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"I think because I worked and I don’t really say much, I just kinda come in, get my work in, and I think he respected that," said Bradley. "And once I got a chance to play and I was succeeding because of my hard work, he kinda respected me for that and it made him want to continue to help me become a professional, on and off the court. He was just the perfect role model for a lot of guys on the team. KG was the best teammate I ever had." Bradley said he's talked with Garnett occasionally since the trade and said Garnett offers encouragement whenever Bradley is playing well. Asked if it's hard to watch his former teammate struggle amidst the Nets' slow start, Bradley says he's been too locked in on Boston's schedule to pay too much attention to what the Nets are doing. ESPN.com

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Half of their 12 losses have been by six or seven points, and Bradley knows Rondo’s return could mean the difference between competing regularly and winning regularly. “It could be big for us. I know once Rondo comes back, a lot of teams are going to hate to play the Celtics,” Bradley said. WEEI.com

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Bradley told RealGM he never got a sense about whether an extension was close, and his approach has kept him from straying in focusing on the season – separating himself from the way contract discussions impacted Gordon Hayward. “I can’t read the future,” Bradley said, “but all I can control is improving every single game, improving for my team.” RealGM

Out of Boston and onto Brooklyn, Pierce and Garnett understood leaders on their former team would be newly cultivated. As much as anything, Bradley heard from them that being a foundational part of the Celtics’ rebuild wouldn’t be easy – that there’s a preciousness to patience, to discipline. “They told me this was going to be hard,” Bradley told RealGM. “At some point in their careers, they both played on teams that were very young, and that’s how our team is now. It takes time, but if everybody buys into what we’re trying to do, everything works out.” RealGM

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Avery Bradley: "Our star players were traded this offseason when KG [Kevin Garnett] and Paul [Pierce] went to Brooklyn. I was heartbroken. Being here with those guys for years, I learned a lot from them. They kind of became my older brothers. So it was hard to see them leave but all you can do is wish them the best. I hope that they do well." ESPN.com

Avery Bradley: "This team's goal is just like any team's. We want to win the championship. We will never sell ourselves short or count ourselves out. Our goal is to go to the playoffs and win the championship. My goal personally is to help this team out any way I can. I'm going to have the opportunity to try to make the first-team defense this year. That's pretty much it for my personal goals, but I feel like the sky's the limit if I work hard. Not seeing my name listed as a potential All-Star candidate didn't bother me at all. I was not surprised. It just tells me I have to keep working." ESPN.com

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The Celtics and representatives for third-year guard Avery Bradley talked deep into the night Thursday trying to hammer out an extension before the midnight deadline, but never got close enough to make it happen. That sets Bradley up to be a restricted free agent next summer. Asked if he was disappointed by the lack of an extension, Bradley said, "I’ve just been trying to focus on the season more than anything. When the time comes, I’ll worry about it. But right now, I’m just worried about winning games and doing whatever I can to help our team so we can be successful this year and we can have the best season we can have." Pressed on his future, Bradley added, "Of course I would love to stay here. I’ve been here going on four years now, so I love it. I’m just going to continue to work hard, like I said, and just focus on this season." ESPN.com

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Gary Washburn: #celtics and Avery Bradley unable to agree to framework of 4-year deal, according to source. he will be a restricted free agent next summer Twitter @GwashNBAGlobe

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The contract extension deadline for Avery Bradley is less than a week away (Oct. 31), but Ainge declined to comment on the topic beyond saying he’s been in negotiations with Bradley’s camp. That’s a sharp turn from a month ago, when Ainge said the Celtics might wait until the following summer, when Bradley would be a restricted free agent, to broach the topic of the guard’s future with the team. Boston Globe

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Boston's blossoming Avery Bradley, meanwhile, recently heard team president Danny Ainge announce that a new deal was "most likely next summer," with the Celtics also in the midst of starting over and thus not exactly eager to extend 2010's No. 19 selection irrespective of his rep as a top-flight defensive stopper. ESPN.com

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