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Former Kentucky guard DeAndre Liggins was one of 31 players here at the Nets facility this week hoping to earn an invite to their summer league team in Orlando next month. Thirty-one players, thirty-one dreams. “We’re able to scout them, either in college or in Europe, so now you bring them for three days to reaffirm what you believe or prove things that you didn’t believe,” Nets GM Billy King said. “Now we’ll take some of these guys to Summer League with us. Then you get more of a chance to evaluate them beyond.” ZagsBlog.com

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As for the off-season, King smiled as he said, "I love to make trades. It's one thing I love to do. And having a coach like Jason, he knows what he needs to win now. So I said, 'I look forward to having this off-season with you because now there are guys you're going to want and we can go get, that I know you'll make them successful because you believe in them and they'll believe in you." NetsDaily

In an interview published Tuesday, Billy King recounts the process that led him to hire Jason Kidd, admitting that he was reluctant at first when "ownership" suggested Kidd as coach, then after one meeting changed his mind. King also reiterated that he now knows what kind of player Kidd wants and will be pursuing them (no names) this off-season. "One thing I knew, I wanted a leader," King told Isiah Thomas of NBA TV. "because most people look for guys (with) x's and o's. That's great, but if you can't lead, then x's and o's doesn't work. And ownership said, 'what about Jason Kidd?' And I said, 'Nah, he just finished playing. We can't hire him.' They asked 'Will you meet with him?' I said, 'Yeah, I'll meet with him.' So I'd known Jason. I liked him. I did know he's a leader and he's won everywhere. So we had our first meeting and I walked away from our first meeting and called them and said, 'He might be the one. We're going to meet again.' But I just walked away uplifted." NetsDaily

King described his thinking on the "reassignment" of Lawrence Frank, saying first priority was to make Kidd successful. "I had to make a decision, so I said, 'let's reassign him.' He does his report -- I got it this morning -- and he's helping from afar. But I believe in Jason and to give him the ability to be successful, I knew I had to make that decision." NetsDaily

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Rod Boone: Asked Billy King if he has any idea if #Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov could face sanctions from what's going on between the U.S. and Russia. King: "I follow politics, a lot of politics. But I don’t know anything about who we are putting sanctions on or who we are not." #Nets Twitter @rodboone

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Q: When did you first start having the discussions about signing Jason Collins? Billy King: "When we were putting the team together at the beginning of the season, and we needed bigs, Jason (Kidd) brought his name up, and then when we signed other guys there was not a need. Then as we were going throughout the season, Jason talked about our interior defense. When Kevin (Garnett) is out there he’s our anchor, and when he’s out, we have Mason Plumlee, who’s a rookie and he gets a lot of quick fouls, and then some of our other guys are not as good interior defenders. So, we’ve been looking for someone, and Jason (Collins)’s name had always surfaced there. We tried to do it via the trade at the deadline and couldn’t get that done. Knowing on this trip that we have a back-to-back with LA, and KG most likely may not play, the goal was that we may need to bring someone in, and with Jason being in LA, we had worked him out during the All-Star break, it was the right time and the right fit for us." NetsDaily

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