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You can safely assume Butler wouldn’t be a happy camper getting limited minutes the rest of the season and understandably so. He still has plenty in his tank. Suffice to say, he would be a fabulous addition for any playoff-bound team. Racine Journal-Times

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All of them, that is, except Caron Butler. While the Bucks veteran small forward from Racine was stoked after scoring 30 points in the Bucks’ 104-101 victory over the Detroit Pistons on Caron Butler Bobblehead Night, he made a pit stop to talk to Bucks owner Herb Kohl. “I had a moment with Sen. Kohl after the game because I really wanted to talk to him and express to him how excited I am to be here,” Butler said later. “I want to be here in Milwaukee and I want to be part of the process. This is home to me. I want to help these guys develop.” Racine Journal-Times

Since those comments a week ago, Butler said he not only told Kohl he was on board with the Bucks’ “process” but said he also had similar discussions with Bucks general manager John Hammond and coach Larry Drew. “It’s tough but the first thing to leave a ship when it’s sinking is the rats,” Butler said. “That ain’t my mentality. I’m not a person who jumps ship. This is a great opportunity to teach guys on the fly and help them get better. I have really enjoyed the process, watching Giannis, watching Nate (Wolters), watching big Miroslav (Raduljica), Khris Middleton, Brandon Knight, all of those guys. I want to continue helping them.” Racine Journal-Times

While Butler doesn’t expect to play 30-plus minutes going forward, he said he should be on the court “between 20 to 25 minutes.” “I have never had a problem in any place I’ve ever been in,” Butler said. “I know it’s a process. I just want to be play and help the guys, knowing in my heart, and not just in my mind, that I have the ability to help out. I know I can help out on a day-to-day basis. I got a lot left in the tank, so I just want to play.” Racine Journal-Times

January 16, 2014 Updates

Butler was asked if it's tough to play when a good portion of a team's fan base is already looking to the May draft lottery and the June draft. "It's tough," he said. "You should never look ahead because those things just don't happen like that. For teams that look ahead and lose games, intentionally or unintentionally, that's not the way to go about it. There's no for sure thing with that. You're playing with fire either way. On the same note, this is a small market. It's home for me, but it's not home for a lot of people. To get guys like myself and O.J. Mayo and Gary Neal to come in in free agency, you have to make it attractive for free agents to come to a market like this. If a hometown guy can't be happy here or guys like that, who will come here? I've never been one to bite my tongue and I've got a lot of friends in the NBA, and I express myself. As of now I'm happy and I want to be here, but I'm going to continue to express myself." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

But his playing time has fluctuated greatly in recent games. He played just 8 minutes against Chicago last week and did not play due to coach's decision in Oklahoma City on Saturday. He played 16 minutes in Toronto on Monday and had 10 points in 19 minutes in the Bucks' 82-77 home loss to Memphis on Wednesday. "You just want to play a role in the process and win," Butler said. "This is home for me. Some people live here and go away. I live here and work here. I want to see this place succeed more than anybody." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"The information I received before coming here is that 'You're going to play a lot,'" Butler said. "And I want to play. I want to be out there to help the situation. If we're developing on the fly, and I know Giannis (Antetokounmpo) has to play and guys have to play, but OK, there are a lot of ways those guys can play and we can still be out there developing those guys as well. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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I interviewed Butler for a story on his business interests for the Dec. 6 print edition of The Business Journal. I was surprised to learn during our first visit that he wants to manage and/or own an NBA or pro sports team and he specifically would like that team to be the Bucks. “Of course,” he said of his interest in the Bucks. “It’s home. I love it.” Business News

The Bucks issued the following statement in declining to comment: “Caron is a valued member of the Bucks and our community for his contributions both on and off the court. That said, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on a personal decision he may or may not make after his playing days are over.” During his 12-year NBA career, Butler has signed contracts that total an estimated $75 million. The Bucks are paying him $8 million for the current season. Buying an NBA team would cost about $500 million, estimates Butler’s business manager Raymond Brothers of IAM Sports & Entertainment, Beverly Hills, Calif. The Bucks value was calculated at $312 million by Forbes in January. Business News

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And this week, at last, I got my chance. Seeing the Washington Wizards these days usually means, first and foremost, that you're there to check out the fast-blossoming Bradley Beal, but my mission was finding out how Cassell feels about the $15,000 fines this month dished out to Brooklyn's Andray Blatche and Milwaukee's Caron Butler. "Obscene gesture?" Cassell bellowed, shaking his head disapprovingly. ESPN.com

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