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March 15, 2013 Updates

Bill Simmons is serving a three-day Twitter suspension after sending tweets critical of ESPN's "First Take." Simmons blasted the ESPN program for the Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless feud. He told his 2 million followers to stop watching the show and called the segment "awful" and "embarrassing." ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys on Thursday said the network declined to comment. This much is clear, however: ESPN is sending the message that nobody is exempt from its internal Twitter policies, which read: "At all times, exercise discretion, thoughtfulness and respect for colleagues, business associates and fans." Detroit Free Press

March 10, 2013 Updates

Jalen Rose explains to Bill Simmons and David Jacoby how he gets inside NBA information before everyone else does and offers a cryptic answer to Bill’s question about whether Michael Jordan’s famous flu game was a “flu game or hangover game.” YouTube

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the prestigious MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, where a senior executive of the Dallas Mavericks told me the following when I asked him about the famous "flu game": "The fact that Jordan wasn't sick that afternoon is an open secret in the NBA. Flu is a smokescreen that gives value to what he did. It's much better to say that someone is playing under the weather that saying he's feeling weak because he had few drinks the night before. (...) what Bill Simmons did with Jalen Rose, it's a question to which they both know the answer, but it is a question nobody asks. Simmons, asking that question in a network like ESPN shows why he is the best sports writer out there. (...) It is not surprising that this has not come to light before. There are certain sports brands and sponsors that don't want this to come to light. There is big money at stake. That's why the media is not giving this story any shine. The Jordan brand is worth so much. The media knows it and don't want to take risks, and Jordan's sponsors are going to protect him." Marca.com

February 9, 2013 Updates
October 18, 2012 Updates

Even though Stan Van Gundy won’t be joining ESPN’s formerly boring NBA pregame show — a development that disappointed us greatly — NBA Countdown will be getting a shot of life in another form: Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are going to be joining Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon. This is a good thing. They’ll de-vanilla the robotic proceedings with their sharp opinions and whatnot, and if all goes according to plan, we should have our first incidence of accidental cursing from Bill Simmons by mid-November. It will be a moment we’ll celebrate. And it’s a moment Simmons doesn’t sound like he’s looking forward to. SportsGrid.com

“I’m a little worried,” said Simmons, during a podcast he recorded with Rose. “Because, in this day and age, where you’re not allowed to make any mistakes whatsoever and the internet just jumps on you, I’m a little bit worried about having a live mic. I’ve been doing a podcast for five-in-a-half years, and when I cross the line, Jacobi or whomever says, ‘Hey Bill, we’re gonna edit that out, you shouldn’t have said that.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea! I shouldn’t have said that.’ I’m not gonna have that option on live television.” SportsGrid.com

October 16, 2012 Updates

Jalen Rose, whose star continues to rise at ESPN, has just been selected as the 4th member of ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” sources tell me. The deal, which came together over the weekend, will pair Rose with Bill Simmons, Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon, as ESPN makes a run at TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” The two shows don’t go head-to-head, but “Inside the NBA” is far more popular among fans. The Big Lead

Isiah Thomas was briefly in the picture to take Van Gundy’s spot, but a source says Bill Simmons favored Rose over the former Pistons point guard. A source said Simmons thought the Isiah-Magic pair might skew old with viewers, and he favored Rose, the former Fab 5 star. The Big Lead

October 10, 2012 Updates

Stan Van Gundy, the former coach of the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, was all set to join ESPN’s NBA Countdown last month. According to sources, Van Gundy and ESPN allegedly had a handshake deal, and the hope was that SVG, along with Bill Simmons, would perhaps inject some life into the struggling NBA show. And then, according to sources, NBA commissioner David Stern allegedly stepped in and prevented ESPN from hiring Van Gundy, who he has been at odds with for over a year. The Big Lead

September 29, 2012 Updates
September 13, 2012 Updates

The rumors of Bill Simmons replacing Chris Broussard on NBA countdown have grown to the point that the latter resorted to responding on his twitter account: @Chris_Broussard: Lol. This twitter stuff is crazy. I have not been fired; I still work at ESPN. The Big Lead

September 11, 2012 Updates

In the latest sign that Bill Simmons is the most powerful man at ESPN, the columnist and man behind Grantland will reportedly join ESPN’s NBA studio show this season. Simmons and former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy would replace Chris Broussard and Jon Barry, according to Sports By Brooks. However, ESPN couldn’t confirm the report when contacted on Tuesday by FishbowlLA. “We are in the process of considering all assignments for both returning and potential new commentator roles. As we’ve said before, Stan is someone we’d be interested in exploring,” said ESPN spokesman Ben Cafardo. “For Bill, same applies, we’re exploring the best ways to utilize all of our talent, including Bill, this NBA season.” Media Bistro

August 23, 2012 Updates

Bill Simmons is being strongly considered as an addition to the ESPN show, NBA Countdown, sources tell The Big Lead. Simmons, who wrote the best-selling, “Book of Basketball,” would add punch to a show that is routinely compared to TNT’s considerably more popular and successful Inside the NBA. ESPN has been searching for the right combination on Countdown for years – it used to be called NBA Shootaround – and the network believes Simmons is the missing piece. The Big Lead

July 17, 2012 Updates
July 16, 2012 Updates

Mark Cuban has taken a lot of heat this off-season for his personnel moves — or lack thereof. The Mavericks owner decided to take a few shots of his own Sunday night on Twitter. In response to a tweet ESPN’s Bill Simmons made Friday night, in which the columnist and editor-in-chief for ESPN’s Grantland.com said “Put it this way: I wasn’t crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good,” Cuban said: They (sic) next smart personnel comment you mae (sic) will be your first Dallas Morning News

May 4, 2012 Updates

ESPN, which also doesn't seem overly concerned with the matter, felt compelled to issue yet another statement this week concerning an employee who likes to gamble. (Seems to be happening a lot lately.) Here was the word from on high: Bill (Simmons) had never received a ballot before and didn't find out he had one until two-thirds of the season had passed. By that time he had made multiple MVP bets, two of which he had discussed on podcasts. He ended up withdrawing his MVP vote to avoid the perception of any conflict. Deadspin.com

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