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April 26, 2015 Updates

If he opts out this summer, Lopez will join a loaded crop of definite unrestricted free agent centers including: Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler, Omer Asik, Robin Lopez and Brandan Wright. If Lopez waits until 2016, he’ll join a smaller list of definite unrestricted free agent centers including Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Hassan Whiteside. According to league sources, Lopez is not leaning one way or the other and his agent will wait until after the season to make an informed decision. SheridanHoops

April 20, 2015 Updates

In an extraordinary NBA TV post-game show, Isiah Thomas and Rick Fox ripped the Nets point guards and by extension, their game plan, with Thomas, the Hall of Fame point guard, saying that if he was Brook Lopez, he would have started a locker room fight with his point guards, "throw them up on the floor." "Their reluctance to throw the ball inside baffles me," said an agitated Thomas. "As a big man playing for the Brooklyn Nets, I would be sooo upset with the guards. The big man should go into the locker room and there should be a fight with the little guard. He should grab that little guard and throw him up on the floor and say, 'Next time, when I'm open, throw me the call in the paint.' "Watching the game as a point guard, I am seriously frustrated that you've got bigs underneath the basket with a man sealed on their back and you are reluctant to throw them the basketball." "He had 14 points, 17 rebounds, six for seven! That ball should have been inside to him a lot more tonight. " NetsDaily

April 12, 2015 Updates
April 8, 2015 Updates
April 7, 2015 Updates

The market for Teletovic is tough to pin down. The blood clot adds a health variable, and Brooklyn could be in tax trouble should both Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young opt into their contracts for next season. That could make Brooklyn reluctant to hand out the $4.2 million qualifying offer required to keep matching rights on Teletovic. Young and Teletovic also have somewhat overlapping skill sets, though Young is not on Teletovic’s level as a shooter and the Nets could play them together in funky, position-less lineups. Grantland

Lopez then scored 32 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the highly anticipated matchup against his brother, Robin. "I don't know," Brook told reporters why he and his brother don't acknowledge one another on the court. "I can't explain it. It's been unsaid this whole time. We never talked about it. We don't talk much." What does he mean by saying they ‘don't talk much?' "We have a FaceBook chat with our guys from high school and Stanford, so we talk to other people on the chat but we don't really refer to each other much. But we talk on that chat everyday, kind of, I guess." NetsDaily

April 6, 2015 Updates
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March 30, 2015 Updates

Lionel Hollins has been at odds with Brook Lopez at times this season. But that doesn’t mean he wants a breakup. “I don’t worry about whether he’s going to be a free agent, whether he’s going to be back, or anything like that,” Hollins said. “Obviously I’d like for him to be back. I hope he’s going to be back. But those decisions are not mine, and I don’t worry about it.” The Brooklyn Game

When pressed further about his role in the team’s decision-making process, Hollins grew exasperated. “I just said I want him back. How many damn times do I have to say that? Damn.” Hollins then turned to each individual reporter, repeating the mantra: “I want him back. I want him back. I want him back. Okay, everybody got it? I want him back. I want him back. But it’s still his call.” The Brooklyn Game

March 29, 2015 Updates

This is the Brook Lopez the Nuggets had eyes for leading up to the trade deadline — a deadly scorer on the block who blocks and alters shots on the defensive end. The Nets rebuffed all trade offers, but they could lose Lopez if he opts out of the final year of his contract this summer. Doing so would make him a coveted, unrestricted free agent, and the Nuggets could make another run at acquiring him if they’re able to clear the salary cap space needed to make that happen. Denver Post

March 28, 2015 Updates

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