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April 24, 2015 Updates

One Eastern Conference scout described Stevens’ performance last season, as, “just keeping his head above water.” Stevens agrees with that; he’s admitted the travel, the lack of practice time, the media relationships and the other non-basketball demands of the job all took him by surprise last season. “I just felt so much better structurally (this season) than I felt last year at any point in time,” Stevens said. That comfort with the structure of the NBA has been evident in the development of his style. “He is coaching now,” the scout said. “The offense they run, is a sort of flex offense with a lot of motion, high pick-and-rolls, that he ran at Butler, but he has so many wrinkles in the plays he runs now. And they run it fast, with a lot of speed and precision. The players don’t break the offense a lot.” Sporting News

April 23, 2015 Updates

"The biggest thing is, we talk all the time about being great at what you do well," Stevens, the Boston Celtics' second-year coach, told USA TODAY Sports. "A lot of times in any walk of life, we get consumed by our weaknesses. We really try to focus on our strengths, and we'll manage those weakness. So a part of that is, a guy who's not a driver, keep the ball moving. For a guy who is a driver, make good plays on the drive. For a guy who's not a skill player to stay spaced or in the paint. We just try to soar with those strengths." USA Today Sports

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