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Billups said he regularly tells Jennings that he has control of the offense, and if a play is called that runs contrary to what he sees, he also is empowered to execute something of a point-guard veto. "If you see something out there, everybody else is on the bench, you're out there, you've got the ball, you call what you want to call," Billups said. "But there's a lot of things going on out there in the game. Sometimes, you can get a little sidetracked." Booth Newspapers

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When he was asked whether he might “hide” Jennings in a run of three straight games against high powered point guards Holiday, Deron Williams (Nets) and Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) by switching the assignment to rookie Kentavious Pope-Caldwell, Cheeks threw down the gauntlet. “Yeah he’d be up for the challenge,” Cheeks said of the rookie. “But if you’re going to be good, and I’m going to say this again, a good point guard, I don’t like the word ‘hide’. I want the guy who’s guarding the ball, who’s running my team, to guard that guy, if you’re going to be good.” NBA.com

It’s virtually undebatable that Brandon Jennings is a volume scorer. He needs to attempt a high volume of shots in order to put up decent scoring numbers. Out of the 128 players in the NBA who play what would be called “significant minutes,” Jennings ranks 127th in field goal percentage and ranks in the bottom 10 percent in points per possession at 1.07. Jennings is scoring 16.6 points per game while attempting 15.9 shots per game. HoopsHype

As a point guard, Jennings takes too many shots and his shot selection is subpar. Of all Jennings’ shots, 24.9 percent are wing three-point attempts; the furthest distance on the court. The majority of Jennings shots can be allocated into three categories: transition, spot up, and isolation. Unfortunately, Jennings is below 1.0 ppp in all three of these categories. He ranks in the bottom 22 percent in transition, and the bottom 37 percent in spot-up situations. It’s often said that Jennings is a great one-on-one player. Really? He ranks in the bottom 27 percent and is shooting an ice-cold 26.1 percent in isolation situations. If this weren’t bad enough, the part of Jennings' shot selection that really gets under my skin as a professional shooting coach is his heavy reliance on a step back fade-away jumper. HoopsHype

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A year ago, Jennings and Ellis were the dynamic backcourt for a Bucks team which is 3-15 and has hit hard times today. "It's the situation he's in. He's on a team where they need somebody to score. Dirk (Nowitzki) is not that scorer like he used to be. He still can do it, don't get me wrong. But he (Ellis) is in a situation kind of like he was in at Golden State, before Stephen Curry and all of them got there. So he's the main scorer and he's the guy," Jennings said of Ellis' explosion. Booth Newspapers

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After a day off Tuesday, that's a formula the Pistons hope Jennings can recreate Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls here. "I've been trying to balance that," Jennings said. "There's been times where I've been getting so many guys involved, I kind of forget to score sometimes. That's been what's kind of messing up my rhythm a little bit. "I've got to try to find a way to not go five minutes, 10 minutes without taking a shot, then taking my first shot. It's been kind of a different situation for me but I think I'm kind of just picking it up right now." Booth Newspapers

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Pistons GM Joe Dumars made two important moves in the offseason — signing Josh Smith as a free agent and trading for point guard Brandon Jennings. The two players have had minimal impact on the Pistons thus far. “The big problem with those two guys is they’re not first-option scorers, but they have a first-option mentality,” NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony said. “They make more poor decisions with their shot selection than anything else. It’s a domino effect. When your teammates see you taking tough, ill-advised shots, it takes their energy and motivation from them.” News-Herald

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Asked if Jennings broke a code by knocking a player, Smith said, “There’s no loyalty in this game. There’s no player-to-player loyalty, no loyalty to teams, no loyalty to anything in this game. I expect there should be that but there isn’t.” The Knicks put up with all of Smith’s off-the-court shenanigans because they feel if properly harnessed, Smith can turn into an All-Star this season. Smith was placed on the All-Star ballot Friday — the first time his name has appeared there. New York Post

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