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November 22, 2013 Updates

I’m obviously not opposed to trade suggestions as I make up my share. But as I’ve written many times, the Bulls have no plans to trade Deng. Or Boozer. Did I mention that? Anyway, I don’t see where this does much for the Magic as Nelson’s deal has a buyout for next season and they already have way too many young players and hardly need yet another draft pick along with theirs, especially one at the bottom of the first round. Plus, they actually have to start paying players as they’re so far under the cap and have to get up to 85 percent. And as Afflalo has played well, they seem to be viewing him as their most valuable “asset” to use in a major deal. Hardly to pick up bad draft picks. Meanwhile, if the Bulls were to take on a long term deal for someone like Afflalo, who is a very good shooting guard but never close to being an All Star, it pretty much locks them in to this roster if the season goes badly. NBA.com

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November 10, 2013 Updates

When Reggie Rose, the older brother/manager of Bulls standout Derrick Rose, ripped into the makeup of the team in February, there were rumors in the locker room that he was talking about Boozer without singling him out. There was also speculation that Derrick Rose didn’t care much for Boozer off the court. ‘‘We’re all good dudes, man,’’ Boozer told the Sun-Times in dismissing that thought last season. ‘‘We don’t have any jerks on this team. . . . The thing is, we’re all friends off the court. We hang out off the court.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

The Boozer-Rose dynamic was brought up again Sunday, but this time it was about their on-the-court chemistry and the notion that Boozer is a more effective player without Rose than with him. ‘‘Don’t let the stats fool you; don’t let people talk to you with their theories,’’ Boozer said. ‘‘We all benefit from having Derrick on the floor with us.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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Carlos Boozer is enjoying his vacation out on the sea, chilling with dolphins. The Chicago Bulls forward is currently living the #yachtlife, which doesn’t seem like a bad option. Boozer also shared his first foray into nature filmography, a clip of dolphins swimming alongside his yacht. For The Win

Carlos Boozer had been the subject of ridicule amongst Chicago Bulls fans for a few years for his passive defense and issues finishing around the rim, but he put together a fantastic comeback season in 2012-13. Boozer averaged 16.2 points and 9.8 rebounds for a Bulls team in desperate need of both without Derrick Rose, and sustained those numbers against increased competition in the playoffs. And his defense, honestly, was much improved. As a result, he’s allowed a nice vacation. With a dolphin. From Boozer’s Instagram account on Wednesday, via Ananth Pandian: Yahoo! Sports

May 16, 2013 Updates

Rose wandered through the postgame locker room Wednesday night in Miami, offering support and condolences to teammates. He declined an interview request. But his teammates already are looking forward to playing with him next season. "He’s a game changer all by himself," Carlos Boozer said. "Takes the game over anytime he wants to. Makes plays for everybody, makes it easier for everybody. His presence alone will add a lot to our team. "The thing about our team is the three years we’ve been together, we’ haven’t been healthy in a playoff run yet. If we are, we could be scary." Chicago Tribune

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A few minutes later, Chicago forward Carlos Boozer had finished complaining about a noncall inside when James dribbled into the Miami forecourt. Mohammed tried to grab James to prevent a transition basket. James extended an arm to create space and sent Mohammed tumbling to the floor. “I seen him hawking me down for a long time, and I seen him come with one of those club fouls, which was unnecessary,” James said. “I basically just tried to protect myself, stand my ground.” New York Times

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Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer punched a referee in the groin in a celebratory fist pump gone awry in Dallas on Saturday. Ref Danny Crawford was just steps behind Boozer after he made a basket in the second quarter to give Chicago a two-point lead over the Mavericks. Toronto Sun

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