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January 11, 2015 Updates

Lakers coach Byron Scott reported that Bryant has experienced “a little body soreness,” a similar situation that prompted Scott to sit him last month for three consecutive games. “We gave him four or five days off and he came back and looked rejuvenated,” Scott said. “We’re still trying to be cautious with that.” Lakers guard Wayne Ellington will start at shooting guard if Bryant cannot play. But Scott plans to have more followup conversations with Bryant leading into tipoff. “I trust him,” Scott said. When he tells me he feels okay, To me, that means it’s not good enough right now. He’s allowing me to make that decision. When I ask him, ‘Can you play.” he says, ‘I’m sore, but I can play.’ That’s when I say, ‘just rest tonight.’” Los Angeles Daily News

Black, who actually said "opportunity" 11 times in the first three minutes of an interview Saturday, felt an immediate connection with Scott when the Lakers claimed him. "As soon as I walked through the door, coach shook my hand and told me that as long as I work hard, I'll be all right out here. Usually coaches don't even really talk to us like that unless you're their franchise player or their top draft pick," Black said. "Undrafted guys? They don't give you the time of day. Coaches here have shown me love from day one." Los Angeles Times

January 10, 2015 Updates
January 8, 2015 Updates

But when Coach Byron Scott called the Lakers “soft” Wednesday – repeatedly, at that – it carried more weight. “He said the same thing I said,” Bryant said after the Lakers lost 114-89 to the Clippers, “he just didn’t use the toilet paper analogy.” Scott didn’t need to name-check Charmin as Bryant did to get his point across. His unflinching glare, and pursed lips made it clear enough. “We were soft,” he said. Orange County Register

January 7, 2015 Updates
January 6, 2015 Updates

The team announced that Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak’s 15-year-old daughter, Alina, died on Monday morning after dealing with a lengthy undisclosed illness. “We’re all hurt. It puts basketball in a different light. It’s not that important,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said. “We sat down as coaches this morning. There wasn’t a lot of words we said. As a parent, all of us who have kids and especially us fathers who have daughters, I can’t imagine being here and my daughter is not here. That’s not the way it’s supposed to happen.” Los Angeles Daily News

January 5, 2015 Updates

“This was, I thought, pretty much a no-brainer,” Scott said before Sunday’s game against Indiana. “We have three games in four nights. Going into tonight’s game, (it’s) going to be a tough one. Obviously Monday’s gonna be tough, Wednesday’s gonna be tough. They’re all tough. To try to get him as much rest as possible, it made a lot more sense to me to play him tonight and rest on Monday.” NBA.com

January 4, 2015 Updates

With the ball in Memphis point guard Mike Conley's hands, Lin did not take the foul. Even when Bryant was screaming at him to do so. Eventually, Bryant ran over and fouled Conley himself. Lin was asked what happened, and he said Los Angeles head coach Byron Scott repeatedly told him not to foul. CBSSports.com

January 3, 2015 Updates

Byron Scott is happy Kobe Bryant has been averaging close to a triple-double in the three games he has played since returning from a three-game rest last week, but the Los Angeles Lakers coach is hoping his star player will shoot more moving forward. "It's been interesting," Scott said after practice on Saturday. "He's really trying to keep his [shot attempt] numbers down to the 14, 15, 16 area and I want him up in the 18, 19 area, but I can't argue with the results. He's getting everyone involved. He's rebounding the ball and had 8, 9, 11 assists in the last couple of games. I can't argue with the results and he's still being aggressive as far as looking for his shots but he's still being aggressive as far as looking for his teammates. I would like his shots to be up more up but I can't argue with the way he's playing." ESPN.com

Bryant was at the Lakers training facility on Saturday but did not practice with the team and was sent home by Scott not long after he arrived. He is expected to start Sunday's game against the Indiana Pacers. "I had texted him earlier not to come in but by the time he got the text he was already on his way," Scott said. "Once he came here I told him to get something to eat, get back out and we'll see him tomorrow." ESPN.com

Kobe Bryant yelled at Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin to foul Conley, but when Lin hesitated Bryant ran over and fouled Conley himself with 12 seconds left. It turns out Lin was simply following orders. Head coach Byron Scott said after the game that he had told Lin to wait until the clock ran to 10 seconds before fouling. Via Lakers Nation: “[Lin] was trying to listen to me while I’m trying to talk to him, and Kobe ran up and made the foul — and as I told Kobe that was my judgment, you know, just to hold off for a minute…. I was thinking it wasn’t going to make much of a difference, to be honest, because I knew we were going to get another shot at it as well. So I just wanted to wait until about the 10-second mark.” For The Win

After Phil Jackson committed to New York for five years, the list of potential candidates that fit the criteria was beyond paper-thin. It began and ended with Scott. No other coach the Lakers could have hired would have pulled off the “experiment” Scott is currently orchestrating with Bryant. After telling Bryant to take a week off and miss three games last week, he has reduced Bryant’s minutes to about 32 per game and has told him to sit out of most practices and shootarounds. ESPN.com

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