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February 22, 2013 Updates

What Stern, Hunter, Adam Silver and the rest accomplished two summers ago became as clear as daylight Thursday. They turned the NBA into the NFL -- the No Fun League -- when it comes to the trades and in-season player movement. No more stars forcing trades to the markets of their choosing with the reward of max dollars forming the cherry on top. "This is a pure CBA deadline," one general manager said Thursday after the dust settled. "If you can't get a first for J.J. Redick, this is a different world. That guy is a surefire lock to garner a first round pick in the past." CBSSports.com

February 21, 2013 Updates
February 7, 2013 Updates

The tax, which kicks in when a team surpasses the salary cap (approximately $58 million this season) and goes above the threshold ($70.3 million this season), is at the root of the change. The dollar-for-dollar format that was in place in the old CBA has been replaced by a structure in which a team like the Lakers is on pace to pay at a rate as high as $4.25 for every extra dollar. But the "repeater tax" is a major factor as well, as – starting in the 2014-15 campaign – teams that are in the tax in four of any five seasons will be paying yet another dollar for every dollar above the threshold as well as facing serious restrictions when it comes to the mechanisms put in place to build their teams. "If you can find a reasonable facsimile (of a player) for a reduced (financial) number, you're going to do it," one Western Conference general manager told USA TODAY Sports. He spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the CBA. "The punitive nature of where we're going with the repeater tax and the escalating tax number puts you in a position where it's just not viable to have a third or fourth guy on your roster paid like a first or second guy." USA Today Sports

January 4, 2013 Updates

Players briefed on the exhaustive, eight-month review of the National Basketball Players Association's finances and business practices have been told it uncovered no illegalities, but the final report is expected to include painstaking detail and numerous recommendations for changes to union policies and governance, CBSSports.com has learned. The review by law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison is all but over and the report -- believed to be more than 100 pages long -- is being finalized, multiple people briefed on the matter said. Investigators combed through more than a decade's worth of union business transactions, conducted dozens of interviews and reviewed approximately 100,000 documents and emails, the people said. CBSSports.com

Union officials have met with 15 of the 30 teams during the past several weeks and informed players that the law firm uncovered no illegal activity or violations of the NBPA's constitution, sources said. But the final report is expected to contain numerous recommendations for NBPA governance, including changes to the union's constitution and bylaws, two of the people briefed on the matter said. CBSSports.com

The law firm also will make recommendations for addressing what it found to be a lack of player involvement in union practices and business. Among the procedural changes to be recommended will be that each team must have at least one player representative and an alternate, and that no player without a current NBA contract will be permitted to serve on the executive committee, CBSSports.com has learned. Of the nine current members of the executive committee, only four -- Chris Paul, James Jones, Matt Bonner and Roger Mason -- are in the NBA. "That could be one of the positives that comes out of this," one of the people briefed on the outcome said. "The players will be more involved." CBSSports.com

September 21, 2012 Updates

While the future of NBPA executive director Billy Hunter, president Derek Fisher and several members of the executive committee whose seats will be up for election is unresolved, the conference calls Thursday were mostly devoted to standard union business. NBPA officials briefed players on the new annuity program adopted for retired players in the new colletive bargaining agreement, the distribution of licensing money and discussions held last week by the newly revamped competition committee on several issues, including flopping. The competition committee continued to discuss flopping and what to do about it, but formulated no recommendations to be brought to the Board of Governors for approval, sources said. CBSSports.com

September 20, 2012 Updates

According to a memo obtained by SI.com, the "Summer Meeting" was initially scheduled as an in-person affair at a hotel at Chicago's O'Hare airport. A follow-up memo was sent indicating that a conference call was preferable to most players and it detailed a fairly innocuous to-do list for the session. "We will provide an update of current union business and cover matters including the distribution of 2011-12 group license funds, implementation of the new annuity program, and proposed rules changes from the competition committee," the memo read. SI.com


"A lot of players don't have the information, like 'What's going on?' " Dudley, the Suns' team representative, told SI.com recently. "Derek Fisher wanted an audit. He wanted to know what's going on with the money and all of that. From the inside -- and I'm on the inside with the players -- it sounds fishy after the lockout that you want our president to leave, a president who's auditing the head chairman. "So that right there smells wrong. I'm not up to speed 100 percent with what went on. And the reason that I'm not 100 percent up to speed is because I feel like there's been no information [given out]. I think that's a plan for the NBPA and how they want to handle it internally, and that's fine." SI.com

August 22, 2012 Updates
August 9, 2012 Updates

The Goon Squad Classic II has been cancelled. The second-annual charity game organized by Donté Greene was set to tip-off tomorrow evening at Cosumnes River College. However, the former Kings forward and his Circle of Success foundation received word from the NBA that players would face heavy penalties for their participation. “Just got word from NBA (league) office,” said Greene in a series of tweets, informing fans of the news. “(Due) to stipulations in the new CBA the charity game has been canceled. Any players who play without prior league approval face suspension and fines. We are saddened by this news and apologize for any inconvience this may cause.” Cowbell Kingdom

July 24, 2012 Updates
July 19, 2012 Updates
July 18, 2012 Updates

After Bosh bolted for South Beach the team was force to rebuild and this summer marked the first time they have flirted with big name free agents. “We were in a situation the last two years where we were building to this point,” Colangelo admitted this week. “This summer we wanted to accelerate forward. I think the combined moves of the addition of the two draft picks, the addition of a key free agent, the acquisition of Kyle (Lowry), this is all kind of that next step in the evolution of our team.” HoopsAddict.com

While Toronto may be rebuilding slowly, this summer some teams are trying to remove bad contracts, debating if they should match big deals or weighing the impact of making a bold move via a trade. So, in many ways, how an NBA team approaches the new CBA depends on where the team stands in regards to how competitive they plan to be during the upcoming season. “Every franchise is really at a different stage,” Colangelo explained. “The impact of the new CBA, though, has really thrown some interesting scenarios out there, especially with the amnesty provision and with some of the new tools available with sign-and-trades as you can see with some of the contract offers given to restricted free agents.” HoopsAddict.com

July 3, 2012 Updates

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison is thrilled the team won the NBA title, but he says he’s hardly ringing up the cash register. Arison told CNBC that the final numbers aren’t in yet, but his guess is that the team lost money again. CNBC

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