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Before Thursday’s practice, Celtics coach Brad Stevens addresed the trade rumors. “Obviously, we experienced it all the way through last year,” Stevens said. “From my standpoint, the most challenging thing of it is, number one is just coaching the group and making sure that everybody knows we’re focused on playing Minnesota [on Friday]. We’re focused on doing what we need to do to get everybody playing at the best level that they can. WEEI.com

So does Stevens expect to be a part of any trade discussions? “My job is pretty well defined,” Stevens said. “And that is to coach, and to get our team ready to play and to play as well as we can. My expectations aren’t very big. I just want to be in the loop as [Ainge and his staff] deem appropriate. They’re good at their jobs and I’m hired to coach.” WEEI.com

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Stevens has never even discussed returning to college coaching, and NBA sources said he is totally invested in the Celtics. He wants to restore the organization to a contender and also has four more years on his contract. The organization made a sizable investment in his talents. “I know he enjoys the hell out of the Celtics,” Dakich said. “I know he enjoys the challenge that is the NBA. I know that. We’ve talked about that. That’s not media [talk]. I’m not going to say that ultimately the Indiana job wouldn’t appeal to him, but I’m saying I honestly don’t think people think, ‘Of course he would come back.’ “I bet you Brad probably thought about it when he was at Butler, but I would venture a guess he hasn’t given that two thoughts since he’s been with the Celtics. I would bet my life on it.” Boston Globe

Dan Dakich, a former IU player, assistant, and head coach, is a colleague of Stevens’s and a close follower of the Indiana program. He said there are many alumni who would love Stevens to return home. “I get asked all the time, ‘Hey, who would you hire?’ ” said Dakich, a college basketball analyst who hosts a radio show in Indianapolis. “I said before the question even finishes, I’d hire Brad Stevens and [Virginia Commonwealth coach] Shaka Smart. I don’t care if it’s the Celtics. I don’t care if it’s the Lakers. I don’t care if it’s Duke. I don’t care if it’s Indiana. I don’t care if it’s to be my accountant. They’re so smart. They’re so good with people and they just have a way of relating. I can’t imagine that any major [college] job is going to open up and they’re not going to get a call.” Boston Globe

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The guard added: "There was no communication (between him and Stevens) but there was nothing needed. Like I said, the guys did a great job making a run out there. Our bench did a great job tonight and they deserved to play." While Rondo sat, Paul Pierce (28 points) hit some big shots. "He's being Paul, being clutch at the end of games," Bass said. "I just wish he wasn't tonight." Booth Newspapers

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One area the Celtics don't have questions about is on the sideline. Brad Stevens impressed NBA-types with his calm demeanor -- think the anti-Rick Pitino -- and solid play calling last season. Entering his second year, the former Butler coach said he feels far more comfortable than he did a year ago. “Offensively, defensively, I was playing different than I ever had before,” Stevens told SI.com. “The first time you do that, you usually are not coaching the Celtics. The biggest adjustment for me was the schedule. You can implement things at a slower rate in college. You have to implement things quickly and own them here. That’s the way we are approaching it this year. We are trying to implement it and then fix the things that need to be fixed.” Sports Illustrated

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