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Nuggets guard Ty Lawson was back at practice Thursday, a day after he missed a plane flight that caused an unexcused absence at practice Wednesday. "I told him what happened, and he's cool with it," Lawson said of coach Brian Shaw. "So we'll just keep moving forward and keep playing hard." There is still a matter of punishment, however. The Nuggets hadn't settled on a consequence for Lawson by the time they left for Milwaukee on Thursday afternoon. And despite the fact that Lawson said he had talked to Shaw, the coach had not had a chance to have a full discussion of the matter with Lawson by the time he met with the media in early afternoon. "Internally, we'll decide what to do from there," Shaw said. Denver Post

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Sources say the club's desperation is illustrated by its willingness to move Lawson, its leader in scoring (16.9 points per game), assists (10.1) and steals (1.3). Despite Lawson's production, he and Shaw have had trouble getting on the same page, and sources say Shaw would prefer to trade him for Hill because Hill can play at both a fast and slow tempo and is a strong defender. While an assistant coach in Indiana from 2011 to '13, Shaw mentored Hill and grew close to him. "Brian loves George," said a league executive who is close to Shaw. ESPN.com

Shaw, in his second season in Denver, is already rumored to be on the hot seat. He admittedly has had trouble getting through to the players on this year's roster, and some league executives believe that is a major reason the Nuggets are trying to move so many of their players. ESPN.com

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“This team that I have is completely different than the teams that were there before,” Shaw said. “Andre Iguodala is not here anymore; Corey Brewer is not here anymore; [Danillo] Gallinari was healthy. The guys we have on this team are not the same. I don’t think it’s fair for us to play the same way that they played. We’re still trying to figure out what our identity is and how we can play that is best suited to the personnel that we have. “I don’t want to make any excuses, but we’re dealing with injuries. We’re playing 3 ½ quarters pretty well, but the half a quarter we don’t play well really does us in. That’s not to point fingers at anybody; I have to do better, we have to play better as a group. We have to play hard. It hasn’t always been the case, having a consistent level of effort. That’s what we’re trying to figure out.” Sports Illustrated

The constant trade chatter, Shaw admits, has been a distraction. “When you hear your name swirling around in trade rumors, it can’t help but have an effect on most people,” Shaw said. “But I say now and I say to them, it’s something we can’t control. As a player I was traded a few times. I can say to them until I’m blue in the face that they should continue to play and control what you can on the floor, but you are still going to think about it. It’s still going to have an effect on you. But whatever happens is going to happen. It’s part of the business and we have to deal with it.” Sports Illustrated

February 5, 2015 Updates

A couple of weeks ago when the Celtics were in Denver, I mentioned to Nuggets coach Brian Shaw that I had recently spoken to mutual friend Frank Hamblen, a longtime NBA coach. Shaw smiled. “Frank’s the one who got me into coaching,” he said. Asked if he was thinking of harming Hamblen right about now, Shaw laughed. And he did the same last night at the conversation’s recollection. These are difficult times for Shaw and the Nuggets, 11-of-12 after last night’s defeat to the Celts. Boston Herald

Shaw even admitted to rapping a pregame personnel report. Seriously. But last night, despite the Nuggets’ continued troubles on the floor, Shaw was back in friendly territory. He was a first-round draft pick of the Celtics in 1988 and had a sterling rookie season. Then, after a year in Italy and a court case, he returned for another year and a half before being traded to Miami. Shaw played his last four seasons with the Lakers, the first three of them championship years, but he maintains a warm spot for what these days is, in Fahrenheit terms, a very chilly city. Boston Herald

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