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April 4, 2012 Updates

Who’s the most physical player in the NBA? Brendan Haywood: “Oh Dwight [Howard] hands down. I mean first play of the game he popped me real good in my chest. He hit me so hard in my chest I felt it in my knee. You know you are not supposed to get hit hard enough in your chest when you feel it in your knee. I didn’t know what that was about, but that was tough coming back in my first game against Dwight Howard and it doesn’t get any easier tonight. I am going to be guarding Blake Griffin and I am not 100% yet, but I am working to get there.” Sports Radio Interviews

April 3, 2012 Updates
April 2, 2012 Updates

NBA authorities do not plan to take any action regarding the alleged punch that Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said Haywood threw into the back of Magic center Dwight Howard during the Mavs' comeback victory Friday night, according to a league source. Van Gundy said he turned in film for the league to review. Haywood has maintained his innocence saying that things can get testy between players, but that he never threw a punch. ESPN.com

Brendan Haywood all but laughed off accusations by Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy that the Dallas Mavericks’ center punched Magic center Dwight Howard in the back during Friday’s Mavs-Magic game. "I watched it on NBA-TV (Saturday) night,’’ Haywood said after Sunday's practice. "(The Mavs’ coaches) said they looked over it and couldn’t find it. "I guess Stan has that magical hand cam that he was taping from the bench and he’s got something that nobody else has.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 1, 2012 Updates

Mavericks center Brendan Haywood declared Sunday that he doesn't have a problem with Dwight Howard and doesn't have any idea what Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy is talking about. Van Gundy accused Haywood of punching Howard in the lower back during the Mavericks' come-from-behind victory Friday night in Orlando. Van Gundy vowed that he would send video of the play to the NBA office. ESPN.com

"Man, I don't know what's wrong with Stan," Haywood said after the Mavericks' practice Sunday. "Stan's going to say what Stan wants to say. We don't gotta play them no more. The game's over with. "I think Dwight caught me with more shots than I caught him. He's the most physical player in the league. So it is what it is. Stan made his comment. I haven't got a call from anybody (in the league office), so I guess nobody's listening." ESPN.com

Van Gundy said video replays show Haywood hitting Howard in the lower back with his fist. Van Gundy said that Howard twice absorbed hard shots from Haywood and never was more than a simple foul called on the play. So Van Gundy is planning to send the video of the play to the league office hoping that Haywood will be punished for the play. ``It’s really ridiculous and I want to get it on film and send it in (to the league office). Haywood just punched him literally with a closed fist right in the back,’’ Van Gundy said. ``So (Howard) got through the game because he was loose, but then it really tightened up. They are going to work on him and hopefully he’ll be OK. But (Howard) didn’t do anything (in practice on Saturday).’’ NBA.com

The Howard injury was especially infuriating to Van Gundy because it came on what he felt was a flagrant play. Van Gundy has been on somewhat of a mission to protect his six-time all-star center because of the hard fouls he takes in the low post from defenders determined not to give up dunks. ``It happened on that one possession twice and it’s a little frustrating. That (punch) one I’m going to send in (to the league office) because that one was out of hand,’’ Van Gundy said. ``The guy’s punching a guy in the back, meanwhile at the other end … I’ll just leave it at that.’’ NBA.com

March 26, 2012 Updates

The Mavericks’ roster is close to being whole again. Center Brendan Haywood and guard Delonte West participated in Monday’s practice and will be listed as questionable for Tuesday’s game against the Houston Rockets. Haywood (sprained right knee) has missed the last five games. West (fractured right ring finger) has been out since Feb. 15. “We didn’t do a lot of live contact things today, but they went through a lot of other stuff,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “So they’re inching closer.” ESPN.com

March 3, 2012 Updates
February 26, 2012 Updates

The ultimate disaster for New Jersey would be if Williams and Howard end up playing together, but not in Brooklyn. With some roster alterations that are doable, including using their one amnesty move on Brendan Haywood, the Mavs could be set up, cap-wise, to accommodate both players. “The Mavs want to do what Miami did and put together their own big three,’’ said another GM. “That’s their goal.” New York Daily News

February 24, 2012 Updates

After further review, the NBA assessed Dallas center Brendan Haywood a flagrant two foul after he clocked Gasol in the final minute of Wednesday's game. The decision meant that "unnecessary and excessive contact" took place, though it did not carry a suspension. "From my definition of a flagrant…I think the refs missed that," Brown said. "I don't know how anybody could think [Haywood] was going for the ball. I think he was trying to foul Pau. He might be able to join Shaq in the WWF '[Royal] Rumble 25' or something like that." Los Angeles Times

February 1, 2012 Updates
January 24, 2012 Updates

Haywood and Mahinmi are combining to average 13.6 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game, numbers that aren’t far off those produced by the Chandler-Haywood duo last season. “We have a good tag team just because we offer two contrasting styles of basketball,” said Haywood, who had 10 points and six rebounds in 19 minutes against the Suns. “We’re both confident in what we can do. It’s worked out pretty well for us so far. Hopefully, we can keep it going.” Haywood is the traditional paint-protecting, glass-cleaning big man. Mahinmi, who had 17 points, nine rebounds and three blocks in 29 minutes off the bench against the Suns, is more athletic and has more finesse to his game. “It’s Super Bowl time. It’s like the Giants,” said Haywood, the biggest football fan in the Mavs’ locker room. “You’ve got Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Guess which one I am.” ESPN.com

December 5, 2011 Updates

Michael Lee: Brendan Haywood wants Mavs to stay intact: “I would love for everybody to come back but it’s a business & you know that can’t always happen" Twitter

December 1, 2011 Updates
October 31, 2011 Updates

Circumstances are different in the Mavs' post-championship universe. Going down the amnesty road with Haywood won't even be considered, sources say, until the Mavs know if they can or can't keep highly coveted free agent Tyson Chandler. And even if it does manage to hang onto Chandler, Dallas contends that it could have traded Haywood last season if it wanted to and thus should keep Chandler's backup to see what kind of trade market is out there for him if necessary. Given that the final year on Haywood's contract -- worth $10.5 million in 2015-16 -- is fully unguaranteed, Dallas would also argue that his deal isn't as ghastly as it looks on paper. ESPN.com

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