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April 17, 2015 Updates

"I don’t really read any of that stuff or pay attention to it, but you know it’s out there. I could have eight points and we win the game, but somebody would say, ‘Parsons is a max player, why doesn’t he have 20 points?’ A lot of times from the outside looking in, people want points. That’s not necessarily what I do. I can score points, I’ve scored 17 points per game in this league before. I’m a basketball player and I impact the game in many different ways. Defending, rebounding, passing the ball – I’m a very good play-maker for a guy my size. Negativity sells, and people are going to write whatever they want to write. My job is to be a good teammate, work extremely hard and do whatever it takes to win games." Sports Illustrated

Parsons has been in their seats, so to speak. Long before anybody would have pictured Parsons as an NBA prospect, his family owned Orlando Magic season tickets, so he’s plenty familiar with the feeling of fan heartbreak. “If one of my favorite players left, I would boo them if they came back,” Parsons told ESPNDallas.com, smiling and sipping iced coffee at a café in his uptown Dallas neighborhood a couple of days before returning to Houston as Public Enemy No. 1 in a first-round playoff series. “That’s just how the world works. “I booed Shaq when he came back. I booed T-Mac when he came back. You boo everybody when they come back. If you’re passionate as a fan, a diehard fan, you don’t care about the player. You care about the team.” ESPN.com

April 16, 2015 Updates

Either way, the Rockets are just focusing on beating them and moving on to round two. “He’s the enemy,” Dwight Howard said of Parsons. “We’re still going to be friends and we’re still going to kick it in the summer, but right now, him and his team are trying to end our season. And that’s our mentality – we’re not going to let anybody end our season, so we’ve got to go out there and dominate from the first game and send a message.” “It’s not about Chandler,” James Harden said. “It’s about trying to win. The last couple of years I’ve been here, I’ve been (knocked) out the first round, so it’s bigger than one person.” CBS Local

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Morey and the radio hosts talked about his beef with Mark Cuban and why he's still a big fan of the Mavs' owner. To read about that, click here. On what he thinks Chandler Parsons' ceiling is: "I don't think he has a ceiling. I really think he can be one of the top players in the league. He's on his way. He had one of his best games yesterday [he scored 22 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday], so I do keep track of him. I'm a big fan of Chandler's. I thought he was a great pickup for Dallas. It was more of a contractual thing that made him not a fit here given some of our goals and some of our other constraints we had of players already on the roster. From my vantage point of what I've seen, he's had a fabulous season. I think he can be a cornerstone for a long time for you guys." Dallas Morning News

April 2, 2015 Updates

Dwain Price: Parsons: "I want 2B a threat out there. With my size and my skill I can get in the paint and make plays 4 others and do what I did tonight." Twitter @DwainPrice

March 25, 2015 Updates

You ever see a fashion item that you just NEEDED TO HAVE??? NBA star Richard Jefferson did -- a Vans cheetah-print snapback baseball hat ... and he paid $700 to buy it off some random dude's head!!! RJ was at Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails in Scottsdale, AZ Saturday night -- when a dude named Andrew walked in with the cheetah cap. Andrew tells TMZ Sports ... the Dallas Mavs star beelined it over his way with cash in hand ... and started making offers for the dome piece. Andrew declined at first ... but ultimately gave in for a handful of $100 bills -- 7 in total. So, why was Jefferson so obsessed with the hat? Andrew says RJ actually purchased the lid for teammate Chandler Parsons ... who was also eyeing the cap that night. The best part of the story -- Andrew says he originally bought the hat for $25. TMZ.com

March 9, 2015 Updates

Parsons, who has a $1 million per year endorsement deal with the Chinese shoe company Anta, wore Jordan Brand sneakers with the logos covered during the Mavs' 100-93 win over the Los Angeles Lakers because of concerns that his shoes contributed to the sprain and bone bruise to his left ankle. "I just am trying to figure out if it was one of the shoes that I was wearing that bothered me," Parsons told ESPNDallas.com. "I just wanted to fix them and make them stiffer. ESPN.com

"For the past over one year's cooperation between Anta and Chandler, both parties have been working together closely to make products satisfied by Chandler," Anta overseas sports marketing manager Shawn Liu said in a text message. "According to Chandler's new situation, we already started making adjustment to the CP1 shoes, to make sure the products are exactly according to [the] player's need and request. We believe Chandler will be back in CP1 shoes very soon. Under all circumstances, Anta's No.1 priority is to satisfy players' needs, this is what keeps motivating Anta to grow and improve." ESPN.com

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