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April 7, 2015 Updates
March 13, 2015 Updates

Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King and Coach Lionel Hollins had a strong and sincere message for season ticket holders on Thursday: They are not giving up on this season, and there is a determined, unified commitment to make this team younger, more athletic and more consistent going forward. “I think it’s been a trying year for you guys and all of us," King said on a conference call with Brooklyn Chant members. “I thank you for your support, being there for us. It hasn’t been the year we wanted. We’re still in the playoff battle and trying to get there. “The overall way I look at this is, going forward, we’re going to continue to try and get more athletic." NBA.com

After Evan Roberts noted that the Nets could give up four straight lottery picks (a cheery thought), asked "when is Billy King getting fired," Woj offered up a defense of the Nets GM... Wojnarowski: "In defense of billy King, he did what ownership wanted, which was 'we dont want to build around Derrick Favors and bring in a young nucleus of guys. We want star players, we want veteran guys and we want them now. That's a hard way to win in the NBA. to say we're just going to bring in stars because that's why yuor cap number is so big, your payroll is so enormous. That's a hard way to do it. They wanted a winner instantly." NetsDaily

February 24, 2015 Updates

Still, our sources familiar with the Brooklyn front office indicate that ownership is behind the team's investment in analytics, while GM Billy King has little interest. Dating back to his time with the Philadelphia 76ers, King has consistently undervalued draft picks in favor of expensive free-agent contracts. The Nets don't own their first-round pick outright until 2019, having traded the maximum number of picks in that span to the Boston Celtics along with the right to swap picks this year (with the Atlanta Hawks) and in 2017 (with the Celtics). King infamously tossed a barely protected lottery pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, allowing the Blazers to nab Damian Lillard. ESPN.com

February 14, 2015 Updates

OBKS: Have you given any thought to the Andray Blatche… Billy King: Yeah, we’re in discussions about it. We’ve had contact with him and hopefully we’ll make a decision soon. OBKS: I’m sure your going to be busy the next few days with the trade deadline. Billy King: Yeah. The trade deadline is next Thursday so uh, we’ll work the phones. I doubt if we’ll do anything but we’re going to work the phones and if something makes sense we’ll do it. OurBKSocial

February 13, 2015 Updates

Mason Plumlee isn't whispering in Nets general manager Billy King's ear. But if he was, he'd endorse a move to bring Brooklyn legend Lance Stephenson to the Nets. Stephenson, in his first season with the Charlotte Hornets after starring at Coney Island's Lincoln High and later the Indiana Pacers, has been linked to a trade to the Nets for some time. New York Daily News

Trade talks involving Charlotte and Brooklyn restarted later last month that also involved Joe Johnson but nothing happened. "It's all speculation, though," Plumlee said to reporters on Thursday at the All-Star practice. "I could go through a lot of guys in the league you would love to play with but he gets brought up because he's a Brooklyn guy. I'm sure the city would love to have him. But he's not helping us right now." "I respect him as a player," added Plumlee. New York Daily News

February 11, 2015 Updates

In a lengthy interview with Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno (mostly Evan), Adrian Wojnarowski said that he believes Billy King's job is safe as long as Mikhail Prokhorov owns the Nets. "I think he will continue to go forward here on the job," Woj said after a lengthy answer to a Roberts question about whether the Nets GM is on "the hot seat." "The way it's been told to me is he will continue there with this ownership group." NetsDaily

February 6, 2015 Updates

King was adamant that the reports that first-year coach Lionel Hollins' job is in jeopardy are absolutely false. "I don't know where that story came from about Lionel, but it's not true," King said. ESPN.com

And so, though King concedes it's "unfortunate" that details about his trade talks have somehow gotten out -- he reportedly backed out of several three-team deals that might've sent Brook Lopez or Joe Johnson to the likes of Oklahoma City or Charlotte -- the GM insists the Nets will not be holding a "fire sale" before the NBA's non-waiver trade deadline Feb. 19. "What I have tried to do is be in constant communication, and I talk to our players all the time," King said. "Sometimes it's to say, 'Don't believe anything -- you're not going anywhere.' At other times it's been to say, 'Yeah. We've had [trade] conversations to see if anything makes sense.'" ESPN.com

King insisted he won't make a trade just to make a change. He may wait right up to the Feb. 19 deadline to decide. And it makes sense. King has tough choices to make. The oft-injured Lopez has a $16.7 million option for next season that he's expected to use. Right now, the Nets have no salary-cap room nor their own first-round pick. So how do they improve? "I think this is a playoff team," King insisted. "And more than once I've said, 'Thank God we play in the East.'" ESPN.com

February 2, 2015 Updates
January 23, 2015 Updates

Billy King Statement on Mirza Teletovic: “Our first thoughts are with Mirza and his family. We are very fortunate that our medical staff, along with the ER staff at the California Medical Center in Los Angeles, were able to diagnose the problem. I have visited with Mirza this morning and he is in good spirits as he begins his treatment and recovery. On the basketball side, we will explore all of the options available to us.” NBA.com

January 16, 2015 Updates
January 13, 2015 Updates

Chris Broussard: Nets are denying report that Mikhail Prokhorov has put the team up for sale. Quote from Nets ownership: "As we have said for many months, ownership is always open to listening to offers – that’s just good business. There is nothing imminent in terms of a sale of any stake in the team." I'm not reporting Nets not selling; I'm reporting Nets are DENYING report, specifically Brett Yormark, Barry Baum & GM Billy King. Twitter @Chris_Broussard

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