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April 13, 2012 Updates

Portland Trail Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan has issued the following statement regarding comments made by sports kinesiolgist Zig Ziegler through a team press release on Wednesday afternoon. "It's unfortunate that Mr. Ziegler would feel compelled to make such false claims and absurd statements. It is also unacceptable that anyone who claims to be concerned with the health and well-being of our athletes would disclose their personal information. Our medical and training staff is one of the longest tenured and most highly respected in the league. Mr. Ziegler's comments appear to be motivated by his own desire for personal gain, which is not only irresponsible but also unprofessional." Blazers Edge

April 12, 2012 Updates

Maybe Miller was in New York interviewing former Knicks president Donnie Walsh, with a second stop in Philadelphia to meet with Larry Brown, who wants to get back into the NBA. I don't know. It's tough to get a read on Miller, who in one breath says he wants to fill the position but in the next breath says too much is being made of the vacancy. "If we decided tomorrow to name Chad the GM, what would change?" he asked. "In essence, the reality is nothing would change other than we would promote Chad into that permanent role. It's not like we have nobody watching the store. That's not the case. We have a really effective person and an effective team who are managing our basketball operations. "So to the fans and to the people who are saying the answer is getting a GM ... we have a GM," Miller said. Oregonian

Allen has expressed an interest in hiring an experienced general manager. At this rate, he may have found that experience in Buchanan, who is preparing for his second draft and third free agency period as the main guy. I know few, if any, in the Blazers' offices would complain. Buchanan is very well-liked, has no ego and carries an unflappable demeanor. I disagree with his decision to trade Andre Miller and Rudy Fernandez for Felton, and I question in last year's draft whether Kenneth Faried wouldn't have been a better pick at No.21 than Nolan Smith. But he has created financial flexibility for the team to operate this summer. Oregonian

April 11, 2012 Updates

Chad Buchanan, Trail Blazers' interim GM: Speaking of Portland, it appears that Buchanan will be passed over yet again for the top job. But if the Trail Blazers won't give him a shot, somebody else will. Buchanan is a strong personnel man and has impressed rival executives with his staying power in one of the most dysfunctional environments in the league. Buchanan has endured some really topsy-turvy stuff, and he's the guy who's lasted. His people skills and talent for diplomacy have served him well in the hottest GM seat in the league under fickle owner Paul Allen. Buchanan took over for Pritchard under bizarre circumstances when Pritchard was told hours before the 2010 draft that he was being fired, and then took over on an interim basis again when Allen fired Rich Cho about a month before the 2011 draft. Through it all, Buchanan held the front office together under extreme duress. CBSSports.com

April 4, 2012 Updates
March 27, 2012 Updates

Plus, management has no interest in four rookies showing at training camp, counting Portland's own second-round pick and the one from Houston in the Camby trade that also netted Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet. The Blazers can even see not spending both No. 1s in June. Instead, the first-rounders will be dangled. "That's definitely something that would be appealing for us," said Chad Buchanan, the acting general manager. "A big part of acquiring that pick (from the Nets), we realize that there'll be value not only to us in the draft but also to other teams where you might be able to flip that high pick into a proven player that is ready to help your team now. NBA.com

"At the end of the day, if it's two lottery picks in a pretty strong draft, we're OK adding that to our team and trying to add the proven veterans through free agency. We like to have the flexibility to do either. "We're open to moving one of those picks for a proven player. But we also like a lot of the players that could potentially be in that draft range. We feel like it's kind of a win-win for us." NBA.com

Portland is 12th in the West and within striking distance of the playoffs. Barring the shocking outcome of making the postseason with a stripped-down roster, the Blazers will find out their own draft spot, too. "The quality of the draft [factors in] when you're dealing with any trade involving picks," Buchanan said. "But at the end of the day, getting a pick that could potentially be as high as four-five-six, regardless of the draft, was going to be appealing for us. "We were kind of headed in the wrong direction. If there was a move out there that would have improved us significantly this season, we would have been open to it. But we also were realistic that this might be time for us to shift course and start looking beyond the end of this season and to the future a little bit with our team. This trade opportunity that came up with Gerald and the pick was just too hard for us to pass up. NBA.com

"We'd like to add some young talent to our roster, but also add some proven NBA players. We feel like right now we've got a mix of both. We want to blend that and have a mix of proven guys in their prime with some young developing guys so you can really build long-term. We want to be a consistent team that every year you feel like you have a chance to make a run." NBA.com

March 20, 2012 Updates
March 10, 2012 Updates
March 9, 2012 Updates

“If there is a move that helps our team now, we’ll make it,” Blazers GM Chad Buchanan said. “But we’re not going to sacrifice anything long term for the short term. We’re realistic about where we’re at right now. We’re going to have to fight to get into the playoffs. We’ve dug ourselves a little hole. But we don’t want to make a decision right now that will impact us negatively long term just to salvage something short term.” Oregonian

March 4, 2012 Updates

"We are looking at every option right now," said Miller, who works with acting general manager Chad Buchanan to shape the roster. "If there are some good deals out there to be made, then we will deal. If not, we will ride out the season and see what we can do at the end of the season. But we still want to make the playoffs. For sure. It's something we are still shooting for." Oregonian

March 1, 2012 Updates

Miller says Chad Buchanan mediated Felton/McMillan after Felton's public comments: "Chad stepped in. Nate talked directly to Raymond. I think they worked it out. I think what he was saying really was that he felt Nate was disappointed in him & had lost confidence in him. I don't necessarily think Nate has lost confidence... I think Nate is trying to figure out how to get Raymond out of whatever it is that's causing him not to play the way we know he can play... Chad & Nate both talked to him." Sulia

February 26, 2012 Updates

Center Joel Przybilla is set to return to the Trail Blazers after he said he passed a physical by the team on Sunday in Portland. The team is expected to sign the 32-year-old Przybilla on Monday for the remainder of the season. First, however, they must waive a player from their roster to create room. The decision figures to be between second-year guard Armon Johnson and injured center Greg Oden. Acting general manager Chad Buchanan on Sunday said the team will not discuss the move. "We aren't going to comment on anything until (Monday),'' Buchanan said in a text message. "Our focus today is on LaMarcus (Aldridge) and the All-Star Game.'' Oregonian

February 14, 2012 Updates

Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan on Joel Freeland's reported extension: "We still want Joel Freeland in Portland next year. That hasn't changed. We talk frequently with his representatives... We're very well aware where things are at with his extensions talks with Malaga... I know there are discussions but there's nothing finalized with Joel and Malaga... Sportando

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