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About 12 years after leading Canada to the quarterfinals of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Nash became the national team's general manager nine months ago in hopes of increasing the team's international prestige. "I could still be playing for the national team," said Nash, who stopped playing for the national team after 2007. "But the reason I did it early is because I felt like the program needed a change. "Most importantly, there's a bunch of kids I feel I can help." Los Angeles Daily News

According to Canadian basketball's chief executive officer, Wayne Parrish, Nash's arrival improved fundraising efforts that enhanced their operating budget from $300,000 in 2012 to $1 million this year. "I don't think all of that happens unless Steve is asking for it," Triano said. "Not to take away from the people out there to do it, but the fact Steve is on board makes it more enticing." Los Angeles Daily News

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“I think gone are the days when you can throw 12 players out there and expect to compete, and I think my time with the United States team showed that,” Triano said. “Jerry Colangelo asked those players for a three-year commitment. When they did that and the players became committed, that’s when they became successful and won back-to-back gold medals.” Toronto Globe & Mail

Getting Nash back on board was the key to this renaissance. It’s no coincidence that Canada Basketball’s fortunes slipped when Nash distanced himself from the program following Triano’s removal in 2005. “It started with Steve, we had to get our house in order (and the) cornerstone in my mind was Steve,” said Canada Basketball CEO Wayne Parrish following Triano’s rehiring. Suddenly, with Nash back on the scene, the top talent that had been standoffish for years, perhaps taking an “if he’s not involved, why should I be?” approach, decided to fully commit. Toronto Sun

There is no confusion anymore. Whatever the reasons are, it is clear where the players stand. “A couple of years ago, we’d be lucky to have at least five of the top guys in the country at training camp. Now, we’re building something real special here, and guys are realizing that,” said Thompson, the fourth pick in the 2011 draft. “The energy and the vibe is unbelievable right now,” added Toronto’s Myck Kabongo. Toronto Sun

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It is entirely logical and sensible and fitting that Steve Nash and Jay Triano should be teaming up to help restore Canada’s international basketball reputation, working together because it’s been that way seemingly forever. “I’ve known Jay for 21, 22 years, since he recruited me to go to Simon Fraser University from Victoria and he’s always been a class act, just a phenomenal person and somebody who always seemed to be selfless,” said Nash, general manager of the Canadian senior men’s team that Triano is now coaching again. “He obviously wanted a young player to go to his university but he was also very honest with me. He told me he thought I should go play basketball in the States and for a coach that’s trying to recruit you, that was a different approach. Toronto Star

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