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November 20, 2011 Updates
November 19, 2011 Updates
November 18, 2011 Updates

As time and hope for salvaging an NBA season continue to dissipate, Turkey’s top team is engaged in serious talks with Kevin Love and Luol Deng about joining point guard Deron Williams in the Turkish Basketball League. “I’ve been going back and forth with Deron on it,” Love told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears on Friday. “I’ll be making my decision in the next couple of days.” Yahoo! Sports

It’s possible Besiktas will sign the first player willing to agree to a deal, but a source briefed on Besiktas’ strategy believes team officials prefer Love. Williams and Love share the same agent, which plays a part in the preference. Yahoo! Sports

November 10, 2011 Updates

Deron Williams: Because we have so much time off, there is a lot of practice time and some days we’re doing two-a-days. I’m definitely not used to that. The practices aren’t too grueling; they’re just longer than I’m used to. In Utah, we only practiced for about an hour and a half, but we worked hard for that hour and a half. Here, practice is two and a half hours and we just scrimmage for most of it. It’s just a different way of doing things that is created by the schedule. ESPN.com

Deron Williams: We recently had another one of those reminders that we aren’t in the U.S. anymore, when we went to “Disney On Ice.” I took my two girls and two of my oldest daughters’ friends from school. I thought it would be fun for them but the advertisement we saw was misleading. When we went on the Internet to order the tickets, they advertise “Disney On Ice” as if it were in English. So when my wife got the tickets online, we thought we’d get all the songs from the Disney movies, in English! It wasn’t until we got there that we realized that it’s all in Turkish. It was still fun, though, and the kids had a good time. The music is still the same -- just the lyrics are in Turkish. You know what’s going on, though, so we had a lot of fun. As long as they enjoyed it, that’s what matters. ESPN.com

October 23, 2011 Updates

Tweeting as if he were leaving bread crumbs across the face of Europe, Billy King arrived in Izmir Saturday afternoon for Deron Williams' first away game in the Turkish League. On Friday, he tweeted that he was on board a Turkish Airlines flight, then Saturday morning, he posted a picture of the Bosporus, that waterway separating Europe and Asia in Istanbul, before finally announcing that Izmir "is a beautiful city". Alas, just before the game between Besiktas and Pinar Karsiyaka SK was set to begin, the Nets GM had to tweet bad news: "2 mins to tip off someone breaks the backboard". King's image showed a good home crowd at the Izmir sports arena. NetsDaily

No problem. Williams had his best game since heading to Europe. He scored 24 points, handed out 10 assists and grabbed four rebounds as Besiktas won, 100-93, in hard- fought game, their fifth straight win. Under league rules, King can watch Williams but can have no contact with him. Mikhail Prokhorov, who has investments in Izmir, did not make the trip. NetsDaily

October 20, 2011 Updates

New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams is over in Turkey, playing pro basketball for Beskitas, and he’s blogging about the whole experience on his website. Here’s a quick excerpt: This is my first year playing international ball, so I’m still just trying to figure everything out with regard to my role. Obviously I’ve played in the Olympics with the same style of play, but that was still different because all of my teammates were American. They’ve actually been playing me at the two guard a lot here. Whatever I can do to help the team, I’m willing. I don’t have any personal goals or stats I’m looking for over here; I just want to stay in shape, play basketball and have fun. NBCSports.com

October 16, 2011 Updates

Deron Williams scored 11 points and had five assists to help Besiktas to a 107-69 victory over Bandirma Kirmizi on Sunday in the NBA player's Turkish league debut. New Jersey Nets guard Williams -- a two-time NBA all-star -- is among a number of players from the North American league signed to overseas clubs until the end of the lockout. Another lockout signing, Cleveland Cavaliers' Turkish forward Semih Erden, scored 13 points and gathered 8 rebounds to help Besiktas open the season with an emphatic win. ESPN.com

October 14, 2011 Updates

Playing for Besiktas of Istanbul which advanced in the Turkish Champions Cup, Williams is prepared to return to the states if the lockout ends -- and stay put if it doesn't. Speaking about not bringing enough of his personal items, he said, "I could be over here for nine months if the NBA season gets locked out completely." He is doing his best to keep up with the labor saga. "I'm following the lockout as best I can over here, but my resources are somewhat limited," Williams wrote. "I think everybody, owners and players, know that it would be detrimental to the game for us not to have a season. Whether we miss a couple games or a month, two months, that's up in the air, but I hope there's a season. New York Post

October 8, 2011 Updates

Deron Williams: I'm not going to lie, the transition for our family has been tough. It's been an adjustment for all of us. It wasn't easy to find a place in the city of Istanbul that could hold six people (my family) and a nanny. The place we're in now is kind of small, actually really small compared to our houses in San Diego and Utah. It's different, but it's fun. My family is enjoying it. It brings us closer together and that's important. The kids are happy. They just started school out here, international school, and they like that. It's just an adventure for all of us. Getting over here wasn't easy either. When we went to get on the plane to come over here, we got up to the ticket desk and my son's passport had expired. ESPN.com

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