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May 25, 2014 Updates

The Nets may reach into their past to aid their present and future. Buck Williams, the greatest power forward in the history of the franchise, is being considered for a multi-pronged position with the team with duties including player development plus sponsorship and community relations, according to several league sources. “We’ve talked about it but it’s certainly not a done deal,” said one member of the team’s hierarchy. “We’d love to have him and could use him in a million ways. There’s no real job description as such but Buck could be [utilized] in player development, with sponsorships, with community relations. “It is something that has been discussed and we’ll likely talk about it again,” the team employee said. New York Post

March 10, 2014 Updates

"There weren't a lot of 'us' in the locker room," Johnson said. "Whether it was Earvin or Bob Lanier or Julius [Erving], we tended to get the opportunity to get more time with these emerging stars, and also get better quotes. We had an opportunity, once the conversation went past the game, we'd talk about life. Again, we were all the same age. A lot of these conversations happened over a meal. I remember Buck Williams calling me in the hotel -- what are you doing tonight? It wasn't just Earvin. It was a lot of emerging black stars, like Isiah [Thomas], who just gravitated toward us. These were smart guys who went to college, maybe just one or two years, but they were smart." NBA.com

June 25, 2013 Updates
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August 18, 2012 Updates
May 12, 2012 Updates

The days of Portland Trail Blazers assistant coach, Buck Williams, in the Rose City appears to be dwindling due to other priorities the team is working on at the moment and he's concerned. Assistant coaches for the Trail Blazers are only granted one-year deals and Williams has language in his contract that gives the team two weeks after the season is completed to notify him if they're going to extend him another year or not.The end of that two week period is today and acting general manager Chad Buchanan says the team will not extend Williams' deal and will let the next head coach bring in his own crew. “I just want to remain a Blazer somehow,” Williams said. “I spent a lot of time in Portland and love it here. But, I understand a new coach has the right to pick his own staff.” CSNNW.com

September 19, 2011 Updates

Joe Freeman: Helping fill Bayno's player development role is Buck Williams. He'll join staff full-time this year after serving part-time role a year ago. Twitter

July 28, 2010 Updates

What's the Buck Williams coaching style? Buck Williams: "My angle is going to be whatever coach Nate McMillan wants it to be. I'm going to line myself up with what he's doing and when he seeks my advice I'll be there and give him my (advice) on issues with the frontcourt or the guards or whatever. But I'm just here to learn. To have the kind of coaching staff we have, with coach (Bernie) Bickerstaff and (Bob) Ociepka and the other guys that have been here, it's just a great opportunity for me and a great opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in the league." Coach McMillan said he didn't want to pigeonhole you guys into roles, but you'll be working with the bigs and they will gravitate to you for obvious reasons … BW: "I hope so. I'm looking forward to working with all the bigs. LaMarcus (Aldridge) is a very talented guy, so is Greg (Oden), so hopefully we can spend a lot of time together; I'm looking forward to it. I'm just looking to be a coach and to have these kind of guys to work with every day, it's just a tremendous opportunity. I'm just looking forward to working with these guys." Oregonian

July 26, 2010 Updates
July 22, 2010 Updates
July 21, 2010 Updates

Trail Blazers legend Buck Williams is being considered as a candidate to join coach Nate McMillan’s staff, McMillan said Wednesday. McMillan flew to Washington D.C. to interview Williams last week, and Blazers president Larry Miller followed up with a phone interview on Tuesday. Miller on Wednesday said it appears as if a deal will be struck. Williams on Wednesday said his appointment is “still up in the air” but he acknowledged that the two sides are talking. Oregonian

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