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December 27, 2014 Updates

“He got those 26 points going after offensive rebounds every single time. And probably four times, I would say tongiht, the ball got volleyballed around and it fell right in his hands and he was able to put it right back up and in. But that was just because he put himself in the right place by being in there in the first place. That’s what I want him to take away from that.” Faried seemed to hear loud and clear, and even he admitted the talk went a long way helping him regain his swagger on the court. “It helped me. I can’t even lie, it helped 110 percent,” Faried said. “We went to the back and had a conversation. He had some stuff he wanted to say, I had some stuff I wanted to say, and we came to an agreement. Now it helps just ease my mind and I can just go play my game. It is now more just like ‘go play my game and everything else will follow.'” Denver Post

December 20, 2014 Updates
December 12, 2014 Updates

SI.com: Is the team and Brian Shaw on the same page? Ty Lawson: "I think so. At the end of the day, Brian just wants to win. We are all trying to figure out a winning formula. We all want to bring a championship to Denver. We want to run, but we have to have a little bit of both. In the playoffs, we have to slow it down. We have to execute in the half court. I like both styles. And we are versatile with our players. I like half-court basketball. You can hit them with action, decide where you want to go. I never played like this before." Sports Illustrated

And unlike his brash talking as a 17-year-old senior, Bryant did not share this standard with teammates. “Kobe never spoke of trying to surpass this guy or that guy. He just worked every day,” said Nuggets coach Brian Shaw, Bryant’s former teammate and assistant coach. “It’s not an accident he’s as good as he is. It didn’t just happen. He put in the time.” Now that he has, Bryant believes he has achieved something besides adding fuel to the comparisons with Jordan. Bryant carved his own identity. “We’ve had different career paths,” Bryant said. “But I feel a great sense of accomplishment having to carry on the two-guard legacy from Jerry to Michael to myself.” Los Angeles Daily News

December 8, 2014 Updates

Do the Nuggets need help at reserve point guard? Maybe so, Nuggets coach Brian Shaw said on Monday. "Especially with Nate (Robinson) out and Randy (Foye) out, we don't have another guy to get us into our offense and run things for us," Shaw said. "So, that's something as an organization that we're going to have to think about - having another point guard or adding another point guard or something to our roster where, because if anything happens to Ty (Lawson), we're in trouble. It's as simple as that." Denver Post

November 24, 2014 Updates

Despite denying it, Kobe Bryant considers it highly important to pass Michael Jordan's career scoring mark. So says one of Bryant's closest ex-teammates. Bryant is only 218 points from passing Jordan for third on the NBA all-time list after scoring 27 on Sunday against the Denver Nuggets. "I think that he'll probably just say that it's just another milestone, but it's obvious that Jordan was somebody that Kobe idolized and looked up to," said Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw, who won three championships with the Lakers while helping mentor a barely 20-something Bryant. "I think that would be one of the things that's right up there, when you can kind of get at the same level or surpass somebody of that magnitude and somebody that you patterned your game after. Whether he says it or not, I personally feel that it would be one of his greatest accomplishments." Los Angeles Times

November 19, 2014 Updates

Don't expect Brian Shaw to go anywhere during the season. And I'd also caution against making a final determination on what the Nuggets are after just 10 games. There are still 72 to go. Many, many things can change. Or they may not. But we really don't know much about what the Nuggets actually are while we're still in the first full month of play in the NBA. Save for a couple of games where fouls or injuries have altered things, Shaw has settled in on the players he's going to play the most. Denver Post

November 17, 2014 Updates

Several sources around the league insist the Nuggets' hand was forced with regard to Faried. After the signing of Hickson to a three-year, approximately $16 million contract soon after Connelly's arrival, the sense was the bouncy big man was insurance against Faried's departure in free agency in 2014. Faried was a fan favorite in Denver, but multiple sources with knowledge of the Nuggets' thinking maintain the team "isn't crazy about him," particularly Shaw. But with Faried's boffo showing last summer with Team USA and a loyal following in Denver, the media-conscious Nuggets caved, adding yet another imperfect 4-man to their lot. "[Faried] is a helluva player and plays hard, but he isn't well liked [in the organization]," a league source said. "That gets glossed over. He says crazy s---. He thinks he's the guy, and other guys take exception to his contract." ESPN.com

Denver coach and Phil Jackson disciple Brian Shaw is slowly moving onto the hot seat and if Jackson has it in his budget, could bring him aboard. The Post reported if Shaw came with no strings attached, he would have offered the former Lakers assistant the job over Fisher last May. Fisher said Shaw hasn’t run the triangle in Denver but Shaw seemed to dispute that to a point. “We have a lot of triangle principles in our offense,’’ Shaw said. “A lot of two man game and three man on the other side. I beg to differ. There are a lot of similarities. Difference is we don’t run a two guard front which is the true form of the triangle but obviously our roster was built to play a different way.’’ New York Post

November 16, 2014 Updates

Kiz: I've done interviews with NBA coaches for 30 years. And I've never heard a coach talk so frankly about the possibility of his dismissal so early in a season, as Shaw did when he told me his "head is the one that's going to be on the guillotine" if the Nuggets don't improve quickly. There's no way Kroenke likes the idea of firing Shaw without giving a fair amount of time for a new coach's system to succeed. But here are the key questions: Do the players have this coach's back? Do they trust him? I'm not sure Shaw and forward Kenneth Faried can coexist in the long run. Denver Post

November 13, 2014 Updates

"I started a different group in the second half," said Shaw. "A group that I thought was gonna at least fight and go out fighting, regardless of what happened. So, we go from a 45 point second quarter to a 46 point second half that we gave up. We almost gave up as many points in that second quarter as we did in the whole second half. "So I commend the guys: Ty, Alonzo Gee, Wilson, D.A., and J.J. - who started the third quarter and didn't give up, kept fighting, and showed what a little bit of effort can do," Shaw continued. "There's nothing else that needs to be said other than the guys who give that kind of effort will be rewarded by being on the floor and playing." denverstiffs.com

October 1, 2014 Updates
September 30, 2014 Updates

And there's a certain field leader Shaw wants to take Lawson to visit in order to show him what he expects of him. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. "One thing I wanted to do with him," Shaw said, "and still may do before we get too heavy into is I want to take him to a Broncos practice so he can see Peyton Manning and how he directs traffic, and how everybody falls in line behind him. But they only do that because they know the work ethic that he has and the time he puts in, and they respect that." CBSSports.com

September 29, 2014 Updates
September 25, 2014 Updates

In the locker room, where they dress and tease and bond and strategize, it’s all about chemistry. Except when it’s about technology. “Say we have a shootaround or a team meeting that starts at 9:30. Guys start trickling in at 9:15,” Denver coach Brian Shaw said the other day, talking about these modern times. “We used to come in and sit around and talk to one another face to face. Now these guys have their devices and they’ll all be sitting at a table and nobody’s saying anything to anybody. They’re just punching buttons and looking down, and there’s no interaction.” NBA.com

“It’s a big challenge coaching now,” said Shaw, who — when he was an NBA rookie in 1988 — needed a quarter and a glass booth if he wanted to fiddle with a phone at the Boston Garden. “There are so many more options for them, so many more things to take their attention away from what you’re trying to do as coach. You have to constantly bring them back in and keep them engaged.” NBA.com

May 30, 2014 Updates

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