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May 23, 2014 Updates

After weeks of speculation over New York Knicks president Phil Jackson's intrigue with luring Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw to Madison Square Garden, Denver president Josh Kroenke made it clear to Yahoo Sports on Thursday night: It isn't happening. "Brian has said publicly – and privately to us – that his desire is to be here, and we feel strongly about him as our coach," Kroenke told Yahoo Sports. "I don't foresee a scenario or circumstance where he's going to be anywhere but with the Nuggets next season." Yahoo! Sports

The elimination of Shaw, a long-time Jackson assistant and player with the Los Angeles Lakers, keeps Oklahoma City guard Derek Fisher as the frontrunner for the Knicks job, league sources said. Jackson is waiting for the Thunder's season to end to discuss the opening with Fisher, who has a strong interest in becoming a head coach next season, sources tell Yahoo Sports. Jackson wants a coach whom he can mold and who will run his famed triangle offense. Yahoo! Sports

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May 21, 2014 Updates

Brian Shaw reiterated on Tuesday that he’s “happy” coaching in Denver and looking forward to coaching the Nuggets next season. “I said it when all the speculation first started coming out. And that’s all that it is is speculation. I’m happy where I am. I’m looking forward to coaching a healthy, full complement of players with the Nuggets next year and improving what we did,” Shaw told ESPN New York as he was leaving the NBA Draft Lottery in Manhattan. “[I] wish them well in what they’re doing but I’m happy where I am.” ESPN.com

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Sources say that in addition to Fisher, the Knicks still have interest in Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw but do not currently plan to ask the Nuggets' permission to speak with him. Because league rules restrict teams to offering only cash or draft picks as compensation for coaches, and not players, sources say New York fears it likely can't meet the Nuggets' demands if it were to try to get Shaw out of his contract. ESPN.com

May 15, 2014 Updates

Sources said Jackson also intends to explore whether the Denver Nuggets are in any way amenable to releasing Brian Shaw from his contract in exchange for some form of compensation. Shaw is a longtime Jackson favorite who, after missing out on numerous head-coaching jobs, just completed his first season with the Nuggets, posting a 36-46 record despite numerous injuries to front-line players. ESPN.com

May 1, 2014 Updates

Even though Nuggets coach Brian Shaw has ties to openings in New York and Los Angeles, he says he's not going anywhere. "I don't have a take on the L.A. situation or the New York situation," Shaw told The Post. "I have a job here in Denver that I'm happy with. Though the season didn't turn out how any of us would have liked, I'm happy where I am and I'm looking forward to coaching a full complement of healthy players. "I'm not interested in doing anything than what I'm doing now." Denver Post

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Ultimately, the team's 36-46 record wasn't close to what he wanted it to be. It was a 21-win slide from a season ago. Shaw said it's fair to hold his feet to the fire and expect more next season. "Criticism, I can take it," Shaw said. "That's nothing. I've been subjected to that at the highest levels. My expectations are higher than anybody's. So when I say I'm on the clock, and if I can't get it done, it should be on to the next one to try to find somebody that can get it done. "I believe, if we're healthy, with the guys that we have, that I can get it done. And I'm not just saying that for lip service. I believe that. So I stand behind that 100 percent." Denver Post

Brian Shaw on Player management: "Middle of the pack. If you would ask the players, I think they all genuinely like me. They probably would all say he would be one of the coolest coaches we played for. But with that being said, I also feel like that was taken advantage of at times. Because I'm laid back by nature and I try to leave a lot of things up to them to decide for themselves, and I need to be more directive when it comes to that. Obviously I feel that I was always open to communicate with them — I kept it real with them. But there were instances where the players felt like ... like the Andre Miller situation. He didn't feel like he was communicated with. Denver Post

"I wasn't aware that he had a streak of never gotten a DNP (did not play) before. I should have been more aware of that. I don't know if it would have changed anything. So there were instances where I clashed with guys. But I thought it was important that I got the way I wanted to do things established, got that foundation laid. So I stuck to my line. Some of it was good, some of it was not." Denver Post

April 18, 2014 Updates

If there was any doubt as to which side of the Kenneth Faried fence Nuggets coach Brian Shaw currently sits, there isn’t any more. “I definitely want to have him back,” Shaw said. “And expect to have him back.” Denver Post

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