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March 11, 2015 Updates

“I am just focused on playing my best basketball in the last 20 games of the regular season and to reach playoffs” said Datome. “When the season ends I will consider all the offers. I hope to get a lot of proposals and I wish most of them come from NBA teams. It would mean I made a good job here. I will decide what is the best for me at 28. The goal is to play with more responsibility. Having responsibility on the court is the thing I miss the most” added the forward. “I am a better player now than when I moved to the NBA. I am physically stronger and I understand better the NBA games” ended Datome. Sportando

After the Grizzlies’ practice Tuesday at Emerson College in advance of Wednesday night’s game vs. the Celtics at TD Garden, Green said he had no hard feelings about being traded from Boston and has embraced his new role with a new and improved team. “It’s a business, it happens,” Green said of the Jan. 12 trade. “I had speculation. I just went upon each day like I’m still a Celtic, like I gotta play hard every game.” Boston Globe

March 10, 2015 Updates

When Datome was a member of the Pistons, these workouts became routine out of necessity. Night after night, he was either placed on the inactive list or at the end of the bench, and day after day, he went to the gym for extra work with a Pistons assistant. The joy basketball long had provided was slowly melting. “It was tough. It was kind of depressing,” said Datome. “Not as much depressing, but frustrating. For the first time in my life, basketball felt like a job. Go there every day, every single day. I gave myself two days off, I think — Thanksgiving and Christmas. And that was just because I wanted to give days off to [the assistant coach].” Boston Globe

Shortly after Whiteside’s ejection, Udonis Haslem (he was out with multiple injuries) stormed from the bench to the locker room. It is unknown why he went back there, but there is one obvious possibility. Palm Beach Post

Is Wade disappointed? “Very,” he said. “We all are. As a Heat fan you are. In this locker room we are. Everybody. He’s gonna have to learn and he’s gonna learn the hard way. He’s doing it his own way. Hopefully he changes his mentality pretty quick. “Players gotta understand how important they are to an organization and continue to understand that moment when you finally got that call-up, how you felt. You would’ve done anything to get that, just to be here. Sometimes you start feeling yourself a little too much. A lot of us are guilty of that. You’ve gotta humble yourself. Hopefully Hassan gets it.” Palm Beach Post

There, he watched Hassan Whiteside deliver an unprovoked cheap shot at Kelly Olynyk, which earned an easy ejection. A suspension is almost sure to follow for Whiteside, who rammed Olynyk from behind and sent the Celtics forward flying into the court-side photographers, dazed and certainly confused. What the heck? “I don’t even know what happened,” said Olynyk. NBA.com

March 9, 2015 Updates

If McGee had signed, the Celts, with their roster at the 15-man maximum, would have had to make a move. Most likely, the club would have released Shavlik Randolph, who was actually asked to come to the team’s facility for a meeting that day. It’s not known whether that talk was related to the McGee situation, but it’s probably fair to assume that, in that the meeting was canceled when the deal fell through. Boston Herald


How bright is Boston's history? Well, the first 19 players in the list won NBA titles with the team.


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