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January 1, 2012 Updates

Charlotte media's first interaction with Biyombo, the day after the Bobcats chose him seventh overall during June, was entertaining and enlightening. Someone asked a perfunctory question about new general manager Rich Cho's interest. Biyombo's animated reply made it sound like a manhunt. "Everyone knows he was trying to move up to pick me," Biyombo said of Cho, who spent part of last season with the Portland Trail Blazers before joining the Bobcats front office. "When I first met him, he was like, 'Wow, I'm in Portland wanting to move up now!' And then he has No. 9 (in Charlotte), so he says, 'We'll pick you up.' "And then, after all my workouts, it's 'Nah-nah-nah-nah. You are not getting to nine!' So after that, they move up again." Charlotte Observer

December 20, 2011 Updates

The basic facts: Biyombo had signed a contract that would have paid him about $100,000 had he played for Fuenlabrada this season. The team clamed Biyombo owed Fuenlabrada 80 percent of his earnings, world-wide, for the foreseeable future. Bell understandably was looking to minimize what Biyombo would have to pay. So he offered a $400,000 settlement, according to a source privy to the negotiations. That only stiffened Fuenlabrada's resolve, and there was concern whether Biyombo - the No. 7 overall pick in the draft - would play for the Bobcats at this season. That's when Higgins, backed by a half-dozen attorneys, interceded. "After communicating with the agent and seeing nothing was getting done, we felt we had to take control of this process,'' Higgins told the Observer on Monday. "We invited (Fuenlabrada management) to come talk with us. We initially said we would come over there and they insisted on coming to the States, which was fine with us." Charlotte Observer

So Wednesday and Thursday of last week, Bobcats and Fuenlabrada management huddled. What Higgins first heard was stunning: Fuenlabrada expected 4 million Euros - about $5.2 million - to permit Biyombo to sign with the Bobcats. "I couldn't believe it,'' Higgins recalled. "They were steadfast on the 4 million. At that point, talks basically broke down. We knew what we could do," and that wasn't doable. Charlotte Observer

The Bobcats spared no effort trying to resolve this. Aside from their in-house attorney, Andre Walters, and general manager Rich Cho (who has a law degree) the team retained a New York law firm and a local attorney fluent in Spanish to aid in the talks. Negotiating on Biyombo's behalf, they made one last offer of about $1.5 million -- $525,000 to be paid by the Bobcats and the rest by Biyombo. That offer was rejected as the meetings with Fuenlabrada broke up Thursday. Biyombo kept sitting out practice, looking more glum by the day. Higgins began seriously considering the possibility the No. 7 pick might never play this season."I was so afraid for the kid," Higgins said. "Every time we felt like there was a clear-cut resolution, something would change. Always a different speed bump along the road." Charlotte Observer

December 19, 2011 Updates
December 16, 2011 Updates

The future of Bismack Biyombo is up in the air. The young player, picked by Charlotte Bobcats in the last NBA draft is taken hostage by Fuenlabrada who is asking €4M as buyout to let him leave for the States. Sportando

Fuenlabrada valued the player €4M: 1.2M as buyout, plus the federal rights until December 2014, plus a fine for having missed 4 games and 64 practices last season before ACB playoffs when Biyombo left to have some workouts in the States. The Spanish team is ready to negotiate a buyout to help Biyombo to leave but the NBA team are allowed to pay maximum $500.000 as buyout and the difference, in this case, should be paid by the young player. Sportando

December 15, 2011 Updates
December 3, 2011 Updates

Charlotte Bobcats rookie Bismack Biyombo believes his contract issues with a Spanish pro team won't linger beyond the start of training camp Dec. 9. "We're working on that and I expect things to be done soon," Biyombo told the Observer Friday. "It will be resolved on time. I'm pretty sure that I'll be in training camp with the rest of the guys" in a week. Charlotte Observer

December 1, 2011 Updates

Today is the first day NBA players are welcome back in team training facilities. It's unclear how many Bobcats are back in Charlotte, but Higgins said Biyombo might be here soon, despite him still being under contract to a Spanish team. The Observer reported Tuesday that Biyombo is suing that team in Spain for breach of contract. The trial is set to begin Dec,. 19, and presumably if Biyombo wins, he would be free to sign with the Bobcats. His Spanish team wants a seven-figure transfer fee before Biyombo is allowed to sign with the Bobcats. Higgins described the Biyombo contract situation as "forever evolving.'' NBA rules allow the Bobcats to pay up to $500,000 toward a transfer fee. Any more would be Biyombo's responsibility. Biyombo has said repeatedly and emphatically that he'll play for the Bobcats this season. Charlotte Observer

November 28, 2011 Updates

Some of you have been asking about Charlotte Bobcats rookie Bismack Biyombo and his contract complications in Spain. I just had a brief conversation with Biyombo's USA-based agent, Joel Bell. He said there's a civil trial scheduled for Dec. 19 in Spain. Biyombo is suing Fuenlabrada, the team Biyombo played for last season, for breach of contract. If Biyombo won that suit, he'd lkely be free of that contract and able to sign with the Bobcats. This has now become a more pressing issue, with the lockout likely to end in time for training camps and free-agency to start Dec. 9. Charlotte Observer

October 4, 2011 Updates
September 28, 2011 Updates
September 22, 2011 Updates

Bismack Biyombo on status of contract situation: I can guarantee a lot of people. There's a lot of things going on with that and we're working on that and hopefully before the season start we can get it done. I'm pretty sure [this] season I'm going to be there and I'm in my team jersey playing for Charlotte and be in the league. For sure I'll be in the league. A lot of people heard different stuff, but I guarantee people I will be in the league. We're working on the contract and everything and it'll be OK. There is no worries about it. Salt Lake Tribune

July 31, 2011 Updates

Some of you have asked me what's the significance of FIBA not clearing Bismack Biyombo to sign an NBA contract. It's about money and leverage. That Spanish team doesn't mind losing Biyombo to the Charlotte Bobcats, but they want every bit of a buyout of about $1.4 million to release him. The Spanish Federation and, by extension, FIBA is backing the team. So Biyombo and the Bobcats will eventually have to pay up to get this resolved. This is the pitfall of using high picks on International players. But as Dirk Nowitzki, the Gasol brothers and Tony Parker all demonstrate, foreigners can have huge impact on an NBA team's success. Charlotte Observer

July 30, 2011 Updates

The NBA lockout isn't the only thing keeping the Charlotte Bobcats from signing their top draft pick. FIBA, basketball's international governing body, recently declined to provide the NBA clearance to sign forward Bismack Biyombo, the Observer has learned. Biyombo, drafted seventh overall in June, is still under contract to a Spanish team and the Spanish Federation is enforcing that contract. Charlotte Observer

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