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January 29, 2012 Updates

It’s a tenacity that serves Bowen well these days. When not heading to ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn., for camera time as an NBA analyst — always wearing a signature bow tie — the ex-player concentrates on his charity and promotional work closer to home. And, whenever possible, a blossoming passion for golf. “We went golfing early on, and Bruce would see me throw fits on the golf course and he’d say, ‘Man, you’ve got to relax out here, it’s all fun,’?” Elliott said. “This was when Bruce was really wet behind the ears, a virgin golfer. The last two or three times I’ve been out with Bruce, he’ll hit a bad shot and I’ll see him mumble to himself and I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s starting to get it.’ It was only a matter of time. You can’t play defense in golf.” It’s all part of the adjustment for Bowen, whose signature sense of humor is still as much a part of his game plan as being approachable for fans. San Antonio Express-News

January 24, 2012 Updates

While it is clear the Spurs primarily are recognizing Bowen for his defensive excellence, he became a reliable 3-point shooter during his eight seasons in silver and black, especially from the corners. He led the NBA in 3-point accuracy in 2002-03, 44.1 percent. How many practice 3-pointers did Bowen take in pursuit of an offensive skill that would keep him on the floor? “I couldn’t tell you,” he said. “I understood my role here was to defend and there were times my offense got me in trouble with Pop. But there were times Pop drew up plays for me and made me feel great.” San Antonio Express-News

Spurs captain Tim Duncan credited Bowen for understanding his role and perfecting it. “He knew what he needed to do to stay on the floor, and he stuck to that,” Duncan said. “Those people are rare. Everybody wants to be something they’re not. His focus was to be the best he could at what he was.” San Antonio Express-News

January 23, 2012 Updates

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they will retire Bruce Bowen’s No. 12 jersey on Wednesday, March 21 when the Spurs host the Minnesota Timberwolves. Bowen’s No. 12 jersey will join James Silas’ No. 13, George Gervin’s No. 44, Johnny Moore’s No. 00, David Robinson’s No. 50, Sean Elliott’s No. 32 and Avery Johnson’s No. 6 in the rafters in the AT&T Center. “Bruce Bowen was the premier perimeter defender in the NBA for close to a decade,” said Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich. “His success is proof that hard work and determination do, in fact, pay off. Statistics are meaningless when talking about his importance to this franchise. The simple fact is the Spurs don't win NBA Championships in 2003, 2005 and 2007 without Bruce Bowen.” NBA.com

Bruce Bowen: I've always said that we all have certain talents. It's up to you what you do with those talents. You can maximize them or you can sit on them. Not everyone can run as fast as Tony, not everyone is as creative as Manu, and then you have Tim who is the most talented big I have ever played with and a future hall of famer. That being said, for me it was about getting the most out of what I was given. I was good defensively and I really maximized that whole defensive aspect of things. For defense it's more about the desire. You may not have the ability to do all the things that Tim, Manu or Tony can do. But you can be a Bruce Bowen if you set your mind to it. And I think because of that more people could relate to me, they saw someone who just gave it their all when I was on the court. I just appreciated so much being out there each and every night. Because of my appreciation for it, I think that's why people saw me play at the level I played. NBA.com

BH: Did you ever think this day would come that your jersey would be up there? BB: It's not something I thought about. It's not something I shot for. I think I'm more appreciative of the camaraderie and the relationships that developed from my time here. I have all these special people in my life because of the Spurs. Pop, Tim, Tony, Manu, Brett Brown, Mike Budenholzer, Coach New, they all hold a special place with me because they were there from the beginning. NBA.com

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When Popovich has now returned from vacation, said in an interview on Tiago Splitter and said just that, the Brazilian has to find his role on the team. He quoted you saying that you just threw some points of the court, and at other points you'd better not walk ... Bruce Bowen: (Laughs) True. It will be a smooth transition for Tiago. He is accustomed to playing at high level. In addition, you can reach without the pressure of having to do much. He can turn to Duncan and ask, "Hey, Tim, what I need to do here?" And Tim will help you. Tiago (has) luck of having a future Hall of Fame member to guide you. ProjectSpurs.com

In addition, San Antonio is a team accustomed to opening the doors to foreign players, see the case of Manu Ginobili, who turned actor there. To you who know so well this franchise is the right home for Tiago? I think, first of all, the success of Spurs Tiago will leave satisfied. They are aware of who the player and will make things easier for him. What matters is to make him comfortable in a position to contribute. Who knows what can he do? Everything will depend on how much he'll learn some things. For example, the game is not as physical as it is in the NBA FIBA. He'll need to dose intensity, even bringing that energy, but backing off a little. ProjectSpurs.com

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