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December 14, 2012 Updates
December 7, 2012 Updates

I know (Ben Gordon) regrets passing on that first $50 million offer from the Bulls. His contract expires after next season, and he does remain an unusual player and classic sixth man type. Thibodeau doesn't like small shooting guards, so he probably would have been an issue with the Bulls. And you don't want to pay a sixth man $12 million a year. He never could get over Deng being offered more, which is a mistake employes make everywhere. If you are being compensated well and enjoy your work, you have won. Ben won and he didn't know it. It's left a stain on his career legacy he'll never erase. He could have been a contender. NBA.com

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The Bobcats, coming off a season of record breaking futility, where in desperate need of a veteran leader and go-to scorer while their younger players learn the nuisances of the pro game. Enter Gordon, who has fully embraced the role of elder statesman during the early going. “I think so,” Gordon told HOOPSWORLD on how the younger players are leaning on him for leadership. “I think some of the younger guys get caught in certain situations where they’re looking for some advice or some kind of help. That’s something I’ve been able to do a little bit in this preseason. I’m expecting a lot more throughout the season because there’s going to be so many different situations, things that happen to them throughout the year that they’ve probably never experienced that I’ll probably be able to help them with, along with some of the other veterans on the team.” HoopsWorld

July 2, 2012 Updates

The London-born shooting guard – who has just been traded from Detroit Pistons to the Charlotte Bobcats – was due to finally commit to Great Britain in time for London 2012 after a protracted four-year effort to get him on board. But after failing to show at the team’s training camp which closed in Houston on Saturday night, coach Chris Finch has been forced to name a squad without him. GB Basketball performance director Chris Spice said: “We kept the door open as long as we could. “We had been in correspondence with his people, and one day he was in, one day he was out. He felt he couldn’t commit. We are where we are and now we focus on the guys we have here.” Manchester Evening News

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NBA star Ben Gordon will not play for Great Britan National Team at Olympic Game in London. The player last year said that he would have played the Olympics at home. Sportando

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Gordon said Friday the 7-59 record last season doesn’t turn him off being a Bobcat the next two seasons. He was traded here Monday night by the Detroit Pistons, who didn’t have much use for him of late. This is the first time in an eight-year NBA career Gordon has been traded. He welcomed that. “It’s definitely a different feeling. But I’m looking to have a very positive impact – change whatever was in the past,’’ Gordon said at an introductory news conference. “I’m not even thinking about what happened in the past (in Charlotte). Just thinking about what happens in the future.’’ Charlotte Observer

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Great Britain coach Chris Finch won't have Byron Mullens at the London Games and is still waiting to discover if another NBA player, Ben Gordon, will play. Mullens, an American, qualified for and received his British passport earlier this year because his mother hails from England. He has never feature with Britain in an international competition. The same can be said for Gordon, who was born in London but grew up in the United States. FIBA.com

The Detroit Pistons guard is being non-committal about the Olympic squad, citing the need to rest after the NBA season. "We are never in a position to give ultimatums," Great Britain coach Chris Finch said to the Telegraph. "We are going to give Ben all of next week to let us know what his intentions are and then we will map out whether we go forward with him or without him but there comes a point when we have to move forward and make the best decision for the team." FIBA.com

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