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May 3, 2013 Updates

"The greatest joy for me is to reward this fan-base," Myers, a former agent and native of nearby Alamo who is in his second season at the front-office helm, told USA TODAY Sports afterward. "They deserve to see a successful product. They deserve to see playoff games. To get to the playoffs was meaningful personally, because this is the team I grew up rooting for and wanted to see get back on track." But that finish. That wild, helter-skelter finish. "At the end of the game, what I kept thinking was, 'You came this far, for the team more than me, and the coaching staff and the trainers, to come that far and not complete it would have been very, very hard," Myers said. "I'm happy it worked out the way it did. USA Today Sports

April 29, 2013 Updates
March 9, 2013 Updates

General manager Bob Myers said he had cordial talks with Jackson daily about who might fit and reiterated that it didn’t make any sense to bring in a player to sit on the bench. There was some talk about guards Maalik Wayns and Chris Douglas-Roberts, forwards Josh Childress, Dominic McGuire and Chris Wright and center Mickell Gladness. But the Warriors agreed that Thomas was the right guy, because he’s a defense-first wing who is athletic enough to finish in transition – some of the very attributes the Warriors lost when Brandon Rush tore his anterior cruciate ligment in the season’s second game. San Francisco Chronicle

March 7, 2013 Updates
February 21, 2013 Updates
February 13, 2013 Updates

Anything you would do would likely require breaking up that core, right?: “Well, we can do anything, really. We can make lateral moves, moves to improve the team, moves to save money, moves to spend money. … We can do a variety of things.” You can go further into the luxury tax?: “Yeah, we can, if it makes sense for us. There are no orders from ownership that say, ‘This is the line we’ve drawn. Don’t go over it.’ There’s no edict saying, ‘You’re not allowed to do A, B or C.’” San Francisco Chronicle

December 19, 2012 Updates
December 13, 2012 Updates

In the end, the Warriors showed confidence in Curry and his ankle by offering a four-year extension paying $44 million on deadline day. "Clearly because of his injury there was more risk there," Myers said. "To not acknowledge that wouldn't be right. With him, the thinking was from ownership on down that if you were going to bet on a player this was the type of player you bet on because of his character and because of his talent." Yahoo! Sports

November 30, 2012 Updates

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, in the wake of the controversy surrounding Andrew Bogut's left ankle surgery, fell on the sword. "I know it's being perceived that it was mishandled and not handled appropriately," Myers said during the pregame show on "Chronicle Live." "Ultimately, that rests on my shoulders. ... Ultimately, the last thing I want to do, or anybody in the organization wants to do, is deceive the fans. So the fact that some people feel that way, I feel really bad about that." Oakland Tribune

Can you see how fans may feel deceived? Bob Myers: “Absolutely. I can absolutely see that and I understand their position and feel terrible about that. If there was blame to be laid on how this was communicated, that blame ultimately rides with me as the general manager of this organization. As the general manager of this organization, I know it’s being perceived that it was mishandled and not handled appropriately. Ultimately that rests on my shoulders. Not (co-owner) Joe Lacob, not anybody in the organization but myself. Again, in these situations, there is a process involved and, ultimately, the last thing I want to do or anybody in the organization wants to do, is deceive the fans. So the fact that some people feel that way, I feel really bad about that. … That rests on my shoulders. It’s something we’ll work through and get the trust of those fans back. Contra Costa Times

Will he require any more surgery before he gets back out there? You know what, I’ve already messed up one message (laughs) … I don’t think so. I’d be very surprised. But again, I’m not sure. I don’t think so. That’s the best I can tell you. I’d be very surprised if it required anything beyond what’s already took place. I hope that answers the question. Contra Costa Times

Are you at all nervous that we won’t see him this season? I think he’ll play this season. Beyond that, I’ll leave it at when Andrew’s ready and the doctors say he’s ready to go, he’ll play. But my days of prognostication, I’m not sure that anybody wants to even hear what I would speculate on at this point. But, again, the process will be (based on) Andrew and the medical staff — which is how it always has been and will be. When they decide he’s ready to go, he’ll play. I’ll be very excited when that day happens. I can’t tell you how much I want him to be out there. And the good story is … we’re doing pretty well. I like the direction the team’s going and I think he’ll only help us. I really do think he’ll help us as we move forward. It’s unfortunate that I can’t sit here and talk about we’re 8-6 and our rookies are playing great. Like I told somebody, if a mistake was made by myself I apologize. But let this be the mistake rather than maybe not drafting the right guy or making a mistake that affects the performance of what’s going on. Contra Costa Times

