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July 18, 2013 Updates

Brandan Wright will sign a new contract with the Mavs probably by this weekend, Mark Cuban said. Because Wright is the Mavs’ free agent, they are allowed to go over the salary cap to sign him. “You have to do all the stuff, and you have to do certain things to optimize your cap room,” Cuban said. “So you have to go through those different steps.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

July 14, 2013 Updates

The Knicks could lose out twice to the Mavericks -- also in the pursuit of big man Brandan Wright. That's because Wright will likely re-sign with the Mavs because they can exceed the cap to sign him using the Early Bird exception. Even though the Knicks are a competitive team that plays in the No. 1 media market in the league, they are cash-strapped. And this hasn't been the offseason for financial sacrifices due to the new CBA, thinning roster spots and fewer opportunities to make more money. ESPN.com

July 13, 2013 Updates
July 11, 2013 Updates

Contrary to one published report, the Magic haven't had any significant discussions with center Brandan Wright, a free agent who played for the Dallas Mavericks last season. Orlando Sentinel

July 10, 2013 Updates
July 9, 2013 Updates
July 1, 2013 Updates
April 22, 2013 Updates

Rick Carlisle on Brandan Wright: The truth is Brandan is a very unique player, and he fits in with us and he fits in with our personnel. There are some teams that he really plays well against, and he’s been consistent. There are other teams where it’s tougher for him because of the physical strength and bruising type teams. But we like him. We met with him today and told him we definitely wanted him back here. But these decisions are going to come down to the money and the market. But he’s a guy we like.” Dallas Morning News

March 17, 2013 Updates

The whole package has raised the possibility that Wright might very well be a keeper for the Mavericks in this season of transition. “He’s been great,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “Obviously, he’s very athletic and uses his length and athleticism. He gets blocks and big rebounds. He runs the court very well. If there’s a fast break, he’s always one of the first ones down there. He’s been great for us the last couple weeks. Hopefully, he can keep it up.” Dallas Morning News

March 15, 2013 Updates

The reaction in the Mavericks’ locker room was mixed about the play former teammate Dahntay Jones had against Kobe Bryant on Wednesday night. Jones, who was traded to Atlanta for Anthony Morrow last month, stepped under Bryant at the end of the Hawks’ win. Bryant said it was a dangerous and dirty play. Jones said it was good defense. “It was a 50-50 play,” said Brandan Wright. Added Darren Collison: “Tough play. That’s all I can say about it.” Dallas Morning News

March 9, 2013 Updates

Wright is hopeful that Nelson and Cuban also will figure out a way to keep him in a Mavs uniform. Meanwhile, he noted that he and the other Mavs’ soon-to-be free agent don’t even bring up the subject of free agency. “We know what the situation is,’’ Wright said. “We know we’ve got a lot of free agents and we’ve got guys that might leave and probably will leave, and we’ve got guys that probably will come back. “That’s just part of the business. It’s rare to see that many free agents on one team, but we’re doing the best we can.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

March 8, 2013 Updates

Before the trade deadline passed, the Boston Celtics had one final choice to make on the franchise's future: In a three-way deal that would've secured Josh Smith and surrendered Paul Pierce to Dallas, Atlanta wanted Boston's first-round draft pick, too. As much as any of the proposed deals discussed in February, perhaps this had been the closest Pierce had come to parting with the Celtics, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Dallas had constructed a package that included Jae Crowder, Brandan Wright and Dahntay Jones to Atlanta, with the Mavericks and Hawks exchanging positions in the 2013 NBA draft. Yahoo! Sports

February 20, 2013 Updates
January 29, 2013 Updates

Kaman has expressed disappointment that things have not worked out better, although Elton Brand has been the team’s most effective center of late and Bernard James and Brandan Wright also have played well at times. “I talk to him all the time about it,” Carlisle said. “He’s a good player and we need him. We have good, honest conversations. Sometimes, there’s a difference of opinion, but that’s OK. Reasonable men have a right to disagree. “But I make it clear to him that he’s an important guy on this team, and we need him and need what he can do for us.” Dallas Morning News

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