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December 14, 2013 Updates
December 13, 2013 Updates

The overall cloudy Knicks picture suggests that Anthony might force his hand to make the one and only trade that's best for him this season and beyond: going to the Clippers. In that scenario, a compelling blockbuster deal that fits money-wise would be Anthony and shooting guard Iman Shumpert for Griffin, small forward Jared Dudley and center Ryan Hollins. A deal-breaker could be a future first-round pick to the Knicks. Bleacher Report

The source close to the Clippers said Sterling might see Anthony as a major financial kicker to get the Fox renewal done and improve his franchise's value, which is average for an NBA team, approaching $500 million, according to Forbes—but it's growing. Sterling would have Anthony until at least 2015, when his current contract expires. As a businessman, Sterling is trying to go toe-to-toe with the Lakers, who have an exclusive deal with Time Warner Cable SportsNet, and a finalization with FSPT would spark a financial jump. Bleacher Report

But even with CAA's tight and discombobulated foothold on the organization, another source close to the team said it should pull the trade off "in a heartbeat," because the Knicks "aren't going anywhere until 2015"—and at least with Griffin, they have a young star they can build around through 2017, which is when his contract expires. The source said the Knicks should go into rebuilding mode without Anthony, who could simply leave the Knicks in the dust. Why not prepare now? Bleacher Report

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June 20, 2013 Updates
June 18, 2013 Updates

And the revelation of how they see him as part of their possible plans exposed a new truth in recent days: the Clippers have considered the idea of trading power forward Blake Griffin. Their interest in holding onto Bledsoe is, in part, tied to the notion that they could put him in a package with Griffin to do a sign-and-trade for Lakers center and free-agent-to-be Dwight Howard. It's unclear whether the Lakers would consider the proposal if Howard decided not to re-sign with them, but it is a clear sign that the Clippers no longer see Griffin as the untouchable asset that he was once believed to be. USA Today Sports

June 16, 2013 Updates

Here’s the latest update on my report: the Lakers won’t do a sign-and-trade if Dwight Howard leaves, unless they get an offer they don’t expect for someone special. You know, like Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe. Talk about unexpected and special. To cut to the chase, the Clippers have not offered it, and, I was just told by someone with knowledge of the consternation among the Clippers, won’t. Even if was more like a notion they were toying with than a plan, I can tell you where it started. Clippers. Lakers Nation

Executives also said Saturday that a rumored sign-and-trade deal that reportedly would send center Dwight Howard from the Lakers to the Clippers for forward Blake Griffin and point guard Eric Bledsoe is not going to happen. Howard will be an unrestricted free agent July 1, and an executive with a Western Conference team said, "Either the Lakers will sign Howard or they will get cap space for 2014." Another executive said the Clippers aren't looking to move Griffin. Los Angeles Times

While the Clippers had the wistful thought of trying to arrange a sign-and-trade to acquire Dwight Howard for Bledsoe and Blake Griffin, the Lakers have flatly rejected the idea, sources said. "They'll never do it," one source with direct knowledge of the conversations told Yahoo! Sports. So far, the Lakers have rejected every possible sign-and-trade scenario for Howard, sources said. The possibility of trading him within the Staples Center is probably the least palatable scenario of all should they be forced to lose him for nothing in July and finally do agree to a sign-and-trade possibility. Yahoo! Sports

June 15, 2013 Updates
June 13, 2013 Updates

ESPN.com has also learned that the Celtics and Clippers -- in an offshoot of February's Kevin Garnett-to-L.A. trade talks -- discussed expanded trade scenarios that actually could have sent both Garnett and close friend Paul Pierce to the Clippers before the league's Feb. 21 trade deadline. Sources say that those talks, before breaking down, were centered around Boston getting back both prized Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe and young center DeAndre Jordan and did not involve Clippers star forward Blake Griffin. ESPN.com

February 16, 2013 Updates

Paul and Griffin were no strangers to the rumors as they sat down next to Garnett. "I think people are just talking," Paul said. "At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to have Kevin Garnett on their team? I talk about that guy all day, every day, his intensity to the game and how he plays the game. He's a special player. That's a guy right there that I looked up to for a long time. Me and Chauncey (Billups) are really close and he and Chauncey are really close and everything I know about him is that he's a very loyal guy." ESPN.com

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