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You're bad ass NBA player Tony Parker ... but you're French National Team just BLEW the Olympics and walked away in 6th place ... what do you do? Party your face off with $20,000 worth of booze ... that's what. It all went down at Chinawhite Nightclub in London ... San Antonio Spurs studs Tony Parker and Boris Diaw rolled in with their French team Thursday night ... a mere 24 hours after losing to Spain and sealing their elimination from medal contention. TMZ.com

Parker, Diaw and the rest of Team Frenchy popped multiple bottles of Cristal and a magnum-sized Veuve Clicquot ... along with other effective libations. And they didn't party alone ... sources tell us several members of Germany's women's volleyball team were kickin' with the baskeballers. When it came time to pay the bill, we're told the honor went to Boris Diaw ... who even left a $2,000 tip. TMZ.com

July 12, 2012 Updates

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they re-signed forward Boris Diaw. Per club policy details of the contract were not released. “Boris was a key addition to our team late last season and we are happy to have him back,” Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said. “The depth of his game and his basketball IQ make him a special player.” NBA.com

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Tony Parker, the Spurs’ All-NBA point guard, thinks he got a hint of Diaw’s thinking a few days ago when he discovered his longtime friend was not in the guest house at his residence. The guest house has been Diaw’s home since he signed with the Spurs in March after negotiating a contract buyout with the Bobcats. “Right now all his stuff is at my house,” Parker said after spending a day with youngsters attending the Spurs’ basketball camp at the University of the Incarnate Word on Monday. “He left without notice and left all his stuff.” San Antonio Express-News

Parker admits he has lobbied Diaw to return to the Spurs but understands the difficulty of the decision, both for the club and his friend. “Obviously, he would love to stay,” Parker said. “He likes it here in San Antonio. It’s going to depend. There’s so many guys on our team — Timmy, Danny Green, Patty Mills — we’ve got a lot of different (free agent) guys, but I trust their judgment.” San Antonio Express-News

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But with the Spurs, Diaw’s deep shooting has been a salvation. His 61.5 percent 3-point shooting is the best on the team during the regular season. It’s still not that Diaw is their first option, but he’s more and comfortable if asked to hit from long range. “I’m just working more on my threes than I have in the past,” Diaw said. “But it’s definitely one part of the game now days, the power forwards have to be a threat on 3-point line. It helps to spread out the game.” San Antonio Express-News

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Diaw, who grabbed a playoff career-high 12 rebounds, did his best to keep Griffin from getting close enough to the basket to dunk. “Well, it's not easy, of course,” Diaw said. “Everybody knows him, the way he's playing. He's very athletic, so I try to take some stuff away from him. The main thing with him is to try and keep him outside the paint because as soon as he's in the paint, he can dunk from anywhere. So try to keep him out.” San Antonio Express-News

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Diaw at 15 was tall and raw and the son of Elisabeth Riffiod, one of France's greatest female basketball players when he arrived at school. Parker, one month younger, was already a well-known entity in French hoop circles. "Everybody was talking about this 15-year-old kid who was playing in Paris," Diaw said. "I had already heard the stories. I wouldn't say he was a legend. But he was already above the pack back then." They became fast friends, the whippet-like guard who idolized Michael Jordan and the taller, stronger forward who grew up a fan of Magic Johnson. "I guess I patterned myself after Magic," Diaw said. "I was always going to be tall. I could see over everyone. I liked to pass. I guess you try to play like who you see. I guess it was subconscious. Really, I was just playing. That's what we all were doing -- just playing." NBA.com

"When Pop said that Boris was in the starting five it felt like a dream," Parker said. "Growing up and going to high school together, both dreaming about the NBA, I never thought I would ever be in the starting five with him and with the Spurs, the best team in the NBA. "It's not every day you can play with one of your best friends on an NBA team and be starting and can be trying to win an NBA championship. It's a great experience and hopefully we can go very far this year. "Definitely, there are a lot of French journalists, a lot of stories about us. They have been following us for a long time, because we have been together on the national team for a long time." NBA.com

March 31, 2012 Updates

Another report concerning Nash's future surfaced Friday out of the Big Apple, when NY Post basketball scribe Peter Vecsey wrote that Nash is furious with Phoenix brass over their failure to actively pursued former Sun Boris Diaw, who was cut by Charlotte and signed by San Antonio last week. Nash took the time following Friday's practice to address Vecsey's article. "It's the first I've heard of it. Obviously, I'd love to have Boris on the team but I never talked to anybody in New York," Nash said. Arizona's Sports Page

March 30, 2012 Updates

For the first time in a long time, if not forever, Steve Nash may be fed up enough to leave the Suns and continue his Hall-of- Fame-bound career elsewhere next season. A person very familiar with the mood of the unrestricted free agent, got that distinct feeling from the NBA’s assist assassin. He strongly suspects Nash might have been pushed over the edge by management’s alleged apathetic pursuit of free agent Boris Diaw for the team’s final 18 games. Nash absolutely wanted to reunite with Diaw and vigorously recruited him. No disrespect to Grant Hill, but the veteran Frenchman is as close to being on the maestro’s savoir faire wavelength as anyone he ever has shared the ball with. New York Post

Nash deeply desired a confirmed playmaker to make things easier for him and the Suns. The problem was, a team insider asserted, team president Lon Babby was against revisiting the past, a message, if not in words, Diaw received loud and clear from his agent Doug Neustadt following conversations with owner Robert Sarver and Babby. Babby refuted my information. He said the Suns simply were beat out by the (second best-in-the-west) Spurs, who had the long-time French national relationship of Tony Parker going for them. “We spoke with Boris’ agent in a timely fashion to express our interest and were told he had decided to go to San Antonio,” Babby said in an email. New York Post

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