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July 18, 2011 Updates

Ben Wallace wants to be the first friendly face a troubled youth sees when he is on the wrong side of the law. He'll be dressed in his best blue suit with briefcase in hand, ready to tackle another case in court. When Wallace hangs up his basketball sneakers, he wants to go to law school. But will the Pistons want Wallace for the one more season he would like to play? NBA players are locked out, so Wallace packed up and headed to his Virginia home. He can't work out at the Pistons' practice facility and can't have contact with Pistons personnel. Until the lockout is over and Wallace has a conversation with Pistons president Joe Dumars, Big Ben won't know if he'll get one more shot in Detroit. "We will see how it goes," Wallace said. Detroit News

Wallace not only wants to represent clients, he wants to tell them his long-shot story and make them realize their lives are not over despite youthful mistakes. Wallace is doing plenty of research now into law schools. The thought has been brewing for years, and he even spoke to former Pistons coach John Kuester about it three years ago when Wallace played in Cleveland. "It would not surprise me at all to see him practicing law," teammate Tayshaun Prince said. "Not at all." Detroit News

June 17, 2011 Updates

As I've said, the Bulls aren't down on Boozer and not looking hard for a deal. Detroit would like to dump some of its large contracts and Ben could be one, but they'll only taking expiring deals. NBA.com

June 12, 2011 Updates

The 36-year-old (Ben) Wallace, who has been considering retirement, said he might in fact keep playing. "I'm leaning more towards coming back," Wallace said. "It's just a matter of getting myself healthy and getting ready to play." Winnipeg Free Press

Charlie Villanueva and Ben Wallace agree on the most important task for the next coach of the Detroit Pistons. "Communication," Villanueva said. "Have somebody who can communicate with their players." Villanueva teamed up with Detroit Lions wide receiver Derrick Williams to host a celebrity softball game Saturday, with the proceeds benefiting foundations the two have worked with. It's been about a week since the Pistons fired John Kuester, and as the team searches for a replacement, both Villanueva and Wallace took brief breaks from softball to offer thoughts on the next coach. "Just somebody who can relate and communicate with the guys — can make his point and stick to it," Wallace said. Winnipeg Free Press

April 21, 2011 Updates

Wallace, who served as a spokesperson this season when Hamilton was benched by Kuester, wasn't in the mood to reminisce. "They never give you the chance to write your own (legacy), and I don't want to," Wallace said. "You have to ask these guys on the other side what we've meant to the franchise." Wallace, who turns 37 in September, didn't tip his hand as to what his decision would be, but toward the end of the season said retirement is a possibility. He hopes whenever that day comes, they won't be brushed aside by history. "We played the way we played and we'll get judged accordingly," Wallace said. "It's on them, (but) we haven't left anything behind yet." Detroit News

April 11, 2011 Updates

Biyombo will likely always be a somewhat limited player on the offensive end, and he showed some of his flaws tonight with 4 turnovers, but his intensity, toughness, and length make him a beast on the interior, reminiscent of Ben Wallace in his prime. Biyombo's triple-double and dominance in the paint last night will probably be remembered as his coming out party, further illustrating the impact this game can have on the futures of some of the international prospects who are able to participate, as Nike's Consultant of Global Basketball Rich Sheubrooks told us in the days leading up to the event: DraftExpress.com

April 10, 2011 Updates

Chief among them was Biyombo, who exploited his 7-7 wingspan and the most NBA-ready body on the floor. After a disappointing first quarter, the visitors adapted as Biyombo asserted himself defensively and Polish guard Mateusz Ponitka (who scored a team-leading 17 points) attacked the basket. "He runs the floor, he defends and he's cat-quick,'' said an NBA scout of Biyombo. "His offensive skills need to be developed, but his athleticism screams out.'' "He's Ben Wallace, basically,'' said another NBA executive. SI.com

April 6, 2011 Updates

Now, (Ben) Wallace is wondering if those hands are enough. He suited up for Tuesday's game in Washington, but doesn't know if his career is coming down to the final six games. "That's always been the case, the last couple of years," said Wallace, 37. "When the season is over with, I'll see how my body feels. See if I can get my strength back. If can help this team, maybe I'll come back." Detroit News

Wallace is under contract through next season ($1.9 million), but with the drama — and losing — it's not hard to envision him reconsidering. "I'd definitely like to honor (the contract)," Wallace said. "But I have to do what's best for me as far as my body. "My legs are feeling good. Let me run up and down the court a little bit, see if I need to do some more work or sit my butt down." Detroit News

March 13, 2011 Updates

"When it's time for the union to sit down with owners before June 30, I'm pretty sure they'll have to try to come to some type of agreement, and if they don't get some type of extension like the NFL did, try to knuckle down and get something done," Prince said. Detroit Free Press

February 26, 2011 Updates

Sources say the alleged player boycott was actually a "perfect storm" that resulted in half of the team not showing up or showing up late. Tayshaun Prince and Tracy McGrady were both ill. Ben Wallace has a brother who was gravely ill and died Saturday. Wilcox overslept and Daye and Stuckey missed the team bus because the departure time was moved up from 11 to 10:30 a.m. ET. They have insisted to team officials they did not receive notification of the change. ESPN.com

The brother of Ben Wallace died Saturday after a lengthy illness. The Rev. James McBride, the oldest of Wallace's brothers, was 58. Wallace missed two games in late January and a handful of practices and shootarounds -- including the one Friday in Philadelphia -- due to a family matter. The Pistons said Wallace will be out of the lineup indefinitely. Booth Newspapers

In the second quarter, Kuester was ejected after vehemently arguing a non-call. Although it wasn't caught by the local broadcast, Tracy McGrady, Rodney Stuckey and Ben Wallace could all be seen laughing among themselves as the situation unfolded. After the back-and-forth between Kuester and Richard Hamilton, I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that these grown men continue to act like middle schoolers, but it doesn't make the latest round of buffoonery any less disappointing. Booth Newspapers

During the second quarter, Kuester argued with an official, was slapped with two technical fouls and was ejected. As the coach was being escorted off the court, cameras showed McGrady laughing on the bench. Later, the cameras showed McGrady, Stuckey and Wallace sharing a laugh right after Kuester went to the locker room. McGrady told the Free Press the players were laughing about something else. Detroit Free Press

February 25, 2011 Updates

Austin Daye and Rodney Stuckey showed up as shootaround ended, after the media was let in. They missed the team bus from the hotel to shootaround. Various Pistons players have had their share of issues with coach John Kuester this season, and many have been vocal — privately and publicly — in their criticism of the second-year coach. According to team spokesman Cletus Lewis, McGrady was out with a headache, Prince had the stomach flu, while Wilcox and Hamilton apparently missed the bus without a reason. A team source confirmed Prince's and McGrady's illnesses, adding Wilcox overslept. Detroit News

One source, who asked not to be identified, said he didn’t know what the next step would be, and didn’t say who organized the absences. But he said it was an organized protest and discussed among the players. Some players, though, decided it was best to show up. Kuester said he would go with who was available in tonight’s game against the 76ers. It was uncertain whether the players who missed practice would be allowed or available to play. Detroit Free Press

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