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February 13, 2011 Updates

But if you want to hear Walton in full vein-popping rant – without a microphone in sight – ask his thoughts on Sacramento's uncertain arena situation and how it feels when a community loses its NBA franchise to another city. He lived it. He played a significant part in it, once. He seriously believes his famous foot injury was the root cause of the San Diego Clippers' relocation to Los Angeles in 1984. "The biggest failure of my professional life," Walton said. "It's the truth. If I had been able to play, the Clippers would have been a vibrant team, a dynamic team, would have had a new arena in my hometown, San Diego. It's a stain and stigma on my soul that I will never be able to cleanse." Sacramento Bee

"Instead we have a tragic sense of loss," said Walton. "San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the country, and it does not have an NBA team, an arena. What they do have is a beautiful baseball stadium that has revitalized the entire community, the city, everything that goes into it, so I've seen it work. And we've seen it around the country, with NBA teams as anchor tenants in Staples Center, Denver, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando. "Sacramento … this franchise has everything in place for success except two things: A competitive arena and mature enough players to compete against the elite. Attendance comes with a better product on the floor, and that will swing back with the development of Tyreke (Evans) and DeMarcus (Cousins)." Sacramento Bee

February 2, 2011 Updates

“I don’t worry about my legacy,” O’Neal said. “I look at it like this: There are certain guys that have legacies, and I’ve [expletive] tripled and quadrupled what the [expletive] they did, like Bill Walton. That’s how I look at it. Real talk. Everybody has a pen, so everybody’s going to say otherwise. But I know guys that got one [championship] and they got $60,000 speaking gigs off what they did 30 years ago. My legacy is straight. I don’t worry about it. Yahoo! Sports

January 28, 2011 Updates
January 6, 2011 Updates

Bill Walton encouraged Luke Walton to retire in the summer rather than risk a similar future of agony. Luke Walton refused. This is ... so hard. "No parent wants to see their child suffer and how that changes your life. Basketball is a glorious celebration of life, of health, of everything that's good, and there is no better example of that than what Shaq is going through right now with the Boston Celtics and how much the Celtics will mean to Shaq now and for rest of his life, and how much fun it's going to be on that last long run. "You want that," Bill said. "You want that for everybody, to have the end be so great, and you really want it for your children." NBA.com

Walton's father responded with a message, words from a loved one: Retire. Basketball is a passion, but it's not life. "Any parent would do everything to take pain, suffering, frustration, disappointment and loss out of their children's lives," Bill said. "I want what's best for Luke." Luke: "His concern, obviously, as my father, he doesn't want me to have it go as far as he went, where he was miserable and all that stuff that went on with him. His advice was health is more important than basketball. But I wasn't willing to live with that advice. I had to do everything I could first. I think I found a solution that will let me continue to play." NBA.com

Bill: "I don't want to see him in pain. I don't want to see the long-term ramifications." Luke admits his father encouraged him to think about the future: "And I wasn't OK with that." NBA.com

"But," Luke said, "I don't focus on those things. If that happens, that happens. I'll have to deal it with it then, down the road. But to sit around and worry about that now, lose sleep over it now, is not going to do anything for me. "So I just keep working hard and doing my exercises and my stretching. I've been doing yoga once or twice a week. Pilates. All that stuff, every week. The combination of everything has been great." NBA.com

December 29, 2010 Updates
December 24, 2010 Updates

When pressed, Maloof said definitively that Petrie and Westphal will be in their positions for the remainder of the 2010-11 season regardless of how many games the team loses. “Yes,” Maloof said. “We’re not making any moves. The answer is yes.” CBSSports.com

A person with direct knowledge of recent statements by a high-ranking member of the organization painted a different picture, telling CBSSports.com that frustration with the Kings’ 5-22 record had reached a breaking point. At one point after the Kings’ 84-79 home loss to the Bucks Thursday night, owner Gavin Maloof was overheard in the tunnel saying that the culture of the organization had to change. “It’s time to hit the reset button,” Gavin Maloof said, according to the source. CBSSports.com

October 29, 2010 Updates
September 4, 2010 Updates

MT: What’s the latest with your father? How’s he feeling these days? Luke Walton: My dad is feeling great. He’s working a few different jobs in San Diego, and having a blast doing that. He also signed on to do 10-15 (Sacramento) Kings games just for fun because he’s friends with the (team owners) Maloof’s, but I don’t think he’s going to get back to the every day grind of broadcasting. Lakers.com

August 5, 2010 Updates

Roy Hibbert has developed into a good center. Decent shooter with enough of a midrange game to make you respect it. Nice rebounder. Solid enough on defense. Bill Walton expects more of him. One of the legendary centers of the game before he became an over-the-top broadcaster, the Pacers have brought in Walton to work with Hibbert, to give him some tips and some inspiration. To push him. Of course, with Walton comes the hyperbole, as recorded at the Pacers official site. "He has to control the paint. It's not his choice, it's his responsibility, it's his duty, it's his obligation. He has to learn how to do that on an individual basis. He has to learn how to do that on a team basis. It's a matter of how hard he's willing to work not just physically but mentally, as well, and to train his mind so that in the heat of battle he can make the correct decisions that are going to allow him to become a great champion and return the Pacers to their rightful place among the hierarchy of the NBA." NBCSports.com

August 2, 2010 Updates

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