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"It's hard to tell a kid that you need to get out there and compete because it's going to decrease your chance of having diabetes 30-40 years from now. No kid wants to hear that," he said. "As a kid growing up, it was fun trash talking with your buddies and competing with your friends. That's what made getting out and being active, fun. I certainly wasn't thinking about health issues 30-40 years from now. "We have to promote to them that it's OK to be competitive. I think we've gone in the completely opposite direction of saying, 'Everybody is a winner, you come in 10th place and you still get a trophy.' I think it's more fun when kids actually compete and they understand who finished 1-2-3. If I'm third, the person that's first is probably going to be talking trash and it's going to motivate me to be No. 1. But it's all in a very good-hearted way." ESPN.com

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Former President Bill Clinton and NBA star Kobe Bryant will lead a panel on kids and sports at a conference next month. The roundtable discussion will open the Clinton Health Matters Initiative Conference on Jan. 13 in La Quinta, Calif. Topics will include barriers to access, coaching quality and safety. "There's so much to be gained, so much from health and fitness," Bryant told The Associated Press on Monday in Atlanta, where his Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Hawks. "It's a really important initiative for kids to understand that you're not just getting the benefits of being healthy, you're also understanding how to be great leaders, how to be unselfish, how to work within a group, competitive spirit." ESPN.com

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Haiti Prime Minister called on a group of retired NBA players to invest in Haiti Saturday during a philanthropic summit in Miami. The event at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, was additionally attended by former US President Bill Clinton, who traveled to Haiti on Sunday. Lamothe addressed a group of attendees including former NBA stars including Glen Rice, Penny Hardaway and Haitian-born Olden Polynice, who was recently named a goodwill ambassador by Haiti President Michel Martelly. Caribbean Journal

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What were Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton doing hanging out on Monday night? ... Bryant and his wife Vanessa joined former president Bill Clinton in Hollywood on Monday to commemorate the renovation of Step Up on Vine, a housing project for the homeless. The Bryant's have been heavily involved in tackling homelessness in Los Angeles in the last couple years, also volunteering at the homeless shelter for teens, My Friend's Place and getting behind HomeWalk L.A. Sulia

"It was incredible," Bryant said of Clinton's involvement. "We couldn’t get a better stamp of approval or a stronger validation for what we’re trying to do. It meant everything for us for him to take time out of his schedule to come down and check out the facility and give the good praise that he did." Sulia

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We know that Deron Williams has hung out with and played some ball with President Barack Obama. We know he got a hug from Michelle Obama in London like the rest of Team USA after their first game. She’s kind of their team mom. I think she gave them all orange slices and a juice box afterwards. But D-Will is also running with former president Bill Clinton. Well, running with might not be the right words. Playing golf with. Both were at the Barclays pro-am last week and Williams tweeted out that photo. NBCSports.com

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After meeting former President Bill Clinton in 1997, guard Jason Terry wasn’t sure he was going to meet President Barack Obama. The world champion Dallas Mavericks won’t play the Washington Wizards in Washington, D.C., this season, putting a trip to the White House and a visit with President Obama in jeopardy. But the Mavs will visit the White House and meet President Obama on Monday -- a day before they play the Pistons in Detroit. “I was nervous,’’ Terry said. “For a second there I thought (President Obama would) be out of office or trying to be re-elected by the time we get a chance to go see him. “But fortunately he’s still in there and we’ll get to see him.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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