it clear a deal to appease both sides was not going to happen, and a day after announcing he wanted to play for the Kings, Bogut's NBL career was over before it began. ''It's very disappointing but that's the nature of professional sport really,'' Bogut's manager Bruce Kaider said yesterday. ''We tried, and that's part of the reason why the talks took as long as they did because we were trying every angle we possibly could to get the policy to work. Brisbane Times

Kaider said it's ''business as usual'' for Bogut as he will continue to train and await the end of the NBA lockout. ''He needs to get on with things now,'' Kaider said. ''It's been a distraction over the last week for him because he's been up late at night with us [as they negotiated with overseas insurers] wading through information, and then on the phone early in the morning, and he said his training has been a bit disrupted because of everything that was going on. I think he was keen to get into the gym this morning, having a good blow-out and getting back on track.'' Brisbane Times

Andrew Bogut: Got news overnight that the insurance would not cover me to play @NBL . I am hugely disappointed. I thank you all for your support. Twitter

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