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December 7, 2014 Updates

Don’t be surprised if a team such as the Portland Trail Blazers tries to make a bid for Celtics swingman Gerald Wallace and offers some unwanted expiring contracts for Boston’s troubles. Wallace, 32, played parts of two seasons with Portland and enjoyed his stint there. He was seen joking during the Celtics-Blazers game with Portland All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge. The closer Wallace’s anchor-like contract nears conclusion, the easier it will be to move. Wallace is attractive to a club seeking a veteran leader who can defend in spot minutes. Boston Globe

December 6, 2014 Updates

Instead, because of the personnel deficiencies facing the Celtics, Olynyk has to play the 5. He may be seven feet tall, but he is not an NBA center. And it’s wearing on him in a big way. After averaging 14.4 points per game through the Celts’ first eight games, Olynyk has cratered, putting up just over seven per game in their last nine with a couple of donuts sprinkled in there. He recently went through a four-game stretch in which he shot a mind-boggling 3-for-21 from the floor. Boston Globe

But none of this – not the reduction in minutes or points scored – has anything to do with offense. It’s the other end of the court that’s slowing Olynyk down. He works hard but no amount of preparation can make up for the fact that he’s simply not equipped physically to deal with the rigors of being a traditional NBA big man on defense. It’s probably not a coincidence that those four games in which he could barely buy a hoop came against Portland, Chicago, San Antonio and Atlanta, all teams with big, strong, athletic bigs. Olynyk has real problems handling that kind of opponent on defense. He's even had issues with end of the bench guys like the Spurs' Jeff Ayres (see above) and the Grizzlies' Jon Leuer. Boston Globe

Though the Lakers, like many teams, have a standing interest in Rondo, one source told Sporting News any notion of Los Angeles acquiring Rondo is, “all smoke, no fire.” The Celtics and Lakers have had no substantive talks regarding Rondo, and sources continue to maintain that Rondo has not been shopped by Boston in any way. Bryant said he was not recruiting Rondo on Thursday. Asked about picturing playing with Rondo, Bryant smiled and said, “I have not thought about having potential teammates before.” He added, “We get along extremely well, we see the game in a similar fashion in terms of our aggressiveness and mindset. It was good to get together with him.” Sporting News

Pierce got back to town a little earlier and made a video entitled 'Back to Boston' that he posted on The Players Tribune, the website created by Derek Jeter. Pierce is billed as a contributing editor. "Man, I miss Boston," Pierce begins by saying in his ode to the Hub. "I think I'm gonna walk from here," he says as he exits a car and strolls around town. "I love the people here and they love me back... "And that Boston accent? I can't even understand it," Pierce's narration continues. "Fifteen amazing years and one championship. It's like a second home to me, especially the Gahden. I can't wait to play here again. Gonna drop 30 for old time's sake...Maybe Rondo will let me sleep on his couch." CSNNE.com

December 5, 2014 Updates

Baxter Holmes: A smiling Danny Ainge just walked by Lakers coach Byron Scott and invited him to breakfast tomorrow. Byron laughed. Twitter @BaxterHolmes


How bright is Boston's history? Well, the first 19 players in the list won NBA titles with the team.


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