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June 19, 2013 Updates

Marcus Thompson: "We'd love to have a pick," GM Bob Myers said in pre-draft talk with media (going on right now) Twitter @gswscribe

June 9, 2013 Updates
May 21, 2013 Updates

"I think that sense of desperation has passed," Myers said. "I think that whereas when you're trying to do anything to get over the hump you do sometimes chase things that may be difficult to acquire. Whereas now, doesn't mean we're satisfied, it doesn't mean we think our work is through, but we can be prudent and patient with opportunities as they come along." NBA.com

May 20, 2013 Updates
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May 3, 2013 Updates

"The greatest joy for me is to reward this fan-base," Myers, a former agent and native of nearby Alamo who is in his second season at the front-office helm, told USA TODAY Sports afterward. "They deserve to see a successful product. They deserve to see playoff games. To get to the playoffs was meaningful personally, because this is the team I grew up rooting for and wanted to see get back on track." But that finish. That wild, helter-skelter finish. "At the end of the game, what I kept thinking was, 'You came this far, for the team more than me, and the coaching staff and the trainers, to come that far and not complete it would have been very, very hard," Myers said. "I'm happy it worked out the way it did. USA Today Sports

April 29, 2013 Updates
March 9, 2013 Updates

General manager Bob Myers said he had cordial talks with Jackson daily about who might fit and reiterated that it didn’t make any sense to bring in a player to sit on the bench. There was some talk about guards Maalik Wayns and Chris Douglas-Roberts, forwards Josh Childress, Dominic McGuire and Chris Wright and center Mickell Gladness. But the Warriors agreed that Thomas was the right guy, because he’s a defense-first wing who is athletic enough to finish in transition – some of the very attributes the Warriors lost when Brandon Rush tore his anterior cruciate ligment in the season’s second game. San Francisco Chronicle

March 7, 2013 Updates
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February 13, 2013 Updates

Anything you would do would likely require breaking up that core, right?: “Well, we can do anything, really. We can make lateral moves, moves to improve the team, moves to save money, moves to spend money. … We can do a variety of things.” You can go further into the luxury tax?: “Yeah, we can, if it makes sense for us. There are no orders from ownership that say, ‘This is the line we’ve drawn. Don’t go over it.’ There’s no edict saying, ‘You’re not allowed to do A, B or C.’” San Francisco Chronicle

December 19, 2012 Updates
December 13, 2012 Updates

In the end, the Warriors showed confidence in Curry and his ankle by offering a four-year extension paying $44 million on deadline day. "Clearly because of his injury there was more risk there," Myers said. "To not acknowledge that wouldn't be right. With him, the thinking was from ownership on down that if you were going to bet on a player this was the type of player you bet on because of his character and because of his talent." Yahoo! Sports

November 30, 2012 Updates

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, in the wake of the controversy surrounding Andrew Bogut's left ankle surgery, fell on the sword. "I know it's being perceived that it was mishandled and not handled appropriately," Myers said during the pregame show on "Chronicle Live." "Ultimately, that rests on my shoulders. ... Ultimately, the last thing I want to do, or anybody in the organization wants to do, is deceive the fans. So the fact that some people feel that way, I feel really bad about that." Oakland Tribune

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