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Nerlens has been rehabbing like a stud and the Sixers are taking the opportunity to totally rework his shot. "I think we have the perfect environment to do it because we have a whole year," Brown said. "We have taken him back to doing a lot of one-handed shooting. I can sense that he is shooting with two hands behind my back. But when he does that, the off hand comes in and elbows start flying, but when he does just one hand, he gets his elbow under it and it is a good looking shot. The first place you start is the free throw line because now he is going to turn and face. Noel really likes Kevin Garnett, a turn-and-face, jump-shooting big, and he aspires to be one of them even though he is a post player initially. I think the free throw is what carries over to the other parts of the game. And I hope we can get that right," Brown said. Philadelphia Inquirer

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“Realistically, you know where you’re at,” Sixers coach Brett Brown said before the game, later adding that roster cuts will likely be made before Monday’s deadline. “There are a few positions – maybe as few as one – that you’re uncertain about. And we’ll try to learn more about that tonight.” Of particular note, Brown seemed to indicate that Royce White may have secured a roster spot, saying the Sixers “genuinely hope” it works out with him here. White (6-8, 260) was the 16th overall selection in the 2012 NBA draft by the Houston Rockets, but has a sometimes-debilitating anxiety disorder and prefers to travel by personal bus rather than plane because air travel has triggered panic attacks. Delaware News Journal

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Brett Brown tried to clarify his Monday comments where the 76ers rookie head coach said he didn’t expect Nerlens Noel to play this season. At Tuesday’s practice, Brown said the decision whether the rookie will play “is going to made by a variety of a lot smarter people that me. Who knows what’s going to happen with Nerlens? We hope he can come back.” Philadelphia Inquirer

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Monroe's situation, though, must sound good to 2010's No. 2 pick, since Evan Turner concedes he has pretty much no shot to score an extension with Philadelphia rebooting completely and management determined to dodge any sort of long-term obligation with anyone other than new head coach Brett Brown. The reality is that, with the Sixers as synonymous as any team hoping to wind up in Andrew Wiggins territory in next May's lottery, Turner is more likely to be traded than extended. ESPN.com

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Sixers head coach Brett Brown said he heard Lavoy Allen overslept. Rookie guard Khalif Wyatt heard he was sick. Either way, Allen missed Saturday morning's open practice at The Palestra and Brown said he will take care of it. "It's all part of the culture, the culture we're trying to get right," said Brown. "We will deal with him, I will deal with him. What else can you say?" On Friday, Twitter posts reported that Allen was at Temple basketball's Cherry and White night at The Liacouras Center. Wyatt, a former Owls guard, was also at The Liacouras Center. Philadelphia Inquirer

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If you believe what he and his coach are saying, Royce White will make his debut with the 76ers Friday night in their exhibition against Boston. The forward, who said the decision to not travel with the Sixers for their two preseason games in Europe was an organizational move, called the time away from the team “bittersweet.” But both White and Sixers coach Brett Brown said the second-year man is expected to play against the Celtics at University of Delaware’s Carpenter Center. “I look forward to playing Royce tomorrow,” Brown said after Thursday’s practice. Sixers Dish

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New 76er Royce White tried last week to dispel any speculation that air travel would hinder him from playing for the team this season. However, the 6-foot-8 forward, who has an anxiety disorder, wasn't among the 14 players who flew here Thursday. The Sixers will face Bilbao Basket on Sunday at the Bizkala Arena at Bilbao Exhibition Center. On Tuesday, they will face Oklahoma City in Manchester, England. "It really was just based on our team doctor giving me and [general manager] Sam [Hinkie] and the club advice that it may be best for him to remain at home," Sixers coach Brett Brown said of White's absence. "You know we are with him. We will support and help him." Philadelphia Inquirer

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One would assume that Brett Brown would fill his remaining assistant-coaching vacancy with someone with NBA head-coaching experience. But the 76ers rookie head coach said that’s not necessarily the case. “I don’t feel with this team that it’s mandatory that I have to surround myself with perspective or wisdom or, you know, an Owl that’s been there, done that,” Brown said. “I feel that this year’s team is about development. And I feel like it’s about ... teaching, relationships and energy more than NBA wisdom.” Philadelphia Inquirer

By now, we all know the 76ers are in no rush to get Nerlens Noel on the court. But they do have a plan for the rookie center. The franchise decided that it’s important to keep the 19-year-old involved with team activities while he rehabilitates his left knee. “I look forward to him traveling with the team,” Sixers coach Brett Brown said, “and being a part of the team and being in the team meetings and video sessions and seeing a grumpy coach and a sad player and vice versa.” Philadelphia Inquirer

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