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April 23, 2014 Updates

Jeff Green: He was a volume scorer and shooter on a bad team, with two more years at $9.2 million each — the second not guaranteed — left on his contract. He’s eminently available if there’s a contender who believes Green can fit in as a third or fourth guy. Boston Herald

April 20, 2014 Updates

At the February trade deadline, the Celtics stood pat and Ainge said that they felt no pressure to force anything partly because they can fall back on those assets. He said his thinking along those lines hasn’t changed much. “We’ve got to do good deals,” Ainge said. “We can’t force things to happen. Yeah, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m just as intrigued as anybody else. I have some ideas as do all the guys on my staff. We’ll sit down and see what’s realistic and have conversations with other teams in preparation for the offseason, but none of us know what’s going to happen.” Boston Globe

Does Grousbeck’s “fireworks” comment make Ainge push harder to make something happen? “No, listen, I know Wyc and I love working with him,” Ainge said. “We all care about the Celtics fans and our fan base and our partners and our players and our coaches — everybody wants to win and be a championship contender every year. “Wyc knows that we’re sitting in a good situation. We just have to be working to explore every opportunity that we can. I think we’re all excited for the possibilities, and yet I think Wyc is rational and when it comes down to it, he’ll only do deals that he likes.” Boston Globe

It can be easy to look back on the 2007 deal and assume that adding another MVP-caliber player will again transform the Celtics into contenders. Ainge said that isn’t so. “Listen, I’m grateful we were able to do that deal,” he said, “but that deal was unique in so many ways. In one way [we were] getting quality players that still had a lot left in the tank in Ray and KG — as they’ve proven — [along with] keeping Paul. But the fact [is] that they complemented each other so well. Their games, they all needed each other. You had Ray, who was a catch-and-shoot guy. You had Paul, who was sort of a go-to guy. You had KG, who was defense, rebound, unselfish, the consummate team guy. The pieces fit so perfectly. That’s a big part of it, too. It’s not just talent.” Boston Globe

April 17, 2014 Updates
April 16, 2014 Updates

Danny Ainge: “It was a long season — I guess not that long — but it was a tough, tough year, and I saw a lot of positive things from individuals. I thought our team gave good effort most nights. I think consistency was our biggest challenge, and I don’t think the team was a great fit, great mix, but individually I like what I saw in almost every player. I just feel like we didn’t have the size inside to protect the rim. I thought that was a big factor that cost us a lot of games. And we didn’t finish a lot of games down the stretch.” WEEI.com

Danny Ainge: “I think we started the season out very concerned with the personnel. I thought Vitor [Faverani] gave us some size at times; his injury hurt us some there. He was a rookie and playing inconsistent, but showing signs of being a presence inside. I think all the way up the trade deadline we looked at opportunities to make our team better, but we wouldn’t sacrifice draft picks to make us better for just this year. But we look for opportunities to make our team better in the longterm.” WEEI.com

April 13, 2014 Updates
April 11, 2014 Updates

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck suggested last month that the Celtics had potential for fireworks this offseason given Boston's pile of assets (draft picks, tradable contracts, trade exceptions) and Ainge has said he hopes the team can light up the summer sky with moves to restore Boston to contender status. "I’m going to try to blow off some fireworks, but I have to be patient as well and we have to make sure that we don’t do deals just to do deals," Ainge said Thursday during his weekly call to Boston sports radio 98.5 the Sports Hub. "We have to do the right deals. Those are a lot harder than most people think or believe or understand. I’m not making any promises, we have a busy summer ahead of us, and there's a lot of different directions we could go." ESPN.com

March 20, 2014 Updates
March 15, 2014 Updates

Appearing on the March 15th edition of Celtics Beat, Deveney stated flat out that Boston is and was never looking to deal Rondo: “They don’t want to trade Rajon Rondo. You trade Rajon Rondo, you need to get another star player back because if you want to sign somebody in 2015, who’s going to come [to Boston] and sign?” Deveney told CLNS Radio “A lot of the rumors that have come up regarding Rajon Rondo have just been baseless. They’ve come from other teams or other agents or things like that. As far as I know, and talking to people who know Rondo pretty well, he wants to finish the job in Boston...He looks at this as a real challenge. He kind of came in as that fourth guy behind the Big Three, well he wants to be the big guy now. He wants to be part of whatever the next Big Three in Boston is and because of that I do think he sticks around. CLNS Radio

Deveney states that Rondo could technically be had, but it'd have to be a very favorable trade for the franchise. "Now that’s going to come down to whether the Celtics get a trade offer that knocks their socks off and they wind up dealing him. But they aren’t out there trying to trade him...and he doesn’t want to go. So because of that, I do think he’ll stick around and he’ll sign a long-term deal in 2015." CLNS Radio

March 14, 2014 Updates
March 9, 2014 Updates

While Keith Bogans is listed as a pending free agent, he has two more nonguaranteed years on his contract with the Celtics, making his deal very attractive to trade this summer. Since the additional two years, at $5 million-plus, are nonguaranteed, a team could acquire Bogans and then waive or release him without financial repercussions. That’s the only reason the Celtics have allowed the veteran guard to leave the team without releasing him for his roster spot. He is not expected to return this season . Boston Globe

March 2, 2014 Updates

A better season than he expected when he expressed disappointment at being traded here from the Nets. “I just hope the fans didn’t take offense to me saying I didn’t want to be here as a part of me saying I didn’t want to be a part of them or the organization,” Wallace said. “My main thing was the rebuilding process. I didn’t want to go through a whole rebuilding process where you’ve got to start all over 13 years into my career. It was nothing toward them.” Boston Herald

March 1, 2014 Updates

Rajon Rondo skipped the Celtics’ game in Sacramento to stay back in Los Angeles and celebrate his 28th birthday with family and friends. He wasn’t supposed to play against the Kings, the second game in two nights, but that still tells you how Rondo is viewing this whole rebuilding phase in Boston. If Isiah Thomas gets the Pistons’ GM job, he’ll try like anything to get Rondo, a former high school teammate of Josh Smith who would be a vast improvement over Brandon Jennings. New York Daily News

February 24, 2014 Updates

A Western Conference GM pointed out something else important as well: The new CBA has shorter max lengths for contracts (four to sign another team's free agents; five to re-sign your own). Those shorter deals are less attractive to trade for. "Jeff Green is only under contract for one year [before his player option]," the GM texted, referring to the Celtics' veteran forward. "Expiring contracts used to get contracts [in trades] for three to five years. That was worth a first." NBA.com

February 21, 2014 Updates
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How bright is Boston's history? Well, the first 19 players in the list won NBA titles with the team.

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