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April 17, 2014 Updates

"He flairs his arm around so you know you might catch a random elbow or something that doesn't you know rub off too well on guys," Thompson said. "He's kind of like a bull in a china shop, kind of out of control sometimes. And then you do just see him flop sometimes like how can a guy that big and strong flop that much. "I can see how that gets under people's skin and be frustrating to play against." ESPN.com

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April 15, 2014 Updates

The interviewer asks Griffin if he really thinks the Earth is only 6,000 years old, to which Griffin replies, rather hilariously: I don't want to do the math, but somewhere around there. Now, Griffin is known to be a very witty guy who possesses a dry sense of humor, so it's entirely possible that he was just joking. We really, really hope he was joking. Deadspin.com

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April 7, 2014 Updates

Erase the name "David Stern" and the phrase "basketball reasons" from your memory bank. Grab a stack of oversized Cliff Paul heads from the State Farm commercials and hold them over your heads while marching down Santa Monica Boulevard. Move on. For some reason, it still isn't happening. "I thought the city would have embraced him," Clippers forward Blake Griffin said of Paul. "I mean, it seems like everywhere we go, people love Chris. I don't know why he would get booed at a Dodger game." Los Angeles Times

April 6, 2014 Updates

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul scored 23 points apiece, and the Los Angeles Clippers hung another rout on the Lakers, winning 120-97 Sunday to take three of four games this season from their beleaguered Staples Center co-tenants. It wasn't quite the blowout of the Clippers' previous two wins — 48 points on March 6 and 36 points on Jan. 10 — but they were easily in command as the designated home team. J.J. Redick added 15 points and DeAndre Jordan had 11 points and 12 rebounds for the Pacific Division-winning Clippers, who improved to 32-6 at home. USA Today Sports

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March 30, 2014 Updates

With just eight games remaining, including two more on the Clippers’ five-game road trip, the team is likely to exercise caution with Griffin. The Clippers clinched their third consecutive postseason berth with their victory Saturday. “I’m not sure how bad it is,” Rivers said. “I just don’t know yet. I mean, clearly if it’s something where [Powell] says, ‘It’s your call.’ Then that means no. If it’s may call then no. I want it to be the trainer’s call where he knows he can play.” NBA.com

“It scared the hell out of me because I’ve had that reaction myself and that’s a back injury,” Rivers said following the Clippers’ 118-107 win over the Houston Rockets Saturday. “They don’t think it’s awful.” Griffin left the game with 5:49 left in the first quarter and did not return. Rivers said the MVP candidate and Clippers’ leading scorer is day-to-day with lower back spasms. Griffin, who has started all 74 games this season and has missed just two games since making his NBA debut in 2010-11, was injured as the flashed into the paint in front of Rockets second-year forward Donatas Motiejunas. He got bumped in the lower back, took a step forward, grabbed at his back and slowly dropped to his knees a step or two beyond the 3-point line. NBA.com

March 27, 2014 Updates

In Griffin’s first two years in the league, more than 67 percent of all his shot attempts were within three feet of the hoop. This year, that number has dropped all the way down below 60 percent. He has proportioned his shot selection to 43 percent of his attempts coming from outside the paint and knocking down a mid-range 15-18 foot jumper at a clip of slightly over 40 percent. HoopsHype

Not only has Griffin increased his ability to isolate and finish on his own, he also is one of the most underrated passers in the league. When Griffin drives and kicks the Clippers are averaging 1.429 points per possession. That is a ridiculous number. That means if every possession in a Clippers game was a Blake Griffin drive and kick, the Clippers would be averaging 142.9 points per game. So if anyone ever tells you, “Blake Griffin can only dunk.” Please just calmly walk away as some arguments are too ridiculous to even have. HoopsHype

March 24, 2014 Updates

Finally giving us an answer to the age-old question “What if NBA stars Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan got together with everyone from Danielle Fishel to the cast of The League to Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation, and the whole lot of them sat down at long, mismatched, fold-out tables to do a live-read of the script for the 1996 cinematic classic, Space Jam?,” Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan got together last night with everyone from Danielle Fishel to the cast of The League to Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation, and the whole lot of them sat down at long, mismatched, fold-out tables to do a live-read of the script for the 1996 cinematic classic, Space Jam. And it turns out the answer is: I will like it. Uproxx

Griffin's carved out a niche for himself in pop culture because of his sense of humor. Using a mix of sarcasm, self-deprecation and sophistication, Griffin has become the go-to NBA player whether it's a funny commercial, an internet sketch or even a movie cameo. Neal Brennan, co-creator of "Chappelle's Show" on Comedy Central, is a stand-up comedian, writer and director. He's also a friend of Griffin's. "I would never, I mean ... I don't (say) people are funny who aren't funny. It means too much to me," Brennan said. "And he's funny." Orange County Register

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