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May 31, 2012 Updates

Now we don't know exactly what Scalabrine said to him, but Scal offered us a bit of insight into the meeting. In a nutshell: be aggressive. "Rajon, they're collapsing on you," Scalabrine said of his message to Rondo on Comcast SportsNet New England's pregame show. "Use your instincts, make plays. That's what you want to do. That's why you're so special. Your instincts are off the charts. If you see a layup, shoot a layup. If you [see] a pass, make the pass. Trust your guys: trust Ray Allen, trust Paul Pierce. And I feel like he feels that he needs to be more aggressive making basketball plays . . . If 20 shots is what it takes, that's what it takes. Rajon Rondo needs to be more aggressive in making his players around him more better." CSNNE.com

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May 19, 2012 Updates

Paul Pierce glanced across the dressing room before yesterday morning’s shootaround and spotted Brian Scalabrine, microphone in hand, interviewing Greg Stiemsma. “Smooth transition,” said Pierce. “Smooth transition.” Scalabrine is still technically a reserve forward for the Chicago Bulls, a designation that will last at least until the end of next month when his contract runs out. And while he still plans to play, it is clear that even after retiring from active duty, we will not have seen the last of the former Celtic. “I’ll play in the NBA as long as I can,” said Scalabrine, who’s working the Celts playoffs for CSN now that the Bulls have been eliminated. “I’ll get cut one day. That’s just the only way I can really go. To just retire would be like quitting to me. They’ll have to kick me out.” Boston Herald

At 34, he has had ample time to consider his hopes and options. During his five years in Boston, Scalabrine seemed to go back and forth on whether he’d pursue coaching. But that now seems like his direction. “What I’ve realized as I’ve got older is that coaches have a lot of control over what goes on, but it’s hard,” he said. “In the NBA, sometimes you get dealt a bad hand or you’ve got a team that turns on you. “That didn’t seem like a life that I wanted to live or a road that I wanted to go down. But with talking to our coaches (with the Bulls) and even with Doc (Rivers), it’s more about the relationships you build. Doc’s relationship with Kevin (Garnett) and (Rajon) Rondo and even me, who never really played much — those are bonds. I still have a bond with Doc. I think that’s the thing that’s kind of pulling me back toward (NBA coaching). It’s that camaraderie that you get with a team in basketball.” Boston Herald

“My daughter is now starting kindergarten, and you have to wonder whether it would be stressful for the family,” he said of going foreign again. “But if it was up to me, I would play as long as I could. “Whatever happens, I don’t think I’ll leave basketball, even if I just do color commentary on games. I don’t really think I’d be a very good studio guy, but I think I could do a really good job with color commentary.” Boston Herald

May 18, 2012 Updates

It’s not clear if Brian Scalabrine is ready to retire yet, but he’s already in preparation for his next career. Comcast SportsNet New England, which broadcasts Celtics games, hired Scalabrine to provide pre-and postgame analysis during the Celtics-Sixers series. NBA.com

May 17, 2012 Updates
May 12, 2012 Updates

I’ve covered pro sports for 20 years and never have been around a more hard-working or tighter-knit group of athletes than these Bulls. From Rose to Brian Scalabrine, these guys genuinely care about and play for each other. There’s real value in that. The respect around the league for the Bulls is off the charts. To find a group of players that plays as hard and unselfishly as this team does is extremely rare at any level in any sport, which is why vice president John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman will be reluctant to compromise what the Bulls have built. Chicago Sun-Times

January 23, 2012 Updates

You ever think about being a coach someday when you’re done playing? You sound like one right now. Brian Scalabrine: Yeah I have, we are working on some things as far as that goes. I think not so much in the NBA, but more college would be the route for me though. In the NBA, you could be blessed with a good team like this one, or you could be cursed with a bad team, it’s less in your control. In college you have control, you decide who to recruit, you decide who to give scholarships to, you decide what to run, how to prep. And it’s really a better fit for me as far as developing kids too, making them better, and teaching them what’s important in basketball. You see it all the time, there are guys you never hear of in college who make the NBA because they’re good, solid, players who can do one or two things really well. If you get these kids in college, teach them how to do one or two things, you can really help some kids out that way I think. SLAM

