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February 18, 2015 Updates

NOT SO fast, Phil. On Wednesday, Phil Jackson said Carmelo Anthony will likely need between four and six months’ recovery time from knee surgery, but a top New York sports medicine specialist familiar with this type of surgery said the time frame is more likely six to eight months. Dr. Lewis Maharam is not a surgeon and hasn’t examined Anthony, but he has overseen the care of patients who have gone through this type of procedure and “we can make educated guesses here.” New York Daily News

“I would say (Anthony) has a minimum of six months before he’s at full strength,” Dr. Maharam told The News on Wednesday. “But I wouldn’t say it was more than eight. I don’t know the extent of the damage he has in there that needs to be scraped and refurbished. So if it’s heavily damaged with a lot of tendinosis, all over the place in there, little swollen globular knots within that tendon, it’s going to take longer than if he has one or two places.” New York Daily News

Despite the possible longer prognosis, Dr. Maharam expressed optimism that Anthony will return from surgery the same player he was before without any physical interruptions. “His career will be fine,” he said. “This is absolutely not a career-ending issue. I would say to Knicks fans: Don’t worry. He’ll be all right. He’s making a good decision to do it now so he can play next year when he gets some good players around him. It’s a good time for him to be hurt because he’s not going to get them to the championship this year. So get fixed and hopefully Jackson will bring in some people.” New York Daily News

Carmelo Anthony is done for the season. Two people with knowledge of the situation confirmed that the New York Knicks forward has decided to have surgery on his ailing left knee. The procedure is a knee debridement, which will remove dead, damaged, or infected tissue that is causing pain and discomfort and will improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. USA Today Sports

The New York Knicks will officially rule out forward Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the season later Wednesday, according to sources. Anthony will undergo surgery on his left knee in the near future, according to sources. The Knicks' leading scorer and franchise player has been dealing with soreness in his left knee for months. Despite the injury, Anthony logged 30 minutes in the All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, scoring 14 points on 6-of-20 shooting from the floor. Prior to the All-Star Game he said that it was "very likely" he would shut it down after the break. ESPN.com

February 16, 2015 Updates

But Aldridge smiled when the grind of, ‘Are you coming to New York?’ queries was mentioned. “You know it is coming when you come here, but really, it wasn’t too bad,” Aldridge told Sporting News. “I didn’t get hit with it too much. It was off and on, but it wasn’t too bad and I’m used to it by now. I am not in free agency so there isn’t much to say.” Aldridge also said he was not really recruited all that much by players employed by teams with cap space this summer—and yes, that includes Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. "Maybe I'm not good enough," Aldridge said with a smile. Sporting News

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony barely had any time to decompress after a busy All-Star Weekend before he was thrust back into reality with the news that his teammate and friend Amar'e Stoudemire agreed to a buyout with the team and became a free agent. "My reaction when I first heard [about the buyout], which was maybe ten minutes ago, it was hard for me to believe, I thought they were lying about it," Anthony said after scoring 14 points to go with 7 rebounds for the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game. "Knowing that I'm losing a friend, a teammate, a guy who I wanted to come to the city and play with. One of the main reasons why I'm a New York Knick today was because of him. To see him leave, to see the situation and where he's at right now, I know what he wants, and you have to respect that. As an athlete, as a competitor you only want the best for your friends." Newark Star-Ledger

"I wasn't expecting to play that many minutes," Anthony admitted after the game. "It was just one of those things. Coach asked me do I want to get out there and play, and just being here in New York and seeing the guys out there having fun, knowing I couldn't be myself out there, I still wanted to be part of the game, part of the guys, and just -- it's here in New York. So I wanted to kind of just try to take advantage of that moment and this moment." CBSSports.com

February 15, 2015 Updates

Anthony said he is not pitching New York as a free agent destination to any of his All-Star teammates despite the fact the Knicks have money to sign a player to a maximum contract. He is using his role as the unofficial mayor of the All-Star Game to enjoy the experience and nothing more. The season hasn’t been an enjoyable one for the Knicks. “I’m not recruiting, I don’t think that’s the time or place right now for that,” he said. “My role is to continue to be the leader of this team. Hopefully we build a team around that and we create something in New York that everybody’s been looking forward to for many, many years. I’m excited about that. Right now it’s hard to look at that picture when you’re [struggling].” Boston Globe

“He’s jealous of me?’’ Anthony said mockingly. “Don’t start nothing with that.’’ In December, James spent a night off in New York to sit courtside at the Garden, supporting Anthony. “I’ve been able to be alongside him, play with him time in and time out,’’ Anthony said. “We go back all the way to high school when we played in the USA youth basketball games in high school and I was at Oak Hill [Academy in Virginia], he was at St. [Vincent’s]. I’m pretty sure he’d love to play in New York. I mean, nobody would say they don’t want to play in New York. How could you not want to play in this city and in this building?’’ New York Post

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