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But Diaw’s dream was dashed in Atlanta, where Woodson employed heavy isolation sets and the ball stagnated. It’s a great system when you have a transcendent scorer and leader to whom teammates will defer. It’s not so pretty when Al Harrington or Antoine Walker are jacking up jumpers to their hearts’ content. Diaw’s game suffered. Parker called almost every day to console his friend. “He went to Atlanta and it was not a good fit for him, because they don’t play as a team, and he’s a team player,” Parker said. “For you to see Boris at a high level and to appreciate his game, he needs to play with unselfish guys. So it was very hard for him in the beginning. I just told him to stay positive, and hopefully something good will happen.” Grantland

Silas was a popular figure, having already coached the franchise from 1998 to 2003. As a player, he’d won two championships in Boston and one in Seattle. “We initially had a good relationship,” Silas said of Diaw. “When I got the job, I talked to him about where he came from and what he wanted to do. I asked him did he want to be an All-Star and he said, ‘Not really.’ It didn’t upset me, but I wondered why he would say that.” Grantland

Diaw considered his two most viable options. “I was thinking of going to Boston, or coming here, and I was wooed before Boston split up, so that was when Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were still there,” Diaw said. “It was definitely weighing in the balance that Tony was here and I would come to familiar faces, and I felt the team was fitting me most. And I felt like I knew the team, I knew where it was going, because I’ve been friends with Tony all these years, and so I knew the way they were functioning inside this team.” Grantland

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It wasn't quite every time, but Diaw had his hands in enough plays to impact the outcome for the second consecutive game. The 32-year-old almost had a triple-double with eight points, nine rebounds and nine assists in San Antonio's 107-86 Game 4 victory at the Miami Heat, helping the Spurs to a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. "You know, Boris pretty much does the same thing every night as far as helping us be a smarter team, at both ends of the floor," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "He knows what's going on most all the time. At the offensive end he's a passer. He understands mismatches. He knows time and score. At the defensive end, he knows when to help. He's active. "So he just helps the whole team have a better IQ." USA Today Sports

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Shooting. Posting up. Passing. Rebounding. Even, if necessary, defending LeBron James with a surprising degree of success, as was the case in last year’s Finals. Just about anything the Spurs ask him to do, Diaw usually delivers. Indeed, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said he’s still getting a handle on the Frenchman’s capabilities even after coaching him for more than two years. “Boris is really unique,” he said. “He’s a really talented player with a lot of skills. He’s a real versatile player. I think I’m just learning how to use him in various situations. But he’s had a wonderful playoff run and this is the best basketball I’ve ever seen him play.” San Antonio Express-News

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Boris Diaw may leave JSA Bordeaux where he returned since 2010 as president. Diaw grew up in Bordeaux and decided to return there in 2010 to help the team. The French forward of the Spurs has played with Bordeaux during the NBA Lockout averaging 12.9 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 7 games. The team was relegated in NM1 (third division) in 2013 and ended the season in tenth position. Diaw is reportedly ending his investments in the French Team which is facing big financial problems. Sportando

Diaw — so often mocked in the past for his pear-shaped physique — was huge in all the right ways in the closeout game. He had 26 points on eight of 14 shooting, and his presence continued to allow the Spurs to space the floor by bringing Thunder big man Serge Ibaka out on the perimeter. "We ran some things for Manu, some things for Boris and some things for Timmy," Popovich said. "A lot of guys came through. ... Boris was fantastic all night long; he was really good on both ends of the court." USA Today Sports

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