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December 17, 2011 Updates

If Ronnie Brewer is frustrated with the addition of Rip Hamilton, he isn't showing it publicly. The veteran guard said all the right things on Friday morning when it came to adding a new teammate who will probably take up some of his minutes this year. "I think it's great for this team," Brewer said of the Hamilton acquisition. "It adds another weapon. It does a lot for this offense. [He] moves well without the basketball. [Has a] great mid-range game. Great leadership, and he's won championships. That's something that guys on this team are chasing to get. [With] the addition of him., he knows what it takes to get there. [Brian Scalabrine], Coach Thibs, those are the only guys who have experienced winning a championship. That's what we're trying to do. He practiced [Thursday]. We've been pushing each other hard in practice and working together to try and get better, so I like it." ESPN.com

December 12, 2011 Updates

Jessica Camerato: #Bulls re-sign Brian Scalabrine. Terms not disclosed. #NBA #Celtics Twitter

December 10, 2011 Updates

Scalabrine, a favorite of fans, coaches and teammates, is in camp on a non-guaranteed contract. "I have a good chance," he said. "I have to earn my way, same as last year. There's an opportunity. I was playing 35 minutes a night in Italy, so I'm in shape." Chicago Tribune

Brian Scalabrine tried to soothe any hard feelings his departure from Benetton Treviso created after officials from that Italian team criticized him for leaving early to try out for the Bulls. Scalabrine had played well overseas, making good on his plan that he first shared with the Tribune last spring. "I really enjoyed learning from the coach (Alexander Djordjevic)," said Scalabrine, who has not been officially cleared by FIBA to return to the NBA. "The organization treated me unbelievably fairly. When I left, I gave them back all the money they paid me. I went over with the intent to stay all year if the lockout lasted that long. "The only thing they were upset about was me leaving Friday instead of, say, two days before training camp. But I was trying to put myself in the best position to make the Bulls. I didn't want to be on Italian time while I'm trying to make the team." Chicago Tribune

December 9, 2011 Updates

Emiliano Carchia: Brian Scalabrine is signing with Chicago Bulls a non guaranteed contract. The White Mamba started the season with @Benetton_Basket Twitter

December 5, 2011 Updates

In particular Alexander Djordjevic is very disappointed by Brian Scalabrine (206-C-78, college: USC) who left the team a couple of the days ago:'A disappointment on the human side, I didn't expect that. This is my personal opinion. He was the first NBA player in Europe to go back to the USA without a contract, without playing the latest games and help the team and greet the fans, all at 33 years ago only for going on his knees to his wife that wanted him back. He hasn't a team and an NBA contract yet. I was counting on his professionalism, respect for the club and especially for his young teammates. He could help us at least until tomorrow, the team needed it, but Scalabrine had a very negative attitude, as already shown in recent weeks, which gave us not so much on the field and beyond, indeed he has also negatively influenced other americans. We're thrown off by this, thinking of a serious professional, but caused problems with teammates and club'. Eurobasket.com

December 4, 2011 Updates

Emiliano Carchia: Sasha Djordjevic after the loss vs Montegranaro criticized the decision of Brian Scalabrine who left for US just before the game. More Djordjevic on Scalabrine: 'We are disappointed by the man, we thought he was better than this' Twitter

Emiliano Carchia: More Djordjevic on Scalabrine: 'Our youngsters felt betrayed from his choice to leave'. All via DailyBasket.it Twitter

December 2, 2011 Updates

Brian Scalabrine and Benetton Treviso officially parted ways. The American forward will return to the US trying to sign a contract in the NBA. Scalabrine has played 7 games in Serie A averaging 11.6ppg, 5.4rpg and 2.4apg per 15.6 of ranking. "I am going back to the States trying to get a contract in the NBA. Since I came to Treviso my goal was to return to the NBA" said Brian Scalabrine. Sportando

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