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August 15, 2012 Updates

In Harkless, the 15th pick in the June draft by Philadelphia, the Magic see a young player with serious potential to be their small forward of the future. In Vucevic, they see a versatile, smart big man entering the second year of his rookie contract who was a spot starter and improving player for the Sixers last season. Altogether, the chance to obtain young players who fit their vision while also netting the three first-round picks and two second-rounders appealed most to the Magic. Sources with knowledge of the talks said that wasn't the case with Brooklyn's most recent proposal. Before Brook Lopez's re-signing on July 11 ended the talks with the Nets because he could no longer be included in the deal, the Magic -- who had a chance to get four first-round picks (with Nets guard MarShon Brooks being traded to the Clippers, or some other third team, in exchange for one of the picks) -- had been against the idea of saddling their payroll with Lopez on a maximum contract (four years, $61 million) or, to a much lesser degree, power forward Kris Humphries on a deal that would guarantee him about $10 million next season. Most, if not all, of those picks would likely have all been late first- rounders based on any reasonable projections of the Nets' future (and that of the Clippers, if they had signed off on that deal). SI.com

August 10, 2012 Updates
August 9, 2012 Updates
August 4, 2012 Updates

It's unclear whether Magic officials still believe there's a legitimate chance they can convince Howard to remain long-term. Perhaps the team's brain trust thinks the potential reward outweighs the possible risk. At the bare minimum, the Brooklyn Nets still would trade for Howard once Brook Lopez becomes trade-eligible again Jan. 15. Orlando Sentinel

July 31, 2012 Updates

Brook Lopez's new contract has a 15% trade kicker if he's traded in the first three years of his four-year deal, according to league sources. Under the terms of the trade kicker, the team acquiring Lopez in a trade would have to pay him an bonus equal to 15% of what he's owed over the course of the contract, his "remaining salary." NetsDaily

The kicker would seem to complicate trade scenarios involving Lopez. For example if he is traded at a point where he's still owed $40 million, the acquiring team would have to pay him $6 million upfront. As Mark Deeks explains in ShamSports, writes, a trade kicker "can only be bothersome to teams and emphatically benefit a player." Deeks also notes that Hedo Turkoglu's contract also contains a "trade kicker" of 15%, complicated his inclusion in any deal. NetsDaily

July 26, 2012 Updates

Without a deal that would deliver him to the Lakers in the near future, sources said Howard wants Henningan to revisit trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets in January, when center Brook Lopez is eligible to be traded. If deals don't surface with the Lakers or Nets, Howard plans to sign with the Dallas Mavericks as a free agent in the summer of 2013. Yahoo! Sports

July 25, 2012 Updates

Rival executives believe Orlando is determined to play hardball with Howard and will not simply cave to his demand. One possibility is that Orlando prefers to hold onto Howard until January 15, when all players who signed contracts in the offseason are eligible to be traded. Among those players is Brooklyn center Brook Lopez, the centerpiece player in a Howard deal with the Nets who is recovering from surgery to repair a broken foot. By waiting, the Magic would be able to get a close look at Lopez and assess whether he has fully recovered. SI.com

July 23, 2012 Updates
July 18, 2012 Updates
July 13, 2012 Updates
July 12, 2012 Updates

The Nets avoided losing their restricted free agent center, re-signing Brook Lopez, and thereby crushing any chance for a trade. Charlotte was prepared to give Lopez a four-year offer, as were the Trail Blazers, sources maintained. The Nets ended the Howard pursuit and finalized re-signing Lopez, something in the works for a while. “The window to get it [Howard trade] done became so small,” one league source said, “it just couldn’t be done.” New York Post

July 11, 2012 Updates

The Nets and Brook Lopez moved closer to completing an agreement for a five-year, $78 million maximum contract extension, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Once Lopez signs with Brooklyn, the franchise's pursuit of a Howard deal officially ends. Yahoo! Sports

Orlando has became aggressive again with Houston in trade talks on Tuesday, and is still holding dialogue with the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams about a Howard blockbuster. After a three-team deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers fell apart this week for Howard, the Nets were scrambling to find a way to do a trade directly with Orlando, or perhaps even recruit additional teams at this late stage in the Lopez talks, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

If a deal for Howard isn't done on Wednesday, a source with knowledge of the Nets' strategy said Brooklyn plans to sign Lopez and move on with its team as constructed. Because Howard is widely expected to be traded sooner rather than later -- the Rockets, Hawks and Lakers are among the teams that have spoken with Orlando -- the Nets' signing of Lopez would likely bring an end to their extended pursuit of the three-time Defensive Player of the Year. SI.com

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