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January 20, 2015 Updates

Clippers coach Doc Rivers admitted again that a prime reason he left the same job with the Celtics is that he simply wasn’t up for the process the club is undergoing now. “I was afraid of rebuilding,” Rivers said. “I’ve done it. I’ve been through it, and it’s hard. People think rebuilding is easy, and I don’t think they understand how hard it is on a coach. You’re losing games, and any coach that I know — and I know Brad well enough — every game you go into, you convince yourself you’re going to win that night. And you don’t, and then you’re down, and then you build yourself up for the next game, and then you don’t (win). It’s hard. It’s emotionally hard. Even though the big picture is rebuilding, coaches don’t coach to lose games; they coach to win games.” Boston Herald

January 19, 2015 Updates

Ainge has made four deals since Jan. 9, and that’s after trading Rajon Rondo. Rivers, who left because he didn’t want to go through a rebuilding process, believes this bigger dig is the correct path. “It takes time. It’s hard,” he says. “I’ve been through it with Danny. It’s not a one- or two-year build. I knew that when they decided to do it, and Danny did, too. But I think it’s a city that can handle it, because they’ve done it before and people there know the game. You do have to get a little lucky, but, man, they have so many picks. I think they’ve done a masterful job with the way they’re doing it. Danny has put himself into a position to take the risk he wants to take at some point — to gather enough assets to go get that one guy that then gets the second guy that then gets the third guy. Eventually Danny’s going to get that one piece and then that second piece. But they’re set up to do it. Look at all the rebuilding teams, the Celtics are so far ahead of the game than everyone else, in my opinion, from what they’ve done.” Boston Herald

“Where I think I’ve grown already in my own job is that, if I don’t think the right ones are there, I’m moving them,” says Doc, who acquired son Austin in a deal with the Celtics on Friday. “I’m not scared to say I made a mistake. That, if Danny taught me anything, would be No. 1. You can’t do a job being scared to lose your job. If you make a great decision, great. If you make a poor decision, fine ­— now fix it. That’s my attitude. Danny, I thought, had such an advantage over a lot of the other GMs because guys wouldn’t change something if they made a mistake. They didn’t want to look bad. I really believe that’s part of Danny’s genius. And he taught me that you get what you want, or you don’t do the deal.” Boston Herald

January 18, 2015 Updates

“All options are on the table right now,” Prince said Sunday at Santa Monica High School. “Whether it’s me be here for the rest of the year or it’s a buyout or whatever the case may be, all options are on the table right now. We’ve had some discussions today (about Prince’s future). They were saying in reports that there were some discussions going on throughout the course of this week, but there really (weren’t) because they haven’t seen me until today. Booth Newspapers

“It’s not hard because of everything I’ve been through in this league,” he said. “It’s not hard at all. If I didn’t go through the ups and downs throughout my career in this league, it would be hard. But all the things that I’ve been through in this league, it kind of helps the situation out because you know what to expect in certain situations.” Booth Newspapers


How bright is Boston's history? Well, the first 19 players in the list won NBA titles with the team.


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