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December 2, 2011 Updates

But with the NBA not allowing players and front official officials to speak directly just yet, Ainge has not been able to talk directly to Rondo about the matter. He told reporters on Thursday that he is not shopping Rondo and that it is not his intent to move Rondo - or any of the Big 4 - this season. "The biggest thing players want is clarity," Duffy said. "Like, 'if you're going to trade me, tell me.' Players don't like to feel they're being manipulated or behind-the-scenes not really knowing what's going on. That comes down to respect, more than anything else." CSNNE.com

Pierce is represented by Jeff Schwartz, who has been among the leaders of a group of seven agents from six of the most influential agencies who've long disagreed with the union's bargaining and legal tactics. Those agents, including Arn Tellem, Dan Fegan, Mark Bartelstein and Bill Duffy, believe the players should've voted to decertify back in July and sued for antitrust violations much earlier in the process. Garnett is represented by agent Andy Miller, who has had no association with the dissident agents and was not aware of his client's involvement, sources said. Rob Pelinka, who represents Kobe Bryant and union president Derek Fisher, also is said to be among the group of insurgents, sources said. CBSSports.com

December 1, 2011 Updates

The Bucks also called Bill Duffy, who represents unrestricted free-agent center Joel Przybilla. The Bucks believe Przybilla, who is an excellent defender and shotblocker, would be the ideal backup to starting center Andrew Bogut. Przybilla, who started his NBA career with the Bucks in 2000 and ended last season with Charlotte, told The Journal Times over the summer he would be receptive to signing with the Bucks. The Bucks aren't the only suitors for Przbyilla. Portland would also like to sign the 7-foot-1 center and it is believed the Boston Celtics, who are attempting to shore up their frontline, have interest in him. About six teams have more than a passing interest in Przybilla, although the Bucks appear to be the front-runners for his services. Racine Journal-Times

November 24, 2011 Updates

Bill Duffy, in a prepared statement, said Rondo didn’t play a role in the brief scuffle that resulted in the arrest of Eric Valarezo of Haverhill. “Rajon Rondo was not involved in the reported incident that occurred last Friday night at a Boston (area) night club,” said Duffy. “Any reports regarding my client that have surfaced related to this are false. It’s unfortunate that this has overshadowed the positive aspect of the charity basketball game hosted by Rajon and those benefiting from the event. No further comment will be made about this moving forward.” Boston Herald

November 14, 2011 Updates
November 9, 2011 Updates
November 8, 2011 Updates

Sources within seven of the most prominent agencies – including the agents and players themselves – said they have overwhelming support to march toward dissolving the union. The agents are selling decertification to the players as a leverage tool to get a deal done to salvage the season, as much as a long-term threat to take the owners to federal court with an antitrust lawsuit. Agents working on the decertification include Mark Bartelstein, Arn Tellem, Jeff Schwartz, Bill Duffy, Leon Rose, Henry Thomas and Dan Fegan. Yahoo! Sports

November 4, 2011 Updates

If a new labor deal was not completed within that 45-day span and a second vote is sanctioned by the NLRB, decertification would then require a simple majority vote of the league's 450-odd players to pass. At that point, players would have the freedom to sue the NBA under antitrust law and attempt to bring an end to the lockout via court system. Yet there are widespread fears around the league that, if decertification gets that far, any hope of playing even a reduced schedule in 2011-12 would be lost. The so-called "Big Seven" agents who pushed for decertification throughout the summer -- Mark Bartelstein, Bill Duffy, Dan Fegan, Leon Rose, Jeff Schwartz, Arn Tellem and Henry Thomas -- have long believed that the league's desire to keep this labor battle out of courts via the decertification process would force Stern and the union's owners to bargain more fairly during the 45-day "grace" period. ESPN.com

October 6, 2011 Updates

The seven agents who sent NBA players a "warning letter" on Monday held a conference call Wednesday afternoon to discuss their next move in the league's lockout, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Those agents -- Arn Tellum, Bill Duffy, Dan Fegan, Jeff Schwartz, Leon Rose, Henry Thomas and Mark Bartelstein -- had been strong behind-the-scenes advocates of decertification for the Players Association but, according to the source, now believe that the time to do so has passed. The letter, which was first reported by ESPN's Ric Bucher, has been widely viewed by players and others around the league as anti-union. ESPN.com

October 5, 2011 Updates

The seven agents who sent NBA players a "warning letter" on Monday are holding a conference call Wednesday afternoon to discuss their next move in the league's player lockout, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Those agents -- Arn Tellem, Bill Duffy, Dan Fegan, Jeff Schwartz, Leon Rose, Henry Thomas and Mark Bartelstein -- have been strong behind-the-scenes advocates of decertification for the NBA Players Association. The meeting was expected to begin at 2 p.m. ET. ESPN.com

The letter, which was first reported by ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher, has been widely viewed by players and others around the league as critical of the union's leadership. But one of the agents said Wednesday that the call will center on how the agents can best help union executive director Billy Hunter get a fair deal for the players, rather than on pushing for decertification against the union's wishes. ESPN.com

October 3, 2011 Updates
September 9, 2011 Updates
September 8, 2011 Updates

According to the story, agent Bill Duffy was reportedly questioning the union's strategy -- or perceived lack thereof -- during an August meeting in Los Angeles when vice president/free agent guard Maurice Evans interrupted and cursed at Duffy while defending Hunter. It's a role Evans has grown accustomed to, as he did a similar deed in late June when free agent forward Shane Battier suggested during a union meeting that Hunter follow the lead of NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith and forgo his salary during the lockout. SI.com

September 7, 2011 Updates

After listening to Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and the executive committee players at an informational meeting in Los Angeles in August, witnesses described agent Bill Duffy probing union officials on labor talks with the NBA. Duffy was rational and reasoned, asking tough, fair questions, witnesses said. Only, the answers weren’t clear to Duffy, nor many of the agents in the conference room at the Beverly Hilton. Finally, Duffy lamented that the meeting was ending and the union’s strategy to combat ownership in the collective bargaining talks was still hazy to him. What are we doing here? Yahoo! Sports

This was when NBPA tempers flared, witnesses said, and union vice president Maurice Evans let loose on the agent – and indirectly – the dozens more in the room. Tension had been building between agents and union officials, and Evans offered a window into the union’s frustration with the challenges and second-guessing from agents. “Evans went on and on about how the agents always want to tell [the union] what to do but don’t have any suggestions on how to make things better. Then Duffy would start to explain in a calm manner what he meant, and Evans kept interrupting him, cursing…” “Just a mess,” another agent in the room said. Yahoo! Sports

August 25, 2011 Updates

Andris Biedrins' agent said Saturday that conflicting reports of the Warriors' center signing with different European teams were erroneous, but Biedrins will explore overseas options next month. "I think (Biedrins) would be open to playing overseas on a temporary or a long-term basis if the (NBA) lockout continues, but we've got to get him some insurance to protect his (NBA) contract," agent Bill Duffy said. "He's on a training regimen, and he usually takes it to another level at this time. In 20 to 30 days, he'll be 100 percent conditioned." San Francisco Chronicle

Golden State considered trading the big man during June's draft. Instead, they opted to trust in a mental and physical rehabilitation plan designed to rediscover the automatic double-double guy of years past. "There were serious talks, because I think some in the Warriors' front office were compelled to move him," Duffy said. "Others wanted to stick with him, because, when you look around, what are you trading for? If he puts everything together, he's probably a top-eight center. Are you going to get back that value?" San Francisco Chronicle

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