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May 6, 2015 Updates
May 5, 2015 Updates

"I don't get a vote, but I acknowledge his MVP status," Tony Allen said after practice on Monday. "It's well deserved, I wasn't surprised. He can shoot the ball pretty good and he got a nice handle. But it ain't nothing I ain't never seen before." CSNBayArea.com

He choked up when he discussed that path, saying to his father, Dell: "Pop, you were the example of what a true professional is on and off the court. I remember a lot of your career, and to be able to follow in your footsteps ..." Curry took a break to compose himself. "... it means a lot to me, and this is special." He credited his faith and his family, from his wife Ayesha to his daughter Riley, mother Sonya and siblings Seth and Sydel and grandparents too. But the up-and-down way in which he got here, this path that could have changed so drastically had things taken a different turn, is the part of Curry's story that is often overlooked. USA Today Sports

Once Ferkel informed them that the reconstruction of Curry's ankle wasn't necessary, the future was suddenly bright again. "Once Dr. Ferkel came out and said, 'He should be just fine,' then you cross your fingers and say, 'Ferkel is a good doctor, so let's hope he's right,' " Riley said. "As I recall, it was time to get a sandwich and relax and feel a lot better." Curry, who was more relieved than anyone, could finally get back to playing. USA Today Sports

Ellis, who had become a Warriors fan favorite in those previous five seasons with Golden State, sent a shot across Curry's bow at the start of the 2009-10 campaign when he was asked by reporters if he could play with Curry as part of an undersized-but-uber-talented backcourt. "Us together? No," Ellis said then. "Can't. We just can't." The Warriors, it's safe to say, were worried. "There were some turbulent times," Schlenk said. "(Ellis' comments) put everybody on edge, including Steph. But those two guys ended up being good friends." USA Today Sports

May 4, 2015 Updates

To congratulate Stephen Curry for winning the MVP award, Under Armour recruited NBA legend Bill Russell to lend a hand. More specifically, his voice. In Under Armour's MVP commercial for Curry, Russell reads the famous Jacob Riis quote about a stonecutter pounding away at a rock. Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before. This quote is popular in NBA circles thanks to Gregg Popovich, who has used the quote almost like a mantra to motivate the Spurs. With all of the hardwork Curry has done to get to this point, the quote aptly fits him as well. CBSSports.com

Long before Rockets guard James Harden went from MVP candidate to runner-up, he insisted the award would be nice, maybe even a dream, but not a goal. With Golden State guard Stephen Curry officially named the runaway winner of the 2014-15 MVP, Harden said Monday he still had other things in mind. “It’s tough, but in the second round of the playoffs, I have better things to worry about,” Harden said. “That’s the Clippers, a very good team that’s coming in. It didn’t work out, but there’s more of the season to continue to play. That (the pursuit of a championship) is what it’s all about. Obviously, an individual award, the MVP is something amazing, but we have a great opportunity in this locker room. I’m not going to let that, one little, individual award affect what we have going on in this locker room. We still have a great season to play and some great games ahead of us.” Houston Chronicle

LeBron James called Steph Curry’s Most Valuable Player award “well-deserved” while joking he was glad to see another kid from Akron win the award. Curry, coincidentally, was officially announced as the league MVP while James was praising him. “If my phone was on, I would’ve definitely congratulated him a lot,” James said, referring to his social media blackout during the postseason. “I think it’s well-deserved. You see the team success, that’s the first thing that pops out. Franchise-record in wins. … He’s the catalyst of that whole ship, and I think he’s had an unbelievable season. I think it’s great that another kid born in Akron, Ohio can win an MVP.” Akron Beacon Journal

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award Monday, beating out Houston's James Harden in a race that turned out not to be that close. Curry received 100 of 130 first-place votes for a total of 1,198 points from a panel of 129 writers and broadcasters, along with the fan vote on the NBA's website. Harden had 25 first-place votes and 936 points. Cleveland's LeBron James, a four-time MVP, got five first-place votes and 552 points. USA Today Sports

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