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February 8, 2013 Updates

A source said Roy was asked if he was ready to retire again because of continuing issues he has had with his knees. Roy wasn't willing to call it quits, especially since he would have had to sacrifice the balance of his contract. A buyout was then proposed, which so far has been rejected. Lawrence, reached via e-mail, denied these details when asked. 1500 ESPN

February 4, 2013 Updates
February 1, 2013 Updates

While performing a move in the first 20 minutes of the workout, he felt something in his right knee that he has felt far too often. He tweaked it, eliminating any possibility of him returning to action before the All-Star break. “As soon as it happened, in my head, I said 'I quit. I just quit,” an emotional Roy told CSNNW.com. “That was my first thought, that I couldn't do this anymore. CSNNW.com

“More than ever, I have different cultures around me,” (Roy) said referring to himself, Dante Cunningham and Derrick Williams being the only full-time players on the roster who are black. “I'm used to playing on a team with all black guys so things were always pretty similar in the locker room. But now I'm in the locker room joking with Pek (Nikola Pekovic) in the weight room and he's playing Serbian music and I'm like, 'Dude, turn this off.' So me and him over there compromising over that kind of stuff. I'm like, 'Look, you get the first 20 minutes and I'll get the last 20 minutes,'” Roy said, laughing. CSNNW.com

So that's where Roy is at this point. His body won't allow him to play the game that he loves. “My biggest struggle through this whole knee process is that I probably can play just games,” Roy said. “But when a guy just plays games, his jumper is not right and his timing is off. I've always been able to be good because I prepared. If I struggle in a game, I can't go work on it tomorrow. I can't improve like other players can. “Other players can get in the gym the next day and work on what they want to work on to get better. I haven't been able to do that the last couple of years. I've been going out there the last couple of years just willing it on emotions. So that's where my frustration is.” CSNNW.com

But there is a date he's shooting for: Mar. 2, when the Timberwolves make their final appearance in the Rose Garden this season. “I'll say it's a 50-50 chance I'll play that game,” he said with a smile. “If I'm in decent physical condition, then I think I'll play that game. Right now I'm not close enough to getting back on the floor to say that's a possibility. As much as I want to play that game in the Rose Garden, really I just want to play on that floor again. I can't do it as a Blazer, but I feel like if I am able to get on that court again and play in front of those fans, that would be pretty special for me.” CSNNW.com

It took some time for Roy to find himself beyond playing basketball, but he says that thanks to prayer, family and friends, he has received a new calling. Post-playing career, I now introduce you to Coach Roy. “Now, I think there's something in me that I can offer to basketball. There's a message that I can bring to basketball. I wasn't the fastest, the highest jumper, but my knowledge of the game helped me be an effective player at a high level,” Roy said. “Coaching at the NBA level is where I see myself. If this season is it for me, I'm not staying away from basketball. I would want to get in as soon as possible.” CSNNW.com

On the Trail Blazers' bench? “Maybe one day,” he said. “My knowledge of the game and understanding of chemistry, I think that stuff, I can offer. These young kids today are good, but they lack those things.” Roy has been talking to Lorenzo Romar, his former college coach at the University of Washington, asking him what it feels like to get a win as a coach oppose to playing? Roy says Romar's response was 'you won't know until you give it a try.' CSNNW.com

January 31, 2013 Updates

Brandon Roy has suffered yet another setback in his protracted attempt to return from the knee injuries that forced his retirement in 2010 and cut his comeback short after just five games this season. The shooting guard, who signed with the Timberwolves in the offseason, hasn't played since Nov. 9, when the lingering effects of a preseason collision refused to abate. He had an arthroscopic procedure on his right knee at the end of November and has allegedly been inching toward a comeback ever since, though markedly out of the public eye. Fox Sports North

"I am able to work out," Roy said. "But we're trying to get a new schedule where we don't pound day to day. Maybe I'll work hard on Monday, then go lighter on Tuesday, to see if that will get me closer to being able to play games and get into shape to where I can't practice as much, but I can play some games." The shooting guard spends time with the team when it's in town, and he's often spotted leaving practices and shootarounds as soon as the media are let in. He hasn't been participating, though, according to coach Rick Adelman, and any idea of a setting a timetable for his comeback would be foolish at this point. Fox Sports North

"There are moments when I don't know if it will happen again," Roy said of returning to the court. "And then I'll start working out, building, and I get to a place where I have a great workout." The Timberwolves' motives with Roy at this point are unclear. His salary is guaranteed only for this season, and they could very well be keeping him around to dump his expiring salary in a trade. Or they could really be waiting and hoping; it'll likely not be until the Feb. 21 trade deadline that we find out which is the case. Fox Sports North

January 27, 2013 Updates

It has been an awfully quiet month since the Wolves announced Roy is pursuing a last-gasp alternative-treatment plan for his degenerative knees. That announcement came just hours after the Target Center media room was arranged for a news conference that never occurred. One last hope to get himself healthy enough to play again, right? Maybe not. Maybe this alternative treatment is simply a way to bide time and keep Roy and his $5 million salary slot on the roster in case the Wolves need his contract to swing a substantial deal by the Feb. 21 trade deadline. As soon as he retires, that salary slot goes away. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

January 6, 2013 Updates
January 3, 2013 Updates

If you are confused with just what new treatment Wolves guard Brandon Roy is seeking, you're not alone. Count Wolves coach Rick Adelman among them after Roy practiced a bit with the team on Monday and Tuesday. "I don't know exactly what that treatment [is], and that's something we have to find out," Adelman said. "Where are we going with this? What is the procedure here? What is the rehab here? And a lot of what is going to happen with him is what kind of pain does he have in that knee? "I think we have to figure out where we're going with this. Is it a day-to-day thing, waiting to see if he can go, if he feels good enough? I don't know exactly what he's doing. I don't know how much pain he has in his knee. That's not something I know about; he'll have to tell us." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

December 30, 2012 Updates

His right knee still aching, Timberwolves guard Brandon Roy spent the past few days contemplating his future, and whether the NBA would be a part of it. Ultimately, Roy -- after consulting with yet another doctor -- has decided upon a new treatment on his right knee that he hopes will allow him to return to action. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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