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Carmelo Anthony shrugs off most criticism, but when the critique came from Bernard King, he noticed. On King’s twitter account a mild criticism appeared, urging Anthony to play more team ball. But as it gained attention, King claimed that the tweet wasn’t his - rather coming from “an associate” he told Newsday - and he shut the account down. “I found out about the alleged Bernard King tweet this morning when I got to shootaround,” Anthony said. “I didn’t think too much about it. I know Bernard very well and I heard he was trying to reach out to me to let me know it wasn’t something that he said, he just wanted to apologize. I didn’t really pay too much any mind to that at all.” Sulia

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Bernard King said Tuesday that it was not him but an associate who posted three critiques of Carmelo Anthony on King's Twitter account Monday, and he disavowed the sentiments that were expressed. "I didn't post it or tweet it, and I'm disappointed it came out like this," the former Knick and recently elected Hall of Famer said as he prepared to serve as an analyst for MSG's postgame show for Game 2 of the Pacers-Knicks series last night. Newsday

King said when traveling, as he was Monday, he entrusted his account to an associate whom he would not name or characterize. He said doing so had not been a problem previously. "I made a mistake," he said. "It was a big mistake. Everyone knows in this city and around this country how much respect I have for Melo, and what I think of him not only as a player but as a person. I am disappointed this happened. Obviously these are not things I've said. I've always maintained that Melo should have been the MVP this year, and his skills are far more complete than mine when I played for the Knicks." Newsday

Knick legend Bernard King came through with some accurate and rock solid criticism of Anthony on Monday, discussing on his Twitter feed the various ways that Anthony could snap out of his isolation malaise and score efficiently on the Indiana Pacers in spite of his left shoulder injury. The Knicks, who employ King as an analyst for the MSG Network (to, you know, analyze the Knicks whether they win or lose), reportedly did not like King’s tweets in the wake of the team’s Game 1 loss to the Pacers, and King’s account has been shut down. Yahoo! Sports

The official Twitter account for King, who does some broadcasting work for both MSG Network and NBA TV, was shut down shortly after the dispatches were posted. According to a published report, the Knicks claim King had allowed a friend to use his handle and that those posts did not reflect his “sentiment.” New York Daily News

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Bernard King, recently minted Basketball Hall of Famer, was talking yesterday about the differences between his game and Carmelo Anthony's when he abruptly ditched the particulars and got right to the point: "I think he's a much better all-around player than I ever was with the Knicks, without a doubt." Newsday

"A lot of athletes have come to New York as superstars and unfortunately have wilted under the spotlight, then they go away and become superstars again," King said. "Melo has done a great job of not only welcoming the pressure but exceeding expectations, in my opinion." Newsday

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The players from the 1972-73 team were honored at Friday's Knicks game and will be recalled again Sunday when MSG replays Game 5 of the '73 Finals against the Lakers -- thanks to an unlikely story of discovery and recovery. (More on that later.) Frazier lamented that the 1973 Knicks had been somewhat overlooked compared with '70 "because of the hoopla with Willis [Reed] and the way he came out in Game 7, and we won it at home." When I asked which team was better, he said without hesitation it was 1973, a deeper, more versatile squad. One of the biggest reasons was sitting beside him: Earl Monroe. The occasion was a luncheon at Frazier's restaurant, Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine, near the Garden at which the former backcourt mates watched parts of that title-clinching 102-93 victory at the Forum on May 10, 1973. Both men acknowledged it was a somewhat surreal experience to watch their far younger selves sometimes play less well than memory suggested, but well enough to dethrone the defending champs. Said Monroe: "When you think back on the game, you don't [remember] all the mistakes that were made . . . But the reason we won is we just had better players." Newsday

“I do say I’ve never seen LeBron outplay Carmelo,” King added. Asked by The Post to elaborate, King said: “Now you can obviously go back into your records and find games where you can come back and dispute that — well I’m not looking at records. I’m just going based on my recollection of what I’ve seen. That’s what I can go on.” New York Post

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