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September 13, 2012 Updates

The rumors of Bill Simmons replacing Chris Broussard on NBA countdown have grown to the point that the latter resorted to responding on his twitter account: @Chris_Broussard: Lol. This twitter stuff is crazy. I have not been fired; I still work at ESPN. The Big Lead

September 11, 2012 Updates

In the latest sign that Bill Simmons is the most powerful man at ESPN, the columnist and man behind Grantland will reportedly join ESPN’s NBA studio show this season. Simmons and former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy would replace Chris Broussard and Jon Barry, according to Sports By Brooks. However, ESPN couldn’t confirm the report when contacted on Tuesday by FishbowlLA. “We are in the process of considering all assignments for both returning and potential new commentator roles. As we’ve said before, Stan is someone we’d be interested in exploring,” said ESPN spokesman Ben Cafardo. “For Bill, same applies, we’re exploring the best ways to utilize all of our talent, including Bill, this NBA season.” Media Bistro

August 23, 2012 Updates

Bill Simmons is being strongly considered as an addition to the ESPN show, NBA Countdown, sources tell The Big Lead. Simmons, who wrote the best-selling, “Book of Basketball,” would add punch to a show that is routinely compared to TNT’s considerably more popular and successful Inside the NBA. ESPN has been searching for the right combination on Countdown for years – it used to be called NBA Shootaround – and the network believes Simmons is the missing piece. The Big Lead

July 17, 2012 Updates
July 16, 2012 Updates

Mark Cuban has taken a lot of heat this off-season for his personnel moves — or lack thereof. The Mavericks owner decided to take a few shots of his own Sunday night on Twitter. In response to a tweet ESPN’s Bill Simmons made Friday night, in which the columnist and editor-in-chief for ESPN’s Grantland.com said “Put it this way: I wasn’t crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good,” Cuban said: They (sic) next smart personnel comment you mae (sic) will be your first Dallas Morning News

May 4, 2012 Updates
February 1, 2012 Updates

Ted Leonsis: I was one of the co-founders of Aol’s Digital City – Bob Smith and Paul DeBenedictus helped to create it – we opened a city operation in Boston – and Bill Simmons wrote a clever little column about Boston sports. He was a talent; very ambitious and quite a good writer. He got his start as did many other bloggers at Aol; back in the day. That is the history – Bill was discovered by Aol. Bet you didn’t know that? Ted Leonsis

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July 21, 2011 Updates
May 14, 2011 Updates
March 5, 2011 Updates
December 11, 2010 Updates
December 7, 2010 Updates

Bill Simmons, NBA analyst? A few minutes ago, ESPN leaked to USA Today that Simmons will be working the Heat-Warriors game Friday as an NBA analyst alongside Dan Shulman and Mark Jackson. Interesting year for Simmons, huh? He’s getting more fill-in duty on PTI. He broke some news on Randy Moss getting traded from the Patriots. He got embroiled in a mini-feud with Keith Olbermann. His website project is in the embryonic stage. And now, he’s getting some work as an NBA analyst. The Big Lead

October 27, 2010 Updates

Kevin Love: I wanna end this first post with a message for my man over at ESPN, Bill Simmons. I heard that on his podcast, he was going through all the Vegas over-unders for every NBA team's 2010-11 season win totals. Apparently, according to Vegas, the over-under for our team is the lowest in the league, just 23.5 wins. Well, first of all, fuck them. No, I'm just kidding! But then I heard Bill took the under on our team—he said he thinks we're gonna win LESS than 23.5 games. Well, OK, Bill. You're my guy. You're a good friend. But you take it out on the Timberwolves a little too much. You need to give us a little more respect! And don't worry, that respect will be earned. We will GLADLY show you. Mark my words: we're going over 30 wins this year. GQ.com

October 26, 2010 Updates

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan Show, ESPN's Bill Simmons predicted that the Celtics will prevail in the Eastern Conference, citing a deeper bench than Miami, and an advantage in the match-ups against Orlando. Regarding the Heat, Simmons remains skeptical heading into Tuesday's night season-opener at the TD Garden. "I think there's a much better chance that it's dicey than everything goes fantastic," Simmons said of the Heat. Regarding the construct of this season's Celtics' team, Simmons points to their depth as being a big difference from last season. He specifically cited the presence of Delonte West, and how he could protect the C's if something happened to point guard Rajon Rondo. "I do think the one difference between last year's team and this year's team is they have a bench," he said, proceeding to then go on to talk about West. "I've got to say, I was shocked at how good Delonte was in the preseason … I think he's back to where he was, from what I saw." WEEI.com

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