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March 5, 2014 Updates

0ne0f0ne's unique designs, which are priced at upwards of $20,000, feature architectural materials that are then molded through a layered process that involves mill or laser-cut machines, surfacing, applied acids for color and tone, and then blending them together to tell a story. Currently, 0ne0f0ne is working on art pieces for DeAndre Jordan and Dorell Wright, with a vision from each. The company's NBA first was a four-month project for Blake Griffin, which he posted on his Instagram account and is now on a wall in his L.A. pad. Crafted with mainly walnut and copper—representing Griffin's hair color—0ne0f0ne constructed a piece portraying the L.A. skyline and coast, the city's major highways and intersections in downtown, a perspective of the Staples Center, his rookie year short chart with pegs for all of his dunks, and a representation of the state of Oklahoma, where he is from. Bleacher Report

February 14, 2014 Updates
February 13, 2014 Updates

Blake on his future in the dunk contest "I haven't retired officially. It isn't something I’ll never, ever do again. But for right now, I try to take my rest when I can. And this year I really wanted that Saturday night rest. So not this year." ESPN.com

It wasn’t until 1991 that Jordan, then 28, won the first of his six titles, so, rough as it has been for Griffin, it’s early. “It’s definitely been a roller coaster,” Griffin says. “I wasn’t really prepared for what happened that first season, how everything just kind of blew up. "Then on top of that I wasn’t prepared for what was coming next. It was almost like an immediate 180, from all these people saying I can do this, this, this and that. And then, seemingly everybody saying I can’t do this, this and that. “And to this day it seems to me like all I hear about is what I can’t do.” Forbes.com

February 8, 2014 Updates

Don't expect to see Blake Griffin in any future dunk contests. The Los Angeles Clippers' star forward said Saturday he understood why Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard wanted to become the first player in history to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge, Skills Challenge, 3-point contest, slam dunk contest and the All-Star Game, but said he'll just stick to the All-Star Game moving forward. "I wouldn't say it was a mistake [in 2011] because it was a great experience, but it's something I would never do again," Griffin said. "For me, All-Star Weekend is about getting a chance to rest as much as anything. With the All-Star Game alone you still have obligations almost all day Friday and you have some kind of an event Friday night and Saturday's practice and appearances. Saturday night for me now has become the time where I hang out with my family and hang out with my friends and take it easy." ESPN.com

Blake Griffin’s multiyear global deal with automaker Kia came out of a conversation Messler had with the Los Angeles Clippers power forward about what he thought he might do at the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend dunk contest. Griffin mentioned to Messler that he was thinking about jumping over a car. Since Kia was a sponsor of the NBA, Messler approached Kia with the idea of Griffin jumping over a Kia Optima. Then she asked Griffin if he thought he could do it. “He said, ‘Get the measurements of the car and I’ll let you know,’” Messler recalled. “So Kia sent me the measurements. I think the first time I called them, they thought I was crazy.” Sports Business Daily

In the case of Blake Griffin, it has meant vaulting himself into the MVP conversation and into the superstar status he may have held because of his dunks and commercials but can now rightfully claim behind a well-rounded, dominant game that has unquestionably made him one of the top players in the NBA. "I expected greatness," Rivers said when asked his expectation for Griffin. "But he's done things we didn't know he could do as well, and clearly we're taking advantage of him in the open court with the ball. That's something we didn't know he could do and now we know he can do. We'll be better when Chris comes back because we'll have two guys now that you can outlet the ball to and that makes us really good as far as in our transition game." ESPN.com

February 2, 2014 Updates

Turkoglu, 34, has played on six teams. He’s been to Finals. He’s been the focal point of an offense, a sixth man, a role player and a point forward. Turkoglu’s experience is what makes him valuable to the Clippers and it’s why he has earned the respect of his teammates. “I forget how many teams he’s played on and everything he’s been through,” Blake Griffin said. “He was telling me a little bit about when he played for Sacramento with that team and throughout the years when he was with Orlando and Dwight [Howard]. He’s been on a lot of different teams and he’s played well and played kind of different roles in a sense on each team. He commands respect automatically from his experience.” NBA.com

“He’s comfortable in his position and his role,” Griffin said. “We’re going to lean on him to do even more than that, I think. The faster he gets into shape, nobody’s rushing him because we obviously understand the situation, but he’s going to be good for us.” Added Rivers: “I think Hedo will be earlier than [Brown]. He was in shape and working out and playing basketball. Hedo’s helped us already. You sign any of those guys. If somebody helps you win one game in the Playoffs, they’re worth it.” NBA.com

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January 22, 2014 Updates
January 19, 2014 Updates

For the first time in nearly five years, David West was kicked out of an NBA game. At the end of the first half of Saturday's win over the Los Angeles Clippers, 106-92, West extended an elbow to the head of Blake Griffin. West was initially issued a Flagrant Foul 1 but when officials reviewed the play, the call was escalated to a Flagrant Foul 2 which meant an automatic ejection from the game. "I just kind of got my arm locked," West said. "I was a little frustrated but I just lost my head for a little second." Indianapolis Star

January 16, 2014 Updates
January 14, 2014 Updates

A general manager who has one of those three players [LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, David West] said he has not been contacted by the Clippers about dealing for his power forward, nor has he heard that the Clippers have expressed an interest in moving Griffin. Nor does the GM expect they will, for one particular reason: the owner. "Sterling is not going to do anything with Blake because he’s terrified they're going to say, 'See, you screwed it up again,'" the GM said. "Donald understands dunks and star power, not spacing the floor.” Bleacher Report

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