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October 6, 2014 Updates

You might think Gerald Wallace would be trying to bust his way out of town. You might think that, at 32 and in his 14th NBA season, he would rather be on a club with a chance to compete for a championship than playing it out as a fringe rotational guy for a team that figures to be rebuilding for a while. Think again. “I don’t want to go nowhere else,” said Wallace, whose days as “Crash” may be numbered as he comes back from knee and ankle surgeries. “I’m happy here. I’m content here with these guys.” Boston Herald

“When I’m in the locker rooms with the guys, I always try to explain to them how to prioritize when you’re in college,” said Bass. “I tell them you’ve got to put school first, basketball second, and then the girls. If you flip it all the way around, you’ll be at LSU for a couple more years or you won’t be able to live your dreams in the NBA and you’ll be in the neighborhood leagues.” Basketball Insiders

October 5, 2014 Updates

Daniels did return to the game and last played for the Milwaukee Bucks during the 2012-13 season. On Sunday he visited his old stomping grounds at the Celtics training facility to explore a new career on the sidelines. The 10-year veteran has already made stops with the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs. “I always had a knack for it,” he said. “(I) just wanted to be involved with trying to develop stuff, Xs and Os, just seeing how it goes. I’ve been getting a lot of advice from different coaches, just going around getting a feel for it.” Basketball Insiders

"Guys like Rondo come along only every 20 years," Cousy said. "So I would do everything I could to keep him." Rondo's contract expires at the end of the season, and he said that he'd like to remain in Boston, but there's no guarantee of that, especially if the Celtics post another losing season and another team offers him a maximum contract. So Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge will have to decide before the February trading deadline if he should deal him. "Obviously," Cousy said, "you don't want to lose a talent like that and get nothing for him. I'm a big Ainge fan. I think Danny has done an excellent job since he's been there. He's a hard worker, he's a good guy, he's smart. If he really thinks he's going, then sure try to salvage something." Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Rather than try and strike a deal to get jersey No. 2 from Miller, which is what players often do, Smith has opted to instead wear the number worn by one of his favorite players. “I got a chance to know Rajon and follow him my sophomore year. I'm a big fan of his game," Smith told WDRB-41 in Louisville, Kentucky. "When coach (former Celtics coach and current Louisville head coach Rick Pitino) asked me to watch film of point guards, he (Rondo) was one of the first people that I watched, along with Steve Nash, to help me prepare for my senior season.” Smith said as much in June when he was in town to work out for the Celtics. "Believe it or not, he's actually my favorite point guard," Smith said at the time. "I'm a score-first guy and been a score-first guy my whole life. But I like his poise, the way he gets into the lane. He's able to find people and the way he's able to pass the ball ... a lot of people can't do that." CSNNE.com

Rondo’s injury is similar to the one Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love sustained twice. The first time Love allowed it to heal without surgery, and after a second fracture, he underwent surgery. Love sustained the first fracture in October 2012 during knuckle pushups and the second time he fractured the third metacarpal in January 2013 in a collision with Denver’s Kenneth Faried. “I anticipate that it’s going to get back to 100 percent,” Shin said. “I see these types of fractures all the time. I’m sure they got the bone fragment together perfectly and fixed it well to allow for early range of motion. I think he’ll have a great result and be back in 6-8 weeks.” Boston Globe

While doctors initially said he would miss 6-8 weeks with the injury, Rondo said during the team’s media day on Sept. 29 he could miss as many as 10 weeks. According to Dr. Steven Shin, the director of hand surgery at the noted Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, the injury is not considered serious nor should there be any lingering effects. “First of all, it’s a very common injury,” Shin said. “And from what I read, he slipped in the bath. It can definitely happen from that mechanism of injury, a slip and fall or slip and falling on another object. For elite athletes, the fastest way for them to get back to playing is to get it fixed [with surgery].” Boston Globe

Darren Erman’s exit from the Warriors was controversial; he was fired by coach Mark Jackson for apparently recording private conversations after feeling betrayed by the rest of the coaching staff. But he has received nothing but positive reviews in his return to the Celtics as an assistant coach, replacing Ron Adams. “Darren’s really a great defensive coach,” Stevens said. “He’s more than that. He is as detail-oriented as detail-oriented gets. If your hands aren’t in the right place as you’re guarding the pick-and-roll or if your body positioning is not at the right angle, he’ll stop it and he’ll correct it. He’s really studied the game and I think that adds another good, young, ambitious guy that’s really excited to help these guys get better.” Boston Globe

October 4, 2014 Updates

Wallace has two more years on his contract at $10 million per year, a deal that would be difficult for the Celtics to move given his physical status and age. So he said he is at peace with his role on a rebuilding team. He grew to enjoy his experience in Boston. “I know my role. I know my situation,” he said. “I know what’s expected of me and what to do. I think the guys [here] make it more comfortable for me. I love being around the guys. It makes it a lot more acceptable. At the end of the day, you live with what you’ve got and go from there.” Boston Globe

October 3, 2014 Updates


How bright is Boston's history? Well, the first 19 players in the list won NBA titles with the team.


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