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December 30, 2013 Updates

Pau Gasol for Brook Lopez? It would seem, on the surface, that merely posing such a question is a moot point given that Lopez is out for the season after re-breaking his troublesome right foot. Beneath the surface, though, there are at least two reasons to address it here: 1. Sources with knowledge of the discussions told ESPN.com that the Lakers did indeed engage the Nets earlier this month in some exploratory talks to see if Brooklyn had interest in such a swap. Sources say that the Nets balked at the idea when it was presented before Lopez's injury, but it's still noteworthy if it happened. ESPN.com

The Lakers were known to be, at the very least, calling around to gauge Gasol's value before they decided to pull Pau off the market earlier this month. So determining how serious the Lakers really were with their Lopez interest is tricky ... especially since Lopez's health misfortune extinguishes any realistic hope of Pau-for-Brook talks re-igniting between now and the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Yet the mere concept of Gasol and Lopez exchanging jerseys nonetheless gets you thinking, because Lopez is owed $32.5 million over the next two seasons after this one. ESPN.com

Trading for players whose contracts expire in 2015 is one thing. There have been whispers in circulation for some time now that the Lakers, as opposed to wasting time with the long-shot pursuits of LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony, might be willing to go that route if they knew they could indeed get a difference-maker or two back to pair with Kobe Bryant in Year 1 of Kobe's new two-year, $48.5 million contract extension. But trading for a highly paid player whose contract stretches into 2015-16 is something else entirely. ESPN.com

August 24, 2013 Updates
February 15, 2013 Updates

Brook Lopez: He also told the two Mikes how he prepared last summer for a career without the Nets. Asked about hearing his name in trade rumors, Lopez seemed to be saying he was prepared for a deal and that as a result, he focused on his goals and ready no matter where he wound up. It's a business, it's the nature of the business but I tend to try to ignore that stuff and work on bettering my game and putting myself in a position especially this summer whne they were really rampant I was working on putting myself in a position to succeed whether I was still with the Nets or wherever I was, with whatever trade is going down. NetsDaily

Stephen A. Smith: "Now, here's the problem. He doesn't determine that. He can't force his way to Brooklyn, can't pull that off. You gotta remember, the way the rules are stipulated now, you understand, the reality of the situation is that with the Nets, he had his chance. Now, if they want to let go of Brook Lopez, and they're able to unload Kris Humphries, you know, things of that nature, something could happen. But the Nets have to be willing to capitulate and the Lakers have to be convinced he's definitely going to leave. They've got less than a week. You know trading deadline is rapidly approaching. It's February 21. It's a problem! "But I'm just telling you... RR: "He's still saying that? He's still thinks he's going to Brooklyn?" Stephen A. Smith: "He still believes it." NetsDaily

January 24, 2013 Updates

Nets center Brook Lopez started laughing before the question was even finished being asked. The latest rumor linking Lopez with Dwight Howard of the Lakers in a trade left him more amused than annoyed. And not for the first time. “I was at that point a long time ago,” he said before the Nets faced the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night at Target Center. “I don’t pay any attention to what the media says. I just go about my business and focus on what’s important here.” New York Times

January 23, 2013 Updates

Lopez is having the best season of his career, blossoming into an aggressive defender and an All-Star candidate. The Nets are a lot happier with having Lopez over Howard – who has become a running joke amongst players – than they were last season. “We’re happy with Brook,” Williams said. “Brook is our center. He’s having an All-Star year. I don’t see Brook going anywhere.” New York Daily News

“(Lopez and I) talked about it last night,” Williams said. “All it is is rumors and sources. Sources are not credible to me. Until you put a name to a source, it’s not credible. “I’d be really surprised if Lopez doesn’t make (the All-Star reserves, which will be announced tomorrow). I don’t know how you could leave Brook off. What he’s meant to this team on both sides of the floor. He’s been the most consistent throughout this season. I think he’s an All-Star. …I think in general he just came in with a chip on his shoulders, being in thrown around in trade rumors for the last two years and being hurt last year and people doubting him, so I think he definitely came in ready to go this year and really confident. Hopefully people are taking notice.” New York Daily News

According to multiple team sources, the Nets have not engaged in trade talks for Howard and remain skeptical the Lakers will deal their center by next month’s deadline. They’ve also talked privately with Lopez about the circumstances, reassuring him that he’s not involved in any trade proposals after he signed a four-year, $61 million deal. New York Daily News

January 22, 2013 Updates

King, according to sources, was confident that he had a trade proposal that was a perfect fit for all teams involved. According to sources, King was planning to contact the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to gauge their interest in a three-team trade that would send Kevin Love to the Lakers, Brook Lopez to the Timberwolves and Dwight Howard to the Nets. Other small pieces would need to be included, but the proposed trade was thought to be intriguing enough to start conversations in the Lakers front office that would force them to deal with Howard earlier than planned. That idea, however, was hurt when Love was sidelined 8-10 weeks with a broken hand. RealGM

December 15, 2012 Updates

Marc J. Spears: PLAYERS WHO CAN'T BE TRADED UNTIL 1/15/13 CONT.: B Lopez; J McGee; Novak; Rush; Speights; J Thompson. Twitter @SpearsNBAYahoo

August 15, 2012 Updates

In Harkless, the 15th pick in the June draft by Philadelphia, the Magic see a young player with serious potential to be their small forward of the future. In Vucevic, they see a versatile, smart big man entering the second year of his rookie contract who was a spot starter and improving player for the Sixers last season. Altogether, the chance to obtain young players who fit their vision while also netting the three first-round picks and two second-rounders appealed most to the Magic. Sources with knowledge of the talks said that wasn't the case with Brooklyn's most recent proposal. Before Brook Lopez's re-signing on July 11 ended the talks with the Nets because he could no longer be included in the deal, the Magic -- who had a chance to get four first-round picks (with Nets guard MarShon Brooks being traded to the Clippers, or some other third team, in exchange for one of the picks) -- had been against the idea of saddling their payroll with Lopez on a maximum contract (four years, $61 million) or, to a much lesser degree, power forward Kris Humphries on a deal that would guarantee him about $10 million next season. Most, if not all, of those picks would likely have all been late first- rounders based on any reasonable projections of the Nets' future (and that of the Clippers, if they had signed off on that deal). SI.com

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August 9, 2012 Updates
August 4, 2012 Updates

It's unclear whether Magic officials still believe there's a legitimate chance they can convince Howard to remain long-term. Perhaps the team's brain trust thinks the potential reward outweighs the possible risk. At the bare minimum, the Brooklyn Nets still would trade for Howard once Brook Lopez becomes trade-eligible again Jan. 15. Orlando Sentinel

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