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Before every game, Pistons veteran Caron Butler pulls point guard Brandon Jennings aside and says: "You have star talent and star capability. Lead us." Brandon Jennings a leader? Until recently, the thought would have been considered ludicrous for a player many considered a selfish ballhog. But, during the Pistons' recent surge, Jennings has in fact been a leader. Detroit News

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A former league executive gave an insightful reason why international players—and perhaps examples such as Brandon Jennings and Emmanuel Mudiay—are better served playing overseas than in the D-League: The high cost of traveling invariably prompts owners to send their higher-echelon executives to see those players, while scouts and lower-rung executives are more apt to get the Santa Cruz itinerary. Who the top decision-maker has seen live, or most often, can tip the scales when it comes to pre-draft skull sessions. Bleacher Report

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MLive: Other than basketball, what was the coolest part about playing in Italy that year? Jennings: Just being able to travel, going to other countries. At that time, I was still only 18 so to be able to able to go to the Spanish Steps, go to the Coliseum. I did my first national commercial ever in Italy. So it was dope. MLive: What was the coolest sight you saw? Jennings: The Coliseum. I was out there all day with Under Armor doing a commercial so I was just soaking all that in. Booth Newspapers

MLive: If they made a movie about your life, who would star in it? Jennings: If they made a movie about my life who would star in it? Denzel Washington would probably be a person that stars in it. My girlfriend in the movie would probably be Halle Berry. And who would be me? I'll just play myself. MLive: Twenty years from now, what do you see yourself doing? Jennings: I see myself retired, becoming a businessman, making money outside of basketball and just living. I just want to be left alone, chilling. Smoking my cigars and just chilling. Booth Newspapers

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Van Gundy likes to quiz his players during shoot arounds and whereas Jennings was once silent he now frequently speaks up and answers the coach's questions. "Stan wants me to talk more," Jennings said. "The fact that this is my fifth or sixth year, it's time for me to start talking and be that leader. Also, I'm still trying to learn the game of basketball. "He's really teaching and he joked one day, said 'I think after basketball you might be a coach.' I said, 'No, I'm cool in that.' I'm just trying to learn and learn from him and what he thinks in terms of basketball." Booth Newspapers

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Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, Detroit. New Pistons president Stan Van Gundy needs to trade one or both of these guys if he wants to preserve the sanity of new Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy. Both are firmly on the block, per rival executives. Bleacher Report

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Vincent Goodwill: Brandon Jennings is out tonight, just started shooting with left hand. Dinwiddie and Augustin manning the point tonight vs the Bucks Twitter @vgoodwill

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