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Brandon Jennings, who was 19 when he was the first-round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2009, doesn’t get it. He especially doesn’t understand why ex-players would be for it. “The only reason I won’t agree with that is you see guys who have talked about this and say they agree,” Jennings said. “Every guy who kind of said something is kind of on they way out in the league, so why you hating on the next young kid coming up anyway? “I just feel like if a kid’s ready, he’s ready to go — why two years? Then if I’m a kid that’s talented and you expect me to go to college and eat McDonalds’s all the time. I’m not rolling.” Detroit Free Press

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Jennings made it clear Friday he doesn't like his cards. It would be "kind of embarrassing" to miss the playoffs with the retooled roster this season, he said, and the dismissal of Cheeks after 50 games continues to affect him more than his teammates, he acknowledged. "To be honest, I don't think the team is probably tripping," about the Cheeks firing, Jennings said. "I feel like it's still the same. It's still the same. Not much has really changed, if you asked me." Booth Newspapers

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That said, Hollins sees Detroit as an attractive situation. “Well, I think the kid, [Andre] Drummond, can be an outstanding defensive center. He needs to obviously develop offensively but defensively and rebounding – which is a core of being a good team is being able to rebound – he’s coming along really well. [Greg] Monroe has shown that he can score and he’s a decent passer, good team player. They went and picked up Josh Smith. I think sometimes the three-headed monster is tough to play together but there’s ways to work around that. But I like Josh Smith. I like Brandon Jennings as a dynamic point guard who can put up a lot of points. I think they need to learn how to win. I think they need to learn how to play together on a consistent basis and play hard, but they’ve got some intriguing pieces that make me say, ‘Wow, there’s possibilities there.’” NBCSports.com

Billups does not use the hard approach for Jennings. He knows he is still recovering from the Cheeks firing. A softer touch is needed. And Billups makes a point to approach Jennings when he has words of wisdom. “I really enjoy working with Brandon and trying to teach him to take the reins and taking responsibility for being a leader,” Billups said. “I know he is a little disappointed Mo had to leave. Mo gave him a lot of confidence and responsibility. Now I told him his responsibility does not change. You have to lean on things he taught you.” Detroit News

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After being an offensive focal point, he has to share more with a team that’s more talented — although it hasn’t shown in the record. “That’s probably been the main thing,” Monroe said. “I kind of need the ball to get a rhythm. That’s how it’s always been, so it’s been a little tough — especially when guys have it going. You don’t want to interrupt that, so it’s kind of a rough area for me, really.” Coach Maurice Cheeks suggested Monroe might want to ask point guard Brandon Jennings for more touches. Monroe said that’s not his style: “Nah, I’ve never done that. ... It’s tough to go there and say that.” Detroit Free Press

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Jennings called the 2013-14 season "a learning year for me, to try to be able to run a team." "In Milwaukee, I wasn't really trying to run a team, I was really just playing basketball and shooting at will," he said. "This year, I've just tried to take a step back. It's been a little difficult but that comes with it. It's definitely going to take some time." Booth Newspapers

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Jennings harbors no ill will toward the Bucks. His impact on the organization is not lost on him. “I still have love for Milwaukee, that’s where I started my career,” he said. “They took a chance on me because I was a kid that went overseas and nobody knew me or knew I can play. I still got love for everything we did there. I’m not going to take all the full credit, but I brought a lot of spark to the city, going to the playoffs two years, just changing it a little bit, the [high-top fade] haircut, everything.” Boston Globe

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Billups said he regularly tells Jennings that he has control of the offense, and if a play is called that runs contrary to what he sees, he also is empowered to execute something of a point-guard veto. "If you see something out there, everybody else is on the bench, you're out there, you've got the ball, you call what you want to call," Billups said. "But there's a lot of things going on out there in the game. Sometimes, you can get a little sidetracked." Booth Newspapers

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When he was asked whether he might “hide” Jennings in a run of three straight games against high powered point guards Holiday, Deron Williams (Nets) and Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) by switching the assignment to rookie Kentavious Pope-Caldwell, Cheeks threw down the gauntlet. “Yeah he’d be up for the challenge,” Cheeks said of the rookie. “But if you’re going to be good, and I’m going to say this again, a good point guard, I don’t like the word ‘hide’. I want the guy who’s guarding the ball, who’s running my team, to guard that guy, if you’re going to be good.” NBA.com

It’s virtually undebatable that Brandon Jennings is a volume scorer. He needs to attempt a high volume of shots in order to put up decent scoring numbers. Out of the 128 players in the NBA who play what would be called “significant minutes,” Jennings ranks 127th in field goal percentage and ranks in the bottom 10 percent in points per possession at 1.07. Jennings is scoring 16.6 points per game while attempting 15.9 shots per game. HoopsHype

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