November 20, 2012 Updates

A number of NBA GMs -- including the Celtics’ Danny Ainge, the Jazz’s Kevin O’Connor, Bulls’ Gar Forman, the Warriors Bob Myers and the Blazers Neil Olshey -- were in attendance. Overall, they are seeing the same phenomenon here that they are seeing everywhere. This is a down season, talent wise, in the NCAA. “If Cody Zeller, Shabazz Muhammad, Nerlens Noel and James McAdoo are your top four picks, it’s going to be an ugly, ugly draft.” Other than McAdoo, I couldn’t find a scout or GM convinced there was another first-round prospect here. If Kabongo plays, that could be two. But that explains, in part, why the field is so weak. ESPN.com

September 26, 2012 Updates

For 14 years, he was a prominent member of Arn Tellem’s team of agents, most recently under the auspices of the Wasserman Group. He spent many draft nights wringing his hands and trying to get answers from teams. “A lot of times on the agent’s side, I would get frustrated if I couldn’t get an answer from teams, recognizing that you can’t be totally transparent with an agent, but you can give them information and not mislead them,” Myers said. “I was sympathetic when I got these calls because I knew what it was like to sit at that table with the player and six other family members at the draft, and have them all looking at you and not having any idea where you stand. It’s brutal. So I tried to give agents some kind of information. I knew what they were going through.” Sporting News

Both Babby and Myers have required on-the-job training, and both have been aided by other front-office members who have different areas of specialization. But the transitions for both have been smooth—certainly, when it comes to negotiations and contracts, former agents are the ideal candidates for general managers’ jobs. And considering the amount of power some agents wield in the industry, it helps to know how to speak to them. “I think it helps you as a team when you are able to be up front and maintain good relationships with player agents,” Myers said. “I used to tell teams, when I was an agent, ‘Yes is the best answer, no is the second best answer.’ Because, ‘Maybe,’ doesn’t do anything for me. I try to treat agents now the way I wanted to be treated, and that, I think, helps.” Sporting News

August 15, 2012 Updates

Warriors general manager Bob Myers knew right away that what he had said didn’t quite come out right. Myers was asked a couple of weeks back what he thought of the Warriors’ offseason and how the team might fare heading into 2012-13. Myers answered by saying that he thought the Warriors had upgraded their talent level considerably, and that he shared as much with coach Mark Jackson in a phone conversation a couple of days before. Myers said he told Jackson …“You’ve got something to work with,” and that it was “up to (the coaching staff) to go forward with this group.” Myers went further and said: “I don’t know what your guys’ opinions are, but I don’t think it’s unfair to ask to go forward and do well with this group of players.” CSNBayArea.com

But his comments blew up a little bit, and many interpreted them to mean: If the Warriors don’t make the playoffs, Jackson will get fired. Of course, that’s not exactly what Myers said. Then again, Myers knew that what he said didn’t quite sound right when he read it in print. So, he picked up the phone again and called Jackson. “Yeah, I know. I agree,” said Myers, when told that it sounded like he was putting pressure on Jackson with the statement. “I called Mark afterward. We’re all under pressure. When I called Mark, it was more about the way I said what I said. It was like ‘We all have something to work with now. We feel like we have a roster we can work with. I feel like we do; you feel like we do.’ “(Jackson) didn’t take it in the context of: You better make the playoffs. I know that. I told him it’s being reported in this light. He said: ‘I’ve got no problem with that. I understand.’ He also said: ‘I want to win and the thinking is, give me a roster where I have some accountability rather than having a roster where nobody thinks we can compete.’” CSNBayArea.com

Myers and Jackson ended up having a laugh over the subject, but it does hammer home one theme with the Warriors: Expectations are already high for the start of next season. And that’s the silver lining that Myers has found in this whole little mini-misunderstanding/controversy. CSNBayArea.com

August 13, 2012 Updates

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