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July 30, 2014 Updates

After five years of finding himself on a couple of different NBA benches of a couple of different NBA teams, Byron Mullens has decided to take his talents to China. According to Sina.com, Mullens has officially reached a deal with the Shanxi Brave Dragons of the Chinese Basketball Association. Basketball Buddha

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Some NBA players have floated on a cloud of privilege since their early teens, lifted by their talents beyond the harsh sides of real life. The Clippers’ big man worked as a plumber to pay his way through high school and then witnessed the dark recesses of society at first hand, spending his summers behind bars, not as an inmate but as a team-mate of the prisoners of Ross Correctional Institution in Ohio, a medium-security facility which doubled as his neighbourhood practice court. Over two thousand would gather in the prison gym to see the unusual guest star. “What surprised me most,” Mullens states, “was how good these guys are." BT.com

With a taste for the unconventional, he now has his eyes fixed on an alternative summer job. In 2012, his British passport arrived in the mail, sparking a frenetic but ultimately fruitless courtship to recruit him for Great Britain’s Olympic squad. He was in, then out. Confusion reigned when he was taking part in a training game in Charlotte on the same day his no-show for London was announced. There was no misdirection, Mullens affirms. “I had a toe injury in April that year. It really messed everything up about the Olympics. It sucked not going there. But it was better for me. My son was born in August so there was no chance of me missing that.” BT.com

With his move to the Clippers in the works, he also passed on this past summer’s EuroBasket finals. 2014’s qualification campaign, he hints, may be a different tale after a recent discussion with GB coach Joe Prunty. “The question’s in the air. I talked to Joe. I’ll need to talk to my family as well.” BT.com

November 26, 2013 Updates

However, Mullens confirmed over the weekend he was still open to playing for Britain and Deng believes that goes for Gordon too. 'With any player, it’s just like any other job, the more you show them attention and show them how interested you are, the more they want to play for you,' he said. 'GB has to be in touch with these guys, and even hire somebody who can go and watch them every now and then. Daily Mail

November 22, 2013 Updates

The Thunder beat the Clippers 105-91 last night. At the end of the game Steven Adams of the Thunder tried to high-five Byron Mullens of the Clippers to say ‘good game’. The only problem for Adams was that Mullens was not interested in his high-five so had to high-five himself. Sportando

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July 20, 2013 Updates

Free-agent 7-footer Byron Mullens has reached agreement on a two-year, $2 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Mullens will hold a player's option for the second year of the deal, a source said. Yahoo! Sports

July 18, 2013 Updates

Free-agent center Byron Mullens is nearing an agreement on a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The proposed deal, which would include a player option for the 2014-15 season, is on course to be finalized late Wednesday or Thursday, sources said. Several teams had pursued Mullens, including the Los Angeles Lakers, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

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However, Mullens disregarded Aldridge's presence and took off, extended his body and flushed the one-handed jam knocking Aldridge down to the floor in the process. There was no call and all Aldridge could do was smile as he got up. If you play long enough in this league, you're going to get posterized. Still, nobody likes to go through something like that. After the game, Aldridge said it should have been a charge, but he also acknowledges that Mullens got him. “It was a charge, but he dunked on me,” Aldridge said. “He dunked on me, but I think I had 25, 13, five, and three,” Aldridge said. “So, you want to dunk on somebody or you want that?” CSNNW.com

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