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You know who understands that? Biyombo. I spoke with him at Tuesday-morning shootaround about his minutes and role. Last season he was a starter as a rookie. This season he’s a reserve. Rather than complain, he takes this as a challenge. “I’ve got to get my game to the level it’s supposed to be,’’ Biyombo said. What must improve? “Everything – try to help the team as much as I can in the time coach is giving me,’’ Biyombo replied. “What I do is rebound and block shots. We’re trying to add little things.’’ Charlotte Observer

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Charlotte Bobcats President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins announced today that the team has exercised the third-year options on forward Bismack Biyombo and guard Kemba Walker. Biyombo was the seventh overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft and his rights were acquired by the Bobcats from Sacramento in a three-team trade that also included Milwaukee. Biyombo appeared in 63 games with 41 starts as a rookie, averaging 5.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in 23.1 minutes. He also led the team in rebounds and blocks last season. In seven preseason games this season, Biyombo has averaged 3.4 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.2 blocks. NBA.com

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Chris Littman: Didn't fit in my Kemba Walker story but here he is on Biyombo: "Me and Biz work out together a lot. That's chemistry that has to happen." Twitter

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Silas has expressed concern that Biyombo should move to power forward because he might not be big enough to hold up defending a steady diet of NBA centers. The 6-9, 245-pound Biyombo – toughest guy on this team – disagrees: “I’m a fighter, I like to fight. I prefer to be a center.” Charlotte Observer

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You're averaging 12.7 minutes per game. Another player who came to the NBA after playing in Spain, Serge Ibaka, played 18.1. Do you expect to play more after the All-Star break? Bismack Biyombo: Well, you know, when you arrive in the NBA, you expect to play a lot of minutes. I think I can help the team, but you can't control what the coach decides. He is the boss and he tells you when to play and when to stay in the bench. What I can control is improving my game every day. We can't be all day saying 'Well, the coach doesn't give me minutes,' things like that. That's an excuse. There's been some games when he had confidence in me, like the double-double I had against Orlando. I have a lot of confidence in me so good things will come. The little time that the coach gives me I have to work hard. HoopsHype

But lately the losing has become even more gruesome, with the worst loss in franchise history after getting destroyed by the Blazers in Portland. Are you guys behind coach Paul Silas? Bismack Biyombo: Yes, we believe in Silas. We have some injured players, although that is not a excuse. It's a very difficult situation. It's complicated to say that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will win. He always says that the most difficult thing is winning. He's been there, he knows how it is to be in a winning situation. Although we have injuries, we must stay optimistic, keep working. Yes, we have lost some games by a lot of points but it doesn't mean we don't care. We lose, we practice the next day and we do our best. Personally I'm impressed about how hard we're practicing. It's true that is frustrating that we're losing, but with our effort I'm sure we will win again. HoopsHype

What can you tell us about the time you played in Yemen? Bismack Biyombo: I left my country and I got there and it was another world for me. It was my first time out of my country and I missed my family and friends. My father and my brothers, they gave me the strength to succeed there and then go to Spain. I had to fight a lot ever yday, facing difficult challenges there. Things that I haven't experienced in my life. It helped me a lot to grow as a person. What kind of challenges you had to face? Bismack Biyombo: You know, there were difficulties because of my religious beliefs. I'm a Christian, and sometimes Christians and Muslims don't get along... But at the end it was a great experience. HoopsHype

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He is the eldest of seven children and speaks longingly of his brothers and sisters -- he hasn't been back to Africa since before the June NBA draft. He is the rare NBA player who doesn't like video games because he believes he has outgrown them. "I cannot play video games anymore," Biyombo said. "I'd rather look something up on the Internet and learn something. Or read a book." Charlotte Observer

Biyombo said his father was hard on him as a youth, intent on his son forging a better life. He made him take extra English classes after school, for instance. "I cannot thank my parents enough for that now," Biyombo said. "But I did not like it at the time." Biyombo mostly was a good student, he said, but was once temporarily kicked out of school for concentrating too much on basketball and not enough on schoolwork. His father went to the school and worked out a deal where Biyombo would take a summer class and return to his studies. By the time he was 14, Biyombo was good enough at basketball to be playing not only for a school team but also for a semi-pro team in the area. He was the youngest player on the pro squad and some of the other players resented him. "Guys started fighting me," Biyombo said. "Guys got fined for that. Guys got suspended for that. And I never quit. I was like 'Man, you can kick me today. You can fight me today. And the next day I'm going to come back and you'll have to fight me again. I'm coming back unless you kill me.'" Charlotte Observer

Biyombo is something of a one-man Rosetta Stone. We conducted multiple interviews in English for this story -- he speaks it fluently, just like he speaks French, Spanish and an African dialect. He translated my interview with his father, who speaks French. He also speaks French with teammate Boris Diaw and Spanish with teammate Eduardo Najera. Biyombo is an admitted neat freak who tidies his own place every day. He said he loves Charlotte for one reason above all, which he remembers every day when he walks from his uptown apartment to Time Warner Cable Arena to go to work. "Charlotte is so clean!" Biyombo said. "I keep wondering, where is all the trash? It is beautiful." Charlotte Observer

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Biyombo played a big part in Howard committing five fouls. It wasn't enough to hold off the Magic in the Bobcats' 96-89 loss at Amway Center, but it held promise for the future, concerning the springy 6-foot-9 big man from the Congo. "He played Dwight tough. He didn't just let him back it in all the way to the rim. He's my toughest player," Silas said of Biyombo, who finished with 11 points and 10 rebounds off the bench. Biyombo didn't have much to say about his big night except this about Howard: "He's strong....I'm strong, too." Charlotte Observer